Wednesday, August 21, 2013


...when you are glad to be alive!

And by the way..I'm afraid I am just one of those bloggers that will always be closing my comments with a "hugs" least with those I've come to know so well..and  You see it less and less..but..I am just a hugger.  Always have been.  It's our way of showing affection.  It's all we bloggers have.
Are you one that thinks the "love" word is overused?  Sometimes, probably.
But DO NOT ever try to tell me that you cannot love someone, feel affection, for someone you have never met personally.
A few times when one of my blogging friends have lost a child, I have broken down in tears.
You definitely can care that much.
Some have lost dear blogging friends they have never met in person and it was devastating for them. 
It's a rather special kind of affection.  I sometimes think we learn more about those we meet blogging than we do those that live next door.  Or...even a family member sometimes.

It's interesting, because at times you can feel how private they are to a degree, but I think blogging is a sort reaching out.  Bloggers are not always those that are outgoing...not at all.  Sometimes it is for ones that are very cautious.  A way to socialize.  It's interesting.  One day they will be studying us bloggers to see what makes us tick.
I recall one woman saying "all that sugary stuff!  You can't tell me it's real!"  Maybe not always, I don't know..but from those I have met, I would bet my bottom dollar they are VERY real.  Absolutely genuine.  Yep, it's a special kind of affection.
I call it love. 
I enjoy getting up just as the sun is coming up in the east, and by this time... 

It is already late O'clock on the east little greats have already eaten breakfast...
..when I am just putting the coffee on.
 It's just so beautiful outside.  When I couldn't sleep a couple of nights ago, I was out watering the plants on the patio at 3AM! 

 I found the perfect spot for the second red wheelbarrow..
(Oh good heavens, is that rust on my rose leaves..or have they burned to a crisp?!)

...right under the rose arbor.  "America" is now halfway up the sides..oh..I already told you that!

 It was 101 degree's here today.  I hibernated in the house all day!  We managed to stay out on the patio until 11.  Then it was all over. 
Gorgeous morning though!  Just gorgeous! 
See you tomorrow. 


  1. Hi Mona,
    I love your sweet posts!
    They are always so genuine and heartfelt.
    And of course I love your pretty flowers.
    Big Hugs,
    Come say hi soon!
    Cause you will always be one of my favorite blogger friends!

  2. I am a hugger also - was raised that way. Never meet a stranger and say hello to all.
    I feel I have meet a friend through you and hopefully as soon as the weather cools off I'm on my way to meet you.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. It always amazes me someone is going about their late morning activities when I am barely out of bed and reaching for my first cup of coffee, simply because they live on the East Coast . That I can phone someone I love during my dinner time and they are putting their children to bed , because it is that late in the evening, and they too, will soon be going to bed. And I'm just getting going for the evening.

    Your yard is beautiful, lush and green, in the desert !

  4. i was crying about kary and bev just yesterday. how i miss those two. they were two of the best friends i ever had and i never met either of them.

  5. I SO agree! I feel connected to my friends that I met thru blogging! I feel their pains, I pray for them and their families and I cherish the friendships! I believe that we have a special bond and I am truly thankful for it! I can't imagine not knowing you:) Have a blessed day and YES... HUGS:)

  6. From one hugger to another Miss Mona...I adore my blogging friends too. :)

    Your yard is amazing!

  7. Morning, what a beautiful yard you have, i LOVE pretty yards. Love is a word that I use everyday with my friends, children and grandchildren. Isn't spoken enought for sure. You have a wonderful day and I will end with
    Love my friends

  8. Beautiful post Mona . . .

    I know what it is that I love about you! GENUINE, through and through! And in that genuine self of yours, I feel love, warmth, caring. A wonderful thing. How can that be too much, or wrong!

    I haven't met you, . . . yet, I feel I know you . . . Authentic, genuine, free of judgement. . . (well maybe the road crew received a bit )

    There us no doubt . . .
    Love and Hugs,

  9. There IS no doubt . . .
    Love and Hugs,

    And the ) needs to be put in the right place . . .

    (I try for writing perfection and usually goof!)

  10. Dear Mona Love is a wonderful word and I use it for lots of people I LOVE like You!!!!
    I feel for you. One thing I dislike is the heat 101deg. is awful.
    Hugs Kay

  11. I love your posts - You know just how to "rait" a person n put them "rait" up there feelin' "rait" fine, Eh
    You were right - us folks on the east coast were oot n aboot, while you were just rising and putting on the coffee. I think you already know, but we hug a lot too. Spread the love honey with a sugar time hug :)

  12. Mona! I ALWAYS enjoy visiting your blog. Beautiful words, beautiful feelings...lovely pictures! Hugs back!

  13. Oh I do agree, I think blogging friends are very real friends and people I love very much. I am a hugger too and can't imagine signing off without saying "hugs". so Hugs, Marty

  14. Mona- I so agree. I have felt so connected to some bloggers that they are just like family-and probably know me better than some of my family members do. I have broken down in tears when someone loses a pet. I have cried along with someone when they lost their Mom...or, even worse, their child. I think blogger is really a sort of community. The sort that used to be normal in neighborhoods -where the locals all knew each other and reached out as needed.

    Your yard is just glorious but you can keep your 100 degree weather- xo Diana

  15. We swedes rarely say we love something, we usually say we like something very much. That doesn't mean we donä't love though :-) But I've noticed that yoinger people say they love things much more than us over 25 :-)

    Have a great day!

  16. Hi my SWEET Mona friend !!
    I SOOOO agree with you !! I have met the BESTEST FRIENDS EVER blogging !! Some I have been BLESSED enough to actually meet in person, and, spend the day, week or whatever with !! We get to know each others heart soo well !!
    LOOK AT US !! We met and spent the day together, and, I feel as if I've known you forever !!
    We've laughed and CRIED together !! Such a special heartfelt bond !! And, YES, this girlie girl loves YOU !! Such a blessing you've been to me !!
    I ALWAYS enjoy your pictures and posts !! Such beauty and warmth flows from your home !! Such a cozy cottage you live within !!! And, sooo full of love !!
    Thank you for ALWAYS sharing the way only you can do !! And venting !! That post made me crack up !! I'm sure you gave those street workers and ear full !! They probably cracked up at you screaming at them :O
    Keep making pretty doll face, and keep sharing all that is in your heart !!

    Love you much ~Tanza~ xo

  17. Mona, you always have a way of making all of us feel very comfortable like we are sitting down with a dear friend. I agree that bloggers are a very special group. Grenville and I have been fortunate enough to meet several on road trips the past couple of years. We hope to meet even more in years to come. Regardless, many are like friends we haven't met (yet). For many years, I had pen pals all around the world and while we never met, we exchanged photos and lots of letters (this was in the days before the Internet) so this is way better, even though I still enjoy writing and getting cards and letters by post.
    Enjoyed the yard tour, but not reading about the heat, which also returned here but not the same as yours - 101 YIKES!

  18. G'morning, Mona..
    While the coffee is brewing this morning at 5:41 a.m. (I was asleep by 9 last night which is highly unusual for me...hence the early morning rise) I wanted to say you will have a tiny pkg of Texas Snaps coming your way soon. All I need is a mailing address.

    Your lawn and flowers are sooo pretty.

  19. Hugs to you! And the wheelbarrows full of flowers are truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing. :-)


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