Tuesday, August 20, 2013


At 1:15 this morning, I was out of bed for a potty call..read a bit of my novel..(A Royal Duty) and then could not get to sleep so off I went to the kitchen to make coffee.
Is that nuts or what? 
Yeah..it's nuts!
 The photo is of my daughter, Sandy, when she was very, very ill. 

I watched a bit of "The Office" on my Kindle and was even more wide awake.
..so decided to do a post.  I'm finishing it tonight.

 Yesterday I went out and picked roses from my arbor.  "America" makes such a lovely bouquet!  So pretty in the family room.  By this time next year..the one I planted by the back patio will be to the top also.  LOVE these roses.
I buy mine through Heirloom Roses.
 I happened to finally get around to looking at this book I found at a garage sale.  It was worth every penny of the 50 cents I paid for it.
Yep..you talk about inspiration.  I should have saved this post for Marty's Tuesday party. :)
 This is how I would like my patio to look!  I had a choice of the brick or flagstone..I wanted brick, PH wanted flagstone.. brick is so cozy looking.  I actually laid my own footpaths of red brick and patio area at my other home..I loved it.  Garden patio's are easy and fun.  Well..they USED to be easy.  I am beginning to struggle with things like that now. 
The flagstone is nice...but just LOOK at this!
Just click on the picture to ENLARGE for a stunning peek!!

And look at this porch!  It's the painted ceiling that really caught my eye. 
This is exactly my style.  Now if I can just create it!
Sooo sweet!  Look at that tiny window in butter yellow! 
This is just the neatest book for idea's.  Now every morning I join PH on the patio and drive him crazy with my "million ideas."  He is handling it better and better..but my constant projects really did get to him at first.  He said "Do you ALWAYS have to have a project??"
I said yes.  TWICE!
We are still getting to know one another.  Sometimes I am not sure there are enough years left. I have to tell you, the man treats me like a queen.  Just soooo nice.
But we have fun!  We are learning. 
Off to bed.
See you on Wednesday!
I hope you found something you liked in the pictures.
Lotsa love,


  1. Good Morning, I enjoyed your post and sure wish I had a patio like that. You have a lovely home and I can see all the love you put into it.
    You have a wonderful Idea day.

  2. Sometimes we need to have those nighttime wake ups so we can be alone to think, plan, dream, remember . . . in the quiet light.

    Nice idea making book . . .

    Will you be taking a nap today . . .

  3. I have nights like that also. I will be sound asleep and then suddenly I am wide awake and toss and turn. I used to get up, but....lately we have had bats in our house. I do not like bats! So, I toss and turn! I enjoyed the pictures and would love to have a brick patio. Your patio is lovely too! Have a restful day!

  4. That patio in the book has nothing on you:) YOURS is AWESOME! Love seeing those lovely roses fresh from the garden! SWEET pic of your precious Sandy! Love it! Have a blessed day thinking up projects:) HUGS!

  5. butter yellow is my fav colour, so I would enjoy a small window like that. I think you should just get up on the ladder with M.A. and start "Mosiac" painting your ceiling. I'm sure you would have a blast. We all have night times when we wake up and all think or dream our quiet thoughts - sometimes, it is the best time to think. Love the cup silly girl - I want to get a kindle fire - just not sure how well they work in Canada yet, but I'm checking. Have a wonderful day my dear friend and thank you so much for the letter. lol

  6. it is good for our mental health to always have projects and plans. those are some wonderful photos. your place is already so pretty!

  7. Oh Mona, what fabulous pictures and yes, the garden, patio and porch are absolutely fabulous. I would love it, just way tooooooo hot here in the desert to grow all those lovely things. Hugs, Marty

  8. I love ya Mona..well my Dear I had my BIG 70 and I have to say it was one of my best..I'm so blessed to have all my grand and great grands to still love on..Granddaughter gave me a cruise will be leaving on the 8th of Sept..Never been on one..closes thing I ever got was a house boat ha ha!! Hugs and love..gloria

  9. I was just "patio gazing" at that very book not long ago! My own "garden" has absolutely NO style, just loads of bushes and shrubs and trees all shaggy and overgrown. But a new pale-green swing bought from a neighbor's yard sale.

    And sherbet-colored Adirondacks for the patio. And a new park bench for the new front "stoop."

    Wish the landscaping and tending were worthy of the pretty new things. I, too, covet that painted ceiling, and you could as well see me climbing a scaffold in the Sistine Chapel. Never happen.

    I do, however, have plans for the big ole knotty-pine hutch hulking here in the corner behind me. Cream with pastel knobs. But then I've had that can of KILZ for about five years already.

    love and,


  10. Mona I found lots I liked, but I am sorry it was because you couldn't sleep. Your vase of roses filled me with joy.

  11. The roses you showed us are a gorgeous color. It seems that you kept very busy during your night of insomnia. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.


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