Sunday, June 9, 2013


A birthday celebration for a good friend, good Mexican food and a BIG Margarita  leads to smiles.  :)

Big ones.  A nice evening with family and a rousing chorus of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend!

PLEEESE!  You really don't think I drank that HUGE Margarita do you?  :)


I don't often visit the craft store, Michael's, because when I do I get into serious trouble.  However, now and then I join a friend and each time I come out with things I PROBABLY could have lived without.  Such as.....

This adorable little chair (I have a weakness for little chairs!) caught my eye and I had a COUPON! 
So sweet! Well, what was I supposed to do?  Leave it there for some person to come along and take home that wouldn't appreciate it's beautiful little seat?

It was the little birdie on the chairs back.  It's that little birdie's fault!  Isn't it cute??  Do you have a Michael's near you?  If you do, you know what  I mean!  Should I put a plant on the seat..leave this little concrete bunny or tuck him under the chair OR both?!
Luv'n & hugs!
I think both!
But of course I drank it!  Every tiny last drop!   PH was SHOCKED!  SHOCKED I tell you! 


  1. The little chair is very sweet, but I am truly in love with the little lop eared bunny in it! How cute is he?

  2. What a great photo of you and PH and how wonderful to be out and about celebrating your friend's Birthday. Belated wishes. That Huge Margarita - no wonder your smile is so big. he,he
    We have a Michael's up in Saint John and I have been there and I am glad you found this sweet little little chair and your tiny rabbit looks so settled on the seat. I think I would leave him there for he really stands out, but then sometimes rabbits are timid and might hide under the chair, so you could try both and put a wee plant on the chair and then see which way you like it best. After all, its your fairy garden and only the fairy mother can make that decision :) Have a wonderful day.

  3. I like the little chair . . . the bird would have caught me . . . TOO!

    My suggestion, a plant with some trailing fronds on the chair and bunny on the ground a bit to one side. (I can use them here if you don't want to do that!). :)

    Happy you enjoyed the HUGE marguerita . . .

  4. Of course you drank it. Birthdays are cause for celebration.
    I adore your little chair. Just the right green and the bird makes it so you.
    We don't have Micheal's in Australia. It sounds a bit like our NEDS.
    Kick up your heels.
    Big Hugs

  5. Hi Dear Mona! Drinky drinky drinky - birthday celebrations are a great time to take a drinky! :) Now that's a sweet little chair. Thanks for popping in to see me. Now I just like lettuce in a salad but not on my sandwich. That's weird isn't it.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Good Morning,

    Well,I knew you drank that Margarita - and glad you enjoyed it.

    The little chair is precious. Our local nursery now has furniture for fairy gardens and I get into serious trouble each time I visit. (o:

    Happy Monday.

  7. What a fun time and a beautiful picture of you and PH:) Love that sweet chair, great purchase! Have a blessed day sweet Mona! HUGS!

  8. Oh, Mona...I want that little chair. It's so cute..
    The picture of you and hubby is wonderful...I think I have the same blouse on right now...

  9. That is such a great picture of you two. You two look like you are having a fun evening with friends. Love that precious chair. I know, I can get into big trouble in Michael's too. Hugs, Marty

  10. Your chair is adorable and I like the bunny...a plant might hide the cute bird on the back. We have a Micheal's, but it's about a 20min. drive so it's far enough away that I manage to avoid it most of the time. I do enjoy it when I'm there! That is a wonderful photo of you and PH and that smile really didn't need the help of a "little"'s always a winner!

  11. Great picture of you and your honey.
    Of course you should have a margarita, I love those......
    The chair is great and I also like the little birdie on it and the rabbit is also cute. Maybe have the rabbit on the ground protecting the little birdie.
    Have a great week... We are having some great weather aren't we...

  12. i love the chair and the bunny! so you did drink the whole go girl!

  13. Michael's - Hobby Lobby - Eclectic Living - all these stores just kill my pocket book - Wal Mart too.

    I love that little chair - so cute.


  14. Thankfully, there is no Michaels store near me, the closest one is a 90 minute drive, so no temptations. But of corse when you have a coupon, it's a reason to buy something, right? Agree with the other commenters that the first photo of you and Howard is lovely and loving too. And, why wouldn't you drink the whole thing...this was a celebration!

  15. Such a sweet little chair and bunny, too!

    Michaels is dangerous for my budget, too. It is about 20minutes from my home, which keeps me from going too often; but when I go there, I have a tendency to stock up on some craft supplies and justifying with "I might as well stock up on that while I'm here".
    It looked like Margarita fun to me.


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