Saturday, September 29, 2012


I promised my self that I would not buy a single new thing this Halloween, but, I could not resist this overlay of webs and spiders!  At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it...but the size of the piece and the fact that all the edges were so nicely finished...made it perfect for the table. 
Sometimes when I see photo's of homes, I often wish they would back away so I can get the full scope.  We have a lot of windows in this room and the light is very bright all day.  I've tried darkening the photo's but I don't like the colors not being true...thus, the glare. 

This painting is a favorite Halloween decoration of mine.  I believe I showed it last year and I looked forward to getting it out this year.  The every present daylight glare takes away from it but it's still beautiful to me.   The woman who painted it is a wonderful artist.  I wish I could buy more from her.

She's never very far from my feet.  My constant companion, and I've a feeling that her time alone with PH while I was in Georgia, helped do a little bonding.  Mele came into this marriage with me four years ago and it's been a long road.  She lost her Master when Frank passed away and my heart broke watching her wait for him by the back door.
When we came to this new life and new home, I counted on her sweetness, faithfulness and loyality to win PH over.  I sort of think it has.  He still does not pet her or give her any attention but I can tell he likes her, if only a little. 

I adore her.  She was as big as my hand when I got her.

I've been very meloncholy lately.  I love Fall.  I've waited for it but of course it signifys a sad time of year for me. 
Would you believe...that we are expecting 109 degree's on Monday and Tuesday and maybe that is what is a bit depressing.   :)  Ya think????   :)

My love to all,



  1. Dear Mona, 109 deg. would depress me big, big time. I thought you might be over the worst of the heat. Keep as cool as you can. I love your table and all the decorations. It is great to see a picture of all the room.
    Give that little dog a smooch from me.

  2. I love your big sunny room, your Halloween decor but I especially love that painting. It such a happy scene with the cat almost grinning and the charming house in the background. I hope it cools off for you, quickly! And take care. I hope your spirits are lifted soon.

  3. 109 degrees? i'd kill myself. after the summer we had, i just hate the heat even more!!! i love your decorations! that painting is the best. i hope you feel better soon. close the drapes and crank up the A/C and pretend!

  4. Dear Mona, as beautiful as autumn weather can be, sometimes we have things I. Our past that occurred during that time to make us sad and for me as well. Your faithful furry companion and of course PH may help you through these times but the feelings will always be there in the quiet moments alone.
    Your heat wave sounds awful after our recent hot and humid summer, which has now given way to better temps in the mid 80s on the warmest so far. The fall table decorations are so colorful and you did a nice job, as always. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I nearly purchased a Halloween table overlay like that last year and was going to place it over the top of a white table cloth.... At the last minute I decided against it.... maybe I'll get one this year. :-)

  6. My sister is out there too and says it is miserably hot. Is that why you don;t like fall - this year or always? I have to say fall is my favorite season. I LOVE your home and everything in it and your pooch too!! She is so cute. Have a good day.

  7. I am inspired with all of the decorations. I am so dragging my feet not getting my tubs out of the attic:)

    Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. The orange and golds show very well with the 109 heat glare from the windows. I hope it breaks soon . . . (Not the window . . . I hope the heat breaks! Smile)

    October is my melancholy time too and after 32 years, most others don't know about or remember. It was another life, but always in my heart.

    Thinking of you "sister", and caring . . .

  9. OH Mona, so nice to see your whole room, it is lovely. Love that spider and web tablecloth, how fun is that and the pumpkin placemats. Gorgeous painting too. It is still really hot here too. I hope it cools down some. Hugs, Marty

  10. Hi Mona,
    Hope Mele is able to take any melancholy you are experiencing, quickly away. She has the sweetest, kindest facial expression. Oh so cute! What a lovely dinning room you have.

  11. That is way too hot for this time of year. We have had some beautiful days. It starts off cool and then perfect. The leaves are turning beautiful colors. This will only last a couple of weeks and then off to a dreary November.
    Doggies sure can help us get through the rough times. So sorry that sadness keeps coming back. ((((((HUGS)))) for you my friend.

  12. 109??? I'm loving our cool 40's at night and 60's in the day weather right now. It's fall for sure! I'm sorry you're feeling a bit blue, but I do love your decorations. That painting is amazing! Love the cat and the mouse on the cute and perfect for the season. Hang in there, it has to get cooler soon...right? Your home is very welcoming and comfy looking, thanks for the big picture!

  13. I have been hearing about the heat waves in California...I hope that changes for you soon, Mona.

    Beautiful picture of your dining room! I love a room with a lot of light. Our living room gets it in the morning and it's wonderful! I like the tablecloth and the painting is really neat! I haven't decorated for Halloween since the kids were small but I do love doing things up for fall.

    Mele is such a pretty little dog. I it's hard for them to bond with people late in their life. I know she is a joy for you.

    Happy Fall Weekend, my friend!


  14. Wow!!! 109 degrees . . . I can not image. Praise God for the invention of air conditioning. I just found your blog and I love how you introduced us to all of your lovely family. You seem like such a sweetie. I am a wife, mother and grandma. I've been retired now for three years. I enjoy anything artsy, as well as gardening, cooking and sewing. I play guitar and sing with our local Old Time Fiddlers and just spend each day enjoying life. I would love to have you visit and maybe even become a mutual follower. Have a wonderful day, Connie :)

  15. Well, at a temp of 109 you know that's just a tad hot for us northeners. It was O yesterday and we had a thick blanket of frost on the cars Friday morning - now its been raining - torents yesterday and today, and supposedly tomorrow too. I am enjoying looking at your colourful rooms and decorations. Sets the mood and what a lovely home. Love your sweet little doggie, sure is cute. How did you make out with your kindle?
    Have a great day tomorrow :)

  16. 109 ?? I figured those days for this season would be over...Bless you all.
    You sure have a great room there and you have done a beautiful job decorating...

    Just WILL BE COOl soon..

  17. Mona my dear friend..I also love fall and the comfort foods I can made and the smells coming from the kitchen and just wearing sweats again..But it's been in the ninety here again this much for sweat pants ha ha!!
    I had 3 Yorkies that sat on my lap,head and feet all the time..10 lbs of dogs between them all..I adored my little girls and when my last one died in 07 I have never gotten another dog..can't take any more lost at my age the pain is too deep for me..I have always had a dog since I was 8 years old..I'm not a cat person at all and never have been..
    I love your table and how fancy you decorated it for fall..
    I pray you have a GREAT week my sweet friend..much love and hugs..Gloria


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