Monday, December 17, 2012

~CHRISTMASTIME 2012 con't~

This is the occassional table next to my chair which is next to the fireplace.
This is where I sit in the evening and watch my Kindle Fire or a little TV.
It takes strength to sit here.  Not hard to figure out why I put on a couple of pounds already!
See the big basket of huge pinecones there in the corner?
They are from our tree out front!  I don't think there is another pine tree in Riverside that produces such beautiful and perfect pinecones.  They are hard and shine up beautifully! 

 A security door.  Well, I wish we didn't think we needed it..because a if a screen door was necessary I would choose a cute wooden one.  Made by a craftsman.  However....I DO dream a lot and PH wanted a good strong door. know...  :)

I fell in love with this door mat at Home Goods last year.  WHAT is it about plaid that makes me crazy.  Once, some years ago when I lived in Jacksonville Florida, there was a beautiful furniture store we visited.  Not to buy, you understand, but to look.  They had a thick catalog that featured Colonial furniture.  There was a dining room that had plaid walls and ceiling...and since then..I've been in love with plaid and dreamed of having a dining room like that.  It won't happen..but I kept that catalog for years and years.  I wonder what ever happened to it. 

The patio table.  Left over tree cuttings for the centerpiece.  If warm enough I have a plaid tablecloth that will cover that matches the furniture that will go on for Christmas Day.  LOTS of people calls for lots of seating.  We have an outside firepit....that might be nice.  (Those are old afghans covering the furniture to protect it.  You KNOW how I always plan for photo's!!)  Oh well.
I watched our Presidents talk last night..and New Town coming together with all the faiths..and I cried.
Take care of one another out there...
I am joining our lovely hostess Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life.  If you are looking to be inspired..this is the place!


  1. i wish i had a tree that gave me pine cones like that! i love to dip them in wax. and sometimes i keep them plain and glue pearls on each leaf. everything looks wonderful and so xmassy!

  2. Your notes inspire me Mona. With a world in crisis and all the sadness surrounding the countrysides and cities, there's MONA, dishing out posts, putting her own personal thoughts and feelings and struggles on the back burner, while she entertains us with her Martha Stewart down to earth goodness and styles. You certainly do have a way of making other's lives shine in your posts. Thanks for that - you are indeed a wonderful lady. By the way, that small dish would be empty if I sat in that chair :)

  3. So darn pretty and Christmasy! Love all your touches. I have many pine trees as you can guess by my blog title...and we have tons of pinecones if you ever need any more! Yours look great though!

  4. Mona you side table is so inviting, especially with the chocolates. Christmas out on your back porch would be wonderful if it is not too cold. Every thin looks ready.

  5. Love all of your sweet decorations! That little fella at the door is saying "come on in and stay a while, eat some chocolates"... that's what he said:) Have a blessed evening! I think our World needs a change to make it a better place for everyone! HUGS to you dear Mona!

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