Wednesday, February 13, 2013


...or not!
This is one of the walls in my office.  There is dust, a bit and a lot, depending on how tall you are.
I recently bought a long handled duster and things have least they had.
 Since this is MY office I put all sorts of stuff on these. However...
 ...the truth is, I just recently got into a conversation via email, with a sweet blogging friend, Lilly.  We both love books and she shared her book cases with me.  So..I thought "how neat!" and snapped a picture of mine.  AND THEN I REALLY SAW THEM! 
 Have you ever (not you, Marty) :)  proudly shown someone something and then looked at it through their eyes??  Suddenly, you see the dust.  You see the disarray, but it's too late.  They have already seen it.  They would never, ever say anything to you like..for instance..." You really ARE a bit of a hoarder, you know!"  or "WHAT a mess!  How in the world can you ever find anything!" 
Of course they wouldn't say those things!  Never!  These shelves are directly in front of my desk so I look at them every single day.  I just...never...saw!   
Why am I showing you this mess, you may ask?  I honestly do not know.  Even the runner needs straightening, for pity sakes!  I need to go through them..sort them out...blah, blah, blah!  I won't do  it and I knew it as soon as I began to type that line.
I...just won't and I know it. 
One last heart.  Ok?
Awwwww.... :)

Three of my four daughters,,,
Maryalice  Lillian                             Sandy Rae                                         Erin Kathleen
And three little words..
The little hearts were given to me by Sandy when I was with her in September.
Baked by Maryalice.


You sweet bloggers have added so much to my life, and my life was already SO full.  Imagine, just imagine what it is now with all of you in it. 



  1. How cute those little plates are, and I love that you placed one on each of your beautiful daughter's. Your shelves are well used, and that's what they are for. I'm always amazed at how I look at something every day; then take a picture of it for my blog, and wonder how I could stand to look at it every day! You asked about my linkup on my blog. I only do a Valentine link up once a year. I stopped doing my weekly linkup for "A Few of my Favorite Things". laurie

  2. Happy Valentine day my dear friend..Glad they got the shooter last night so I can stop worrying about you..Love ya ...Gloria

  3. I loved your bookshelf - When you sent me the photo via email, I laughed and said "These were my bookshelves a year ago". I did eventually get to sorting out, cleaning and compiling those that I had not read. I did go through all bookshelves in house Mona, not just the few I sent you. We donated 500 books to the Library, so if you clean any out, take them to the local library - they love to receive books. I adore the photo of your girls and how lovely the I LOVE YOU chosen for such nice photo. Happy Valentine's Day to you Mona and give PH a kiss on the forehead. he,he - Straight from Atlantic Canada. BTW, I devoured the story you sent and will reply to this very special tale. Love n Hugs xo

  4. Your picture of your daughters is so lovely...beautiful! Don't fret about the bookshelves....what an interesting place to linger and savor all of those life memories...I adore bookshelves such as yours!

  5. Your picture of your daughters is so lovely...beautiful! Don't fret about the bookshelves....what an interesting place to linger and savor all of those life memories...I adore bookshelves such as yours!

  6. Love the sweet little I Love You hearts and the pictures of your Daughters! Those are YOUR bookshelves and you probably know where everything is:) I don't have bookshelves like that in one place, they are ALL OVER the place at my house! I have a HUGE LOVE of BOOKS! Have a blessed day dear friend, HAPPY Valentine's Day sweet Mona!

  7. Oh Mona, such a perfect post. You know I don't see things until I take a picture, then I am totally amazed at what something looks like thru the camera. You bookcases look well stocked with books you love so that makes them perfect. The 3 little hearts are so precious and so are your daughters. Hope you have a very special Valentine's. Hugs, Marty

  8. Visitors would have the same shock if they could see my "yarn room," the door to which I keep tightly closed when visitors are in my home.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. :)

  9. Absolutely LOVE the photo of your daughters. They are each so exquisite and their love for one another certainly shows.

    P.S. My husband loves books too and his bookcase looks a bit similar... Collect what you love. xox

  10. Mona-Love those little plates. Sometimes I think everything is neat and orderly and PERFECT until I take a picture of it! lol At least I don;t see any dust!!! xo Diana

  11. Such adorable little plates but I love the 3 girls best. :))

  12. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day
    Love the pic of your daughters

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  14. I liked seeing all of the treasures you have along with your books on your bookshelf.

    My bookshelf looks similar to yours. I am always seeing stuff after I have taken a picture. I used to use the pic monkey clone thingy to just clone some unsightly things away. Now that they charge for cloning, I no longer use it. A lot of blog post picture ideas go by the wayside when I realize how bad the paint in the background is looking, or the wood floor really needs refinishing in certain areas, or even that a major dusting/cleaning project is necessary before pics can be taken.

  15. I love looking at other people's book shelves. I have several built- in shelves in my home and I treasure every book on them. I have so many that I will have to live to be 180 yrs old to get them all read. haha.
    Your daughters are beautiful women. They must take after their Mother. -

  16. Happy Belated Valentine's Day! ♥


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