Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Not to's not a very good picture and it took about 20 tries and there is only ONE of them.  Lucky you!
It's really very pretty in person..and Joyce @ OCTOBER FARM gave me a lesson is putting lights on a tree without all the hassle that I usually go through.  Thanks, Joyce!!
It really is prettier in person.. looks a bit messy in the picture...
Would you believe I had my very first visit to Home Goods on Monday??  Yep..BFF and I went..and had a nice afternoon of brousing.  Wow!  Could I ever get into trouble in that store.  Best that it's not right near me.
The online shopping is bad enough.
The week drags on with sadness.  I found myself confused about "silence"  and the "prayer circles" etc.  I wrote when I was supposed to be quiet.. and was quiet when I was supposed to write.
Not too unusual for me.  I felt bad though because I wanted to do things right.  So if I wrote a comment when I wasn't supposed to..I'm sorry.
My sweet little Mele sitting on my piano bench.  To know her is to love her.  She brings me joy.
We must get joy out of the little things in life they say...and she is little. :)
Love'n hugs,
*The news is so sad and it's hard to watch, I know, but to think what the parents are going through. It  is overwhelming...


  1. The best thing we ever did was buy a PRE-LIT Christmas Tree. Mikey always insisted on doing the lights and he found the whole process so frustrating when he couldn't get them just right! When he gets frustrated he gets grumpy! Really grumpy! This is soooo much better!

    I think that the loss of all those children and their teachers at Sandy Hook will stay in our memories for a long time. Perhaps I am a Pollyana but I think that some realy change may come about because of this horror! I truly hope so.

  2. Mona,
    Your tree is so very pretty!
    I am up worrying about my Mom.
    She went back into the hospital...more damage from her stroke, urinary infection. low oxygen levels,heart irregularities, cyst on her breast...the list is not good.
    Please say a prayer if you can.
    And if you get a chance go back to my blog and scroll down to the 2nd post. I think it will make you smile.
    Hugs friend and Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.
    p.s. I am in Wisconsin and we are getting the snow big time.

  3. Your tree is beautiful! I love Home Goods but I try to stay away because I can get in big trouble there. They opened on in La Canada where I live and as I pass it most days I have been there twice this week.

  4. Your tree is beautiful! I love Home Goods but I try to stay away because I can get in big trouble there. They opened on in La Canada where I live and as I pass it most days I have been there twice this week.

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  6. the news is VERY sad and I try my best to simply not watch it but only read a few things online instead. The sadness those families are going through is simply so unexpected for them and completely unfathomable. They will all have unopened presents beneath their trees this year and that breaks my heart.

  7. Love the tree, I will have to go see what that light trick is:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  8. Beautiful Mona..I wish you and your family a GREAT Christmas or is it Happy Holidays now?? Love ya girl..Hugs and smiles gloria

  9. I am sitting her viewing your lovely tree and having a little chuckle to myself - we went way.... south for Christmas this year. we have 3 palm trees sitting in our living room this year. NO, we did not go to the forest in back of the house and sludge through the snow and find a tee, cut it down and drag it home---also, stopping midway to have treats n hot chocolate on a snow draped log whilst looking out for coyotes. NO, we did not do that. I said I want palm trees for Christmas, not pine, not fir---PALM, and so, it happened. I love your decorated house Mona and love your tree you displayed - its just beautiful, but we had so much fun doing this different tree and they are just a delight to look at in this Atlantic Canadian house all lit up with teenie weenie red, gold, silver and green bulbs and teenie weenie angels glimmering from the white lights. Ain't this just a BUNCH of fun. Even in the darkest hour, or the saddest memory, we can still find love, warmth and comfort in the smallest things. RIGHT, Eh. Love to you my friend, Lilly
    p.s. There are hundreds of thousands of good people all over the world right now praying and thinking about those families; it is not just a sadness in your heart, it is shared by many. God bless each and every one.

  10. Oh Mona, your tree is lovely. I think the last week and all the sadness had engulfed us all. I had to turn the news off, just couldn't take any more. I hope you and your family have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  11. I'm so blessed to know you Miss Mona. You are such a beautiful lady and I'm so happy God has placed you in my path. You bless me always.

    I love your Tree. Beautiful.

    May your Christmas be lovely and your New Year Bright and TROUBLE FREE!

    Love you friend...


  12. Mona your tree is lovely. Being in the flower shop business we try to learn every shortcut we can. Most pre-lit trees will finally go out so we figured out that if you use the icicle lights with green cords you can cover a lot of tree in a short period of time. Since there are several lights on each little string they work great. Just another little tip for you. We have them on every tree in the shop. I hope you and your family have a very merry and happy Christmas!

  13. oh mona! your tree looks wonderful! the other secret is lots of glass and mirror ornaments! we have a snow storm on the way! woohoo..i am SO excited!!!

  14. It's a beautiful tree.

    I've not pulled my out yet, may not, but next year, I promise to try harder with the decorations.

  15. Thank you, Jean for the tip. :) Being in the flower shop business has to be so much, yes, but so much fun too.


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