Friday, February 8, 2013


  Yes, we are in the vacinity of the "manhunt."  You may or may not heard of it, but it's a huge deal here..and would be anywhere.  Poor PH tried to meet his son at our closest Starbucks just down the road from us..and came to roadblocks.  All roped off where the two officers were ambushed.  One killed and one wounded.  EVERYTHING was shut down.  Streets closed.  It's odd to see your own neighborhood on the news.  Frightening.   Sad. 
He is apparently in our mountains or so they think.  My children just spent the weekend there and are all home safely...and then the storm hit.
We are in the Valley and can see our mountains.  Big Bear.  Lake Arrowhead..etc. 
IF he is in the mountains..and this storm has hit...he hasn't much chance..but lots of homes are vacant this time of who knows.
To us Southern California folks, this is two feet of snow!  Where ever you are, stay warm, stay home and be safe. 
My Kindle Fire is on the blink and has been for three days.  I am going through withdrawals and I am a bit ashamed of how addicted I became to it in a VERY short time. dear PH is on the phone right now (and has been for three days now, trying to get it back working.
Below is a picture I took a few minutes ago...
 A mixture of snow and ice and...thunder...
The rain poured and I began shoving my pretty furniture WAY back under cover!  Thank heavens I had old afghans over them. 
The thunder rolled and little dog zoomed into the help from her!  OH, but I was so excited!  WEATHER.  REAL WINTER WEATHER..(sort of)
..a few minutes later on the front porch.....gorgeous sunshine..wha???


  1. I have been watching about that awful shooting and wondered if it was near you. SO SAD:( All of those families mourning and no telling what else he will do! Stay safe dear friend! No snow here yet, just rain! BIG HUGS!

  2. I've been watching it Mona. Wow..too scary. Stay safe my dear.
    The storm out East is going to be a whopper...scary stuff.
    Hugs friend,

  3. I've been keeping up with this story. I hope & pray this will be over for you all very soon. Take care, Mona.

    Smiles and Hugs,

  4. The manhunt is really a scary thing in your neighborhood. This guy is a total maniac. Stay safe. The snow looks pretty, but I love the sunshine. Hugs, Marty

  5. Oh, thunder snow - it's wonderful but be careful.

    Be safe from the crime. Here in northern FL it's a way of life. That is why we are moving.


  6. I had no idea of what happened there. I am so sorry to hear that. I have no idea what is happening in this world at times. I know their families are hurting.

    Are you saying you had snow and sunshine in one day?



  7. I hope they get the bad guy out there. We have been watching it all on the news. Stay safe.

    Love the 2 feet of snow!

  8. We hd snow last night wind tonight and tomorrow hoping for a bit of sunshine. Sure hope they catch that guy hiding in your mountains!! I recall back in 1978 the Tyson's escaped from prison in Arizona and we had roadblocks in and out of town. It was creepy!

  9. How quickly the weather changes.

    Loved your two feet of snow.

    stay safe

  10. We have been following the news on this deranged sorry he's in your area. I pray he's caught soon. No one is safe. That, a storm and a dead Kindle, you are being hit hard, Mona! I have a Nook and just love it, too. I always have a back up supply of "real" books, but so far nothing has gone wrong with the Nook.


  11. That is pretty scary to be so close to where the officers were ambushed, apparently by an ex-officer. Hope they find him soon so everyone can breathe a little easier.
    Snow in your!

  12. I've been reading about him --- gosh these are scary times! I hope they find him soon and put people at ease. Be careful!

  13. I've seen this story on the news and I think unless he finds shelter, he may not make it out. He obviously is a very sick man, mentally..I hope he doesn't hurt anyone else. Weird weather! You have a bit of our weather....snow, rain, sleet, cold and colder, it goes! Have a good weekend and stay safe and don't go to any garage sales in the mountains!

  14. The story of that crazy man that has been killing policemen has been o the news a lot in Australia. Very scary stuff. I hope they find him soon. Stay safe.

  15. Mona, I chuckled when I read your, real weather...if you want some, come here!....:)JP


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