Friday, February 15, 2013


It was so quiet today.  I slept a bit late and have found out that my hearing loss is ..not fun but interesting.  If I am sleeping on my left side, a ringing telephone just sounds like a cat purring.
  Found that out today.
My world is quieter, that's for sure..but now I am beginning to wonder if my piano playing sounds as good as I think it does. :)
See his little UGGS?  Yep, Grandma Duffy bought them for him!
My neighbor called me, rousting me out of bed early..BEFORE my first cup of coffee.
There was an Estate Sale within walking distance and did I want to go?
Sure, but give me five minutes. 
Brushed  teeth and washed face..
Wadded hair up into a big bun on the back of my head and secured it with a BIG clip...
Slipped on a pair of jeans, my UGG loafers, a toasty sweater and I was ready.
Oops!  Warm day.  WHAT?  Would you believe it reached 80 today?
Off came the sweater!
So much for Winter but they do say that it is suppose to begin cooling on Monday and be raining by the middle of the weekand through the rest of the week.  THANK HEAVENS!
Not ready for a season change just yet. 
Our grass is green as can be..and things are beginning to bloom, so Spring is definitely around the corner. 
No real Winter to speak of.  Except in the mountains  of course.
Would you believe in one direction, we are within about 45 minutes of the ocean and in the other direction are the San Bernadino mountains..
and of to the East is the desert.  Palm Springs, no less.
With all the rain we have gotten, Southern California is going to have a spectacular Springtime.
And of course we are only a few hours from Las Vegas...
God's country! 
See?  This is why I can't leave California.  I have to have sights like this...and in the other direction the ocean.. I need to be able to get to both.  I need to be able to drive to San Francisco where I spent my honeymoon with Pat and lived for the first six months of our marriage.
San Francisco.  NOW there is an exciting city! 
Who did I see?  Well, let me see....
Marilyn Monroe, Joe Demagio, Joe Louis, Mel Torme', who, I might add came right up to me and asked me where City Hall was and chatted with me!  He was really sort of flirty.  I was working at my first job as an usherette at the Strand Theatre on Market St. in San Francisco.  I was only 17 at the time and he was an OLD man, for heaven sakes!
He was 27 years old!  I have to laugh at that now.  I remember him being short, blondish and very, very sweet.
One evening while walking home from the theatre, I always had to walk by interesting places and one was a little club like place with a heavy velvet curtain hanging across the door.  Guess who was playing that night?  Gene Krupa.  You don't know him?  Only one of the most famous drummers ever!
I couldn't get in but I stopped and stood next to the building listening to crowd inside and Gene bang away on those drums.  He was famous but there was only one of those folding signs sitting on the sidewalk with the words "Gene Krupa Appearing" The doorman smiled and spoke to  me..and I listened awhile and finally walked on home.
Today...I would NOT have been safe. 
Times have changed.
Famous people playing everywhere and many of the places I walked by every day, but at 17 and 20, Pat and I were way too young to get in. 
I walked that city from end to end.  Hyde Park, North Beach, Fisherman's Wharf, China Town..all of it. 
I stood and watched the little cable cars get turned around at the bottom of the hill..
Sometime I rode it...
I remember sending my mother in San Diego a post card with a cable car being turned around and made a little circle of where I was standing that day.  I think it tickeled her.
 Pat had just come home from Korea but couldn't get in a night club. Can you believe that?
Well...probably for the best.  You know...we were very young.  But HOW I wanted to see the stars.
Margaret Whiting was singing at THE FAIRMONT HOTEL just around the corner from our apartment!  I would, again just walk by and watch the people arrive.
I remember it all so well.  The smells of China Town and Fisherman's Wharf, the sights, the sound of the cable cars, the old lamp posts that lined Market Street, and the people.
And Pat.  I had Pat.
We had only just begun.
 God has been good.  He has given me these memories to share with you.
It's late.  I haven't taken any picture of my Estate Sale finds, but I will tomorrow. 
Tomorrow some of my children will be here to visit..and..
my dearest daughter in law just emailed me that she has my CAKE for me! 
Bless her little Irish heart!
Love and such,
The Man Hunt...
p.s. What happened up in those mountain I don't even want to talk about. 
 Already there is a controversy about the million dollars.  Should it go to in the pickup truck with the dog..or the two housekeepers he tied up.  Both called in.  One housekeeper was able to get out of her ropes and call for help.  Question, which was first.  If you don't think there is going to be a lot going on about that million dollars...think again.
They will probably say it goes to no one because he was not apprehended and arrested. 
Watch and see.


  1. Hi Mona,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories...your description was just like being there, seeing what you were seeing.
    Have a lovely weekend
    We received about an inch of snow...mainly just cold...27 degrees
    Anxious to see what you bought at the estate sale.

  2. Hi Mona,
    I love your memories...
    My husband grew up in
    SF. and my Mom did too, my Mom meant my Dad while he was stationed at the Persido they were married in 1952 and celebrated their 60th anniversay in Dec. I love hearing all the stories of of my husbands Mom and my parents while they lived in SF. My Mother N law was a elevator operatior for Standard Oil...She had a red uniform and stood or sat in the elevator and ask what floor....
    I loved your post.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. great memories mona! i have lots of good memories of san fran too! i love that city!

  4. OMG - this is like way too neat. My first job was an usherette at the Regent theatre on King Street in Saint John, NB. I was still in school, but how neat is that. You and I, both usherette's. I also was usherette at the local arena for wrestling events and had the vip section for Mr. K C Irving - I do not know if you know the Irvings in Canada but their oil and lumber industry started in our little town. Mr. Irving was a BIG tipper back in those days :)
    Anyway, your post was so very interesting this morning - I truly enjoyed it. Question - are both ears affected with hearing loss or just one. Ihave always wanted to go to San Francisco and Hawaii - haven't got there yet, but maybe one day. You have some wonderful memories Mona and it was so nice of you to share with us. Thank you.

  5. Well, look at you among the stars out there:) I am so excited to hear all about your encounters with them all! Have a blessed day dear friend! I am thinking that the million should be split between all three of them:) HUGS!

  6. Thanks for sharing these lovely memories with us. I often wish I had taken the time to tape my conversations with my grandmother and even my mother who can no longer communicate. Their precious memories are lost forever. As long as you write about yours in your blog, yours will live on.

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  8. Wonderful memories, Mona. 25 years ago I was sent to San Francisco to work for a week...had the best time of my life exploring.
    Have a great weekend with your Howard!

  9. Thanks for sharing those lovely memories Mona.

  10. Mona, those memories will stay with you because they have nothing to do with your hearing!!!!...:)JP

  11. Love your memories.
    I think the money should be given to the families of the fallen officers and the others he killed.
    Maybe some to the man that he took the truck from.
    The people that he tied in the wolrd were they going up there for to clean their condo when all that was going on. Just saying. I was wondering about you during this. It's awful when you know something horrible is going on. I bet you could see the smoke. Very sad.

  12. Memory stories are such treasures . . . I too have a heart prayer of "please God, let me keep my memory."

    Gene Krupa . . . He was so talented on the drums . . . Wow, . . . I can see you there, leaning against the building, listening, dreaming, enjoying.

    Walking down the streets like the those of San Fransisco that you mentioned or for that matter, many streets any more, doesn't allow us the same freedom of safeness that we used to enjoy. Very sad isn't it . . .

    Keep writing and telling the stories of your life Mona . . . they are gifts to us and to your children.

  13. I was in SF about 25-30 years ago. My husband was working during the day and I walked the town a good deal. Also, we had a rent car so I drove up to the wine country. I enjoyed that so much when he was finally free to go do fun stuff we went together. I loved the city and I rode the cable cars some. It was an experience. "The Rock" held no interest for me, though. Just could not get into going there.

    I was an usherette at our Casa Manaña. it is a theater in the round here in Ft. Worth. I saw some ladies say they had been usherettes. Wow that word is archaic!

  14. I have read backwards from the wonderful cakes.

    You will always have your memories.

    I am certainly searching through my hoarding to find material for a medicine pouch I seem compelled to sew today.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Sounds like you have some very interesting and wonderful memories to write down in a book! I know you have them here, but printed for your family would be a nice gift! I've never been to SF but it's on my "to do" list and you've made it sound so fun! Have a good weekend and enjoy that cake!

  16. I did think about all the hoopla that reward was going to cause. Your memories are just wonderful . I love hearing about San Fran when you were young. It was a safe place then...and not so now as you said.
    Blessings to you- I am so sorry for your hearing loss. My hubby is completely deaf in one ear and it is hard enough even for him- xo Diana

  17. I enjoyed your memories and you will keep them! A cake - is it your birthday?

  18. It's always nice to share your memories Mona. Hope your hearing soon returns!

  19. I am so sorry about the hearing loss Mona.
    But girlfriend, your memories, oh my, they are vivid and alive and wonderful!
    I envy you living in that city and seeing and hearing such amazing things during that era.
    Hug girlfriend,

  20. Oh you have the sweetest memories I can see how you would never want to forget them.
    You live near the mountains it is funny you commented on missing the country and I miss the mountains I have only seen four times in my life. Life is funny.
    You are lucky to have such beauty at your doorstep.
    Thank you for sharing your fascinating stories. I hope you found incredible finds. B

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