Friday, February 8, 2013

~A SOB STORY..of sorts~

 I will try and make this short.  I have nothing to post for I'm just sharing a couple of photos. 
 This is a picture of two of my children and a daughter in law.  My children were young, just out of the house and starting their families.  From left to right is my daughter in law, Cindie, then my son Mikie and behind him holding him in her arms is my daughter Sandy.  The one I recently visited in Georgia. 
This picture made me break down and cry.  So carefree and beautiful.  The future was bright.
They were all so young and I sit here wondering where the time went.

I want those times back and I cannot have them.
Sorry for not being uplifting tonight, but life is happening.  I had  forgotten how beautiful they all were..still are..
Mikie lives in Colorado with his wife and daughter, and Sandy, of course lives in Georgia with her family.

So much has happened since those years..
I lost my grandparents, then my parents and then my soul mate, Patrick.  Then later my second husband, Frank.  Can you see Patrick in the background with his 1970's fro??  :) 

I have curley headed children so you can see that son, Patrick, had a fro as did Danny kneeling in the front row next to our youngest daughter, Dawn. 
The three above are in the picture below.
Sandy to the far right.  Mikie next to her and Cindie is sandwiched between son Pat, and his bride, Cheryl.  Got that?  :)

This picture was taken in our front yard the day my eldest son, Patrick (the one in the vest) and his wife, Cheryl, were married, May7, 1978.   I am on the far left next to my daughter, Erin, holding my very first of 14 grandchildren, Kristy. 
You can see the big grin on my face.  Of course my hair was still black, not a gray hair in sight!
Sandy and her husband are on the far right.  Jeff has his arms clasped around her waist.  The first little grandchild was from my Sandy.  Sandy was  is the big sister, the cookie baker, the one who watched over all when I was working.  You know?  She has always been the one who watched over all of us. Always!

This one of the very few pictures of Pat and I and all seven of our children.  There is only one other that I know of.

Was I too proud?  You know what they say about pride. 

Sorry, it's just one of those nights. I know you understand.  I will do better.  I promise.

My love to you,


  1. You have beautiful children and you are right to be proud. Missing their early years is something that happens to all parents, I think. I only had one and I still think it was just yesterday she was a baby. One of the most unfair things in life is that time keeps moving by faster every year and all of a sudden our tiny children have tiny children and then you blink and those tiny children have their own tiny children and before you know it, boom you wonder where the time went.

    Actually it sucks! :)

  2. Hills and valleys, chills and thrills, sorrows and blessings you have had many . . .

    I look at the photo, see the joy at wyspersweetly of cottages.

    There is no doubt, you have been the rock and foundation of this beautiful family . . .

    Melancholly walked in for a visit today and with a whisper said . . . "hello Mona, what a beautiful LIFE."

  3. You made me cry into my coffee this morning. This is such a joyful photo and I'm sorry that life is not joyful for your family right now. Time moves on and sometimes in very sad ways. HUGZ. HUGZ... HUGZ

  4. Going through old photos always brings back so many memories. Some happy, and some sad.It is OK to have our sad moments. It makes the happy moments, when they come all the more joyful. I know it's a tough time at the moment.
    Big Hugs

  5. Such a great photo and all of your family is so beautiful. Wonderful precious memories. Hugs, Marty

  6. you are so brave. i can't even look at old photos! you are bound to have ups and downs. you have had a wonderful life with a big family! feel better mona!

  7. What a lovely family picture you shared! Pictures bring back so many memories, don't they? Sometimes it's hard to let go of those and live in the present, I know. A big hug from VA to you, my friend.

  8. Loved taking a walk back in time with you! It is OK to do that and tears are OK too:) Hugs and prayers coming your way dear Mona!

  9. Ive said it before and I will say it again, you are such a gorgeous looking bunch! Love the seventies fashions, flares, cheesecloth and big hair! Its ok to walk down memory lane and feel sad for days gone by but it would be worse if they had never happened. Take care, lovely lady and I know you cherish these memories. xxx

  10. I love looking back at other peoples lives - you can see why and who they are today. Don't you dare feel bad for being down. We all have those down days - if we are honest with each other. It's okay. You have a lovely family. Hugs and prayers. sandie

  11. No sweet friend, it's not pride, it's a mother's love for her children. It comes from deep within your heart, a place where just your children can touch. A place that only God could make.

    Blessings on your weekend. ♥

  12. Beautiful family and Beautiful Mama they have..I love ya Mona..Hugs Gloria

  13. Time marches on and we can't stop it or the many challenges life hands out. We have the fun and love and good times to help smooth the path. The hardest thing is watching our kids go through those hard times and not be able to kiss the booboo and make it OK like when they were little. Sometimes we just have to hand it over to God and let him help us. I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers Mona. I can feel your love and your sadness today.

  14. Pictures surely mark how fast time flies. So does our hair color (lol). I was brushing my hair tonight and I realized the hair at the bottom still had some brown color while the hair on the top does not! It is tweedy gray up there. I am not sure how long my hair takes to grow, but it showed me how much my hair has aged in a year or so of time (notice I said my hair aged, not that I have of course ;-) ). Pictures do often give us mixed always amazes me how much can happen in even a ten year span--sometimes it is shocking and I am glad we live one day at a time with God's grace helping us to face each change.

  15. Oh, hey, right after I made that comment, the next blog I read had this statement : 'One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering."
    ...Ida Scott Taylor I think it was a God wink!

  16. You can never be too proud of Your family!


  17. You have a beautiful family, Mona!

  18. Mona, yes I do understand because I have been oging through lots of photos recently and remembering the good times is sometimes bittersweet. We all have those moments of looking back and remembering how things were and we keep moving forward to now and the future. You can always share.

  19. You don't have to apologize, we all mourn the passing of time.

    You have every right to be so very proud of this group.

    I wish I could say words to take the pain away but I don't know them. Know you and your family are in my thoughts.

  20. I always love seeing photos of your family, Mona! Treasure your memories, my friend. And live each day to the hilt with all of your loved ones. xo Sue

  21. Your family is SO beautiful. I completely felt your pain in your blog post. It's hard to let life go by and try to do your best as you live it, isn't it?

    I was having those feelings before I ever got up this morning.

    Take care sweetie. I love what you write.
    xo rachel


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