Saturday, September 22, 2012


  It takes me DAY'S to decorate and it seems  as soon as it's's time to take it all down.  That's why Halloween goes up early for me.
And besides...
Joyce @ October Farm said it was just fine to do it early!  Thanks Joyce.  She inspired my mantel.  :)
For the past week I've been trying to catch up on housework and get my Autumn decorating back on track before it's to late..and to day I made a huge dent.  Finally.
It's good to be home!
Our fireplace mantel is an really an old coral post.  I found it on a ranch that belonged to a friend.  It was burned by a forest fire and had to be cut from the barbed wire.  We hauled in home in my truck and cut off both ends to the length we wanted and began to sand. 
I love the results and it came with me when I moved back home.  
It's all decked out for Halloween and I am not changing it ANYMORE.  :)
I've had this hutch for at least 37 years now. 
Nearly everything on this hutch was gifts from one of my daughters.  Brambly Hedge dishes and books. The pumpkin tea set. 
The book ends I've had so long I cannot remember when I got them.  They aren't a set.  I bought the cats at two different times and just ended up using them as bookends. 
Oops!  I forgot to tie my black and white checked ribbon on my cloche. 
Coffee table decor is not my strong point.  Nope, not at all!   The skull?  I don't know...
We were at Target..and suddenly it was in my basket.  ???  Sheesh!  Maybe I should change that.
 I got lazier as the day passed...can you tell?
Living room.  This room isn't really the easiest to decorate for Fall. 
I admit to trying black at the sort of spooked me.  I'm living in a haunted house you know.  You didn't know that?  Let me tell you about it some day.  It's been a real adventure.   Honest!
I am so please to have gotten a post done...finally!
Love to all,


  1. Hi Mona,
    Your fall decor is so perfect and fun! I love your pumpkin tea pot how adorable. I think everything looks great!. I did a little decorating yesterday but would like to do more. Your mantel is amazing what a gem it is. I hope all is well sending you big hugs, Elizabeth

  2. I love your mantel Mona and all the great stuff you've added!
    I think you've done a knock out job, you have some lovely decor!
    Thinking of you and your family too,

  3. hi mona! way to go woman! i love your decorations, especially your mantel! you aren't too early at all! joyce

  4. Doesn't it feel good to set about on a task and reach completion . . . I liked hearing about your log mantle.
    Happy you are back home, settling in after your visit with your daughter and family.

    I think of you often and liked seeing "Wsprsweetly" in my reader this morning . . .

    Happy Autumn Days . . .

  5. I love all of your decorations:) I did a little! Love the mantel and the story! Have a blesse day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Hi Mona, How I love your mantel and decorations. You certainly have the touch when it comes to decorating.
    Haunted did you say???? Love to hear about it.
    Big Hugs

  7. Welcome home sweet Mona, I always love it when I'm gone to be back home in my own bed and surroundings.How is your Sandy doing?? I have miss you my dear friend..I have not done for thing for fall and won't again this year just don't have the energy it takes to bring it all in and put it up..I even gave away all my Christmas stuff to my family as those days are behind me now..Take care my Dear friend..Hugs and love Gloria

  8. Oh Mona, I love your mantel and your fall and halloween decor. I havn't done hardly anything. I love your living room, it looks so warm and inviting. The coffee table looks great. Hope all is well. Hugs, Marty

  9. Most happy to see you in my "Readers" this morning. I love the skull - DO NOT REMOVE. Everything you touch and decorate comes out so lovely, warm n friendly. Even your goblins look cute. I love the story about the mantel piece - real history there and love your hutch. Great post and nice to see you back - have missed you my friend. HUGS :)

  10. I love Fall decor and always do some early. I love those little witches boots hanging from the mantle. You have so many fun things to enjoy! And now you'll have them up for a whole month and you can add to them as you find things! Enjoy your day, my friend!

  11. How pretty! What I love about Fall decorating is that it can last all the way from September through November when Christmas takes over. You have a lovely home. :)


  12. Hi Mona. Your home looks so pretty decked out in the fall decorations. I have to get to work here and get mine out. LOL! Have a wonderful week.

  13. Hi Mona,
    Can't wait to hear more about your haunted house. I live for those type of stories...they fascinate me. I'm loving your hutch, as it reminds me of the one we grew up with. I've been on the lookout for years, to buy one for my home, with no success. Either they are too much money, or not exactly what I want. Anything Brambly Hedge catches my eye, and you have a lovely collection. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  14. What an amazing mantel...very one of a kind and beautiful! I love how you have mixed your fall and Halloween decorating, it look wonderful! I have to get going...I get it up in one day and then fiddle with it for several more. My living room is hard, too. It's pastel colors like yours and it's hard to mix bright colors in. Wish me luck!


  15. I love the nice classy items you have for Halloween. We decorate for Andy outside - not too much inside.

    Praying, sandie

  16. WOW, Mona you are an energetic sort! We just took the boxes down...LOL!!! But I've been busy, sweetie!!!!...:)JP

  17. Hi Mona! Love all your decorations, but especially the mantel ones! The tiny lights always make things even more special! All your photos are just gorgeous. BTW, I never decorate for Halloween anymore. I have autumn decorations and they are for Thanksgiving, too. Then, the day after Thanksgiving, it's time for the Xmas ones. Sheesh!

  18. Loved the story of your mantel.It looks so pretty all decorated for fall...Balisha

  19. First, I LOVE your mantle! And your halloween decorating is great! Makes me want to get started on it too! Have a wonderful Fall, Mona!

  20. I love your mantel and please leave the skull just where it is...perfect! I love Halloween but haven't started decorating for it week! I had a hutch like yours only smaller. Same wood and hardware. I love it but gave it to my niece when she moved to her first house. She loves it now! Thanks for sharing your home but I truly want a good ghost story..maybe a Halloween post?

  21. Hi Mona, we usually don't decorate for fall so it was wonderful to see all your decos. Thanks much!

  22. It looks beautiful!! I haven't done mine yet :S

  23. AWWWW, Sweetpea! You're so far ahead of me in everything---I've still got silk hydrangeas in an urn and LILACS on the chandelier!

    At this rate, our Christmas trees will have firecrackers and flags on them. I just deserted it all yesterday---gorgeous, sunny-bright and coolish---for lots of trike riding with our own Sweetpea.

    We had several hints of otherness in the first house we built---it was almost totally made out of used materials---brick from an old hospital, doors from an old courthouse, marble BR counters from an old Oak Hall store in Memphis. Maybe one of those held the spirit of yesterday.

    And your Living Room is absolutely Perfect already---no need to do any decorating---so charming and cozy. You do know that I'd love to come sit right in the corner of the sofa beneath the window. You wouldn't even have to talk to me---just being there would be enough.

  24. Beautiful mantle and hutch. I'm inspired. And no, I can't tell you're being lazy at all. Looks like you've been very busy, hard at work getting a jump on Halloween and your fall decorating! Nice!

  25. got your fall decorating done. Looks great, too.
    Yep, I think you should leave the skull ....booooo....:)
    hugs, bj

  26. Looks pretty great to me! Much better than our mantel. I really need to get off my duff and put out a few fall decorations other than just fall colored candy.. Good grief. Candy is not a decoration is it?

  27. Looks pretty great to me! Much better than our mantel. I really need to get off my duff and put out a few fall decorations other than just fall colored candy.. Good grief. Candy is not a decoration is it?


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