Thursday, May 31, 2012


My gosh, but it's nice when someone takes your side.  Every one of you are just so nice and so open!
Part of my dilemma is my own fault for raving on about how wonderful you all are!  I talk about your cooking, your decorating, your wonderful families, how much you all clever and funny you all never occurred to me that blogging would ever cause a problem...

Whatever the case..I waffle back and forth on how I feel.  Today, why...yes.  I will not post any photo's  of the food they cook at our family parties, or the adorable homes they have, etc. etc. but then the following day I get my back up and decide to post any darned thing I want...when I want.
I do understand them not wanting their photo's posted.  Some that have been posted on facebook of me by family are nothing short of terrible, but that's how I see them.  They don't.  ...but...if I didn't check on facebook I would not see all the photo's and know very little of what is going on.  Which might not be a bad thing.  It's just that I am so nosy where my kids are concerned.
So..I will just be very careful and continue using code names (when I remember to do so!)  I usually do.
My big yellow frog makes such a great book prop when I read at the table. 

Here's the thing.  My kids worry.  I don't think they are absolutely sure I know the right thing to do..Not sure when I lost my ability to make wise decisions..but somewhere along the way it happened.  Their view of me changed.  When did they stop thinking I could fix everything and that I was wonderful??? 

In my chippy little wheelbarrow where my Fairy Garden lies, I found a stone that shows the name.

The arbor and miniture climbing fig arrived.  No tiny curled up kitty for the flower pot yet. 
The Fairies aren't afraid of this little kitty because it belongs to them you see. 

 So..tomorrow the climbing fig vine gets planted beside the tiny arbor.  A bit of baby tears needs to be added in front of the stone sign.  Something to soften the edge.  Don't you think?
The little garden was a hit with my family.  It's a work in progress..every day snipping dead blooms off it...straightening this here, tucking that there... :)

 I get frowned at when I take photo's even of food.  And...I've even been strongly confronted about you can see...I'm risking my life here.  Ah well...

banana bread...LOVE it!  It was wonderful baby girl. 

I...believe that is chocolate bread pudding there beside the pancakes. Amazing stuff chocolate bread pudding!  Have you tried it?
Just to show what a wonderful brunch my daughter and daughter in law can throw! 
(if I get in trouble...*shrug* I get in trouble)   Cheryl....shhhhhhhh  :):)
hashbrowns (of course!)
It was all so wonderful..
NOT too's a post.  Right? 
(yes, yes, I 'm a little nervous...just a little!  Darn!  After all I AM THE MOTHER HERE!!) grrrrrr

I am off to bed.  I wish I could share more..but it's all my own fault and I've no one but myself to blame.   I should have kept blogging to myself.  HOW I wish I were a more private type person.
I never have been and doubt I am going to change now

What great comments you left me on my last post.  See the courage you've given me??
But...I'm keeping to the rules.  So far...
Luv'n hugs,
Mona is a couple of reasons people don't want their pictures posted.

Me with a cheek full of sugar cookie trying to smile and swallow at the same time.  They took me off guard.  Darn near choked!  See the cookie crumbs on my mouth?  :)  Piggy piggy!   What if someone else had posted this picture on facebook with my face all stuffed with cookies.  Soooo...I get it!  I do!

Here is another  example.  To use this photo..and it was cute of my husband, sister in law and daughter kidding around while we said our goodby's..but I cut her out so I could use the picture because of how she feels.    I have others but no good ones. Now...see that spot on my sweet man's  shirt???  :) I am beginning to understand daughter!  :)  A little. see, pictures are not all of it.  It's just blogging in general that she disapproves of. :(


  1. Can you see me shaking with laughter while I type this, I have tears rolling down my face. You are so impish, and completely sensible. Although can you ask them What date was it that you lost that as well..Ha Ha Ha.Tell PH I'm sure he look like a normal human with that little spot on his shirt. May be you might get paid for a commercial for a washing powder. I shouldn't laugh. It is because you are such an open, loving, wear your heart on your sleeve kinda gal that we love, that gets you into trouble.
    Just go and enjoy your fairy garden, I think it is magical.
    Love you just the way you are.
    Hugs Kay

  2. haha....your husband is wearing a belly catcher. my husband always has a spot like that on his belly! i love the fairy garden rock. how perfect. you are a wicked wicked lady mona! please continue to post all of your family stuff for our entertainment. forget the family, take care of your fans!!!

  3. Oh how sweet, I like that picture of your honey looking real with his spot on his shirt! As far as the children, WHATEVER:) I decided long ago that my blog friends are like my nextdoor neighbor! I don't allow anonymous comments and don't allow internet searches to find my blog! Other than that, I feel comfortable with it! Keep on keeping on dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  4. But.... no one even knew that cookie was in your mouth until you told us. It's a beautiful photo of you, and no... I don't understand what it wrong with posting photos of food no matter who made it. I stand my ground and say that your children are wrong about you blogging.

  5. I love pictures of food. I never noticed the crumbs or the spot. I only saw people smiling and enjoying the moment.

  6. I was recently told by a family member that I shouldn't post photos of family on my blog because of all the nut jobs out there in the world and once anything is on the internet it is public and blah blah blah...
    All of the flowers, those in your fairy garden and the ones on the table are so lovely. I love coming here to visit because it's so beautiful and the food is always wonderful and your are someone who makes her visitors feel happy and welcome. I'm going to have to try that chocolate bread pudding.
    Enjoy your weekend Mona.

  7. Hi Miss Mona,

    Cookie? What cookie? Giggle.

    Let's see, hmm - YOUR Blog, YOUR postings, YOUR opinion, YOUR pictures. YOUR choice. Please don't change, you are loved by so many people - just cause you are "you". I may only be a teddy bear, but I am wise.

    (We don't get to chose our family, but we get to pick our friends)

    Heaps of Hugs ♥

    Hi Abby.

  8. Just in my opinion alone, facebook has more photos of families, tons of kids, photos of everyone and their dogs, houses, photos of everyroom in the house and tons of other personal stuff, that people can see if they really are talented at hacking, etc. You would not believe the number of families that show everything and like i SAID yesterday - once its on the internet, whether its BloggyLand, Facebook, MySpace, WordPress or whatever, its there to stay. Even when you delete your account, all the information you have posted there remains in the dead banks of wherever you have posted, whether its just writing about your typical day, posting photos, or showing off your kids.
    I don't think you have lost your marbles just yet Mona, and I know that because your Blog is just so informative and funny and cute and interesting. Keep up the great posts. That is a great looking meal - i'm not even going to tell you what I had for breakfast for it would not compare in the least. Great Photos and giggly story :)

  9. Oh glory, all the pics I post of Farm Boy have ground in farm dirt or manure on 'em...heck...we don't even see it! Heeehehehehe!

    Some family members are very sensitive 'bout me postin' 'em (Won't mention any names here...SIL and my bonus grands) and others don't get a hoot!

    In this world I kinda understand but on the other hand I've never met such a supportive, generous bunch a folks as I've found in Blogland.

    You crack me up sweet lady! Keep on keepin' on sweetie, you are a bright light and a true jewel to us.

    God bless and have an extraordinary weekend!!! :o)

  10. Maybe it's just me, but I thought the photos were fantastic. They show fun and love. The food looks scrumptious. Yum. I just love your creativity and good naturedness. Keep on rolling.

  11. I'm so happy to see your fun photos! You have a beautiful family and some of the most amazing tables of delicious food I've ever seen! I'm so happy you blog and share with your friends! Kudos to you, dear one! Your buddy, Diane

  12. Well, if being proud of your family and how talented they are, plus what great cooks they are is wrong, then I guess I just don't get it. We love visiting with you and your family, just tell them we rang the doorbell and you invited us in. What in the world should you do? Love your post and the pics are wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  13. I'm glad you're still doing your thing. hehehe I never would have seen the spot on hubby's shirt! My SIL told me some of you, my dear bloggy friends, could be old men surfing the net looking for gullible old ladies like me. I was very surprised that she actually believed that.

  14. Your kids shouldn't be so nosy and look at your blog if they are going to disapprove! Seriously....I get told what I should or shouldn't blog about too. My blog, my choice! I like your pictures and your stories. Keep em coming!

  15. Yayyyy, Mona! I am so proud of the brave woman you are! lol I can't see a single thing wrong with anything you posted here...unless it is the spot on your hubby's shirt!;>) Blessings to you and you just keep at it! xo Diana

  16. I love your fairy garden Mona! Actually, all of your gardening photos are lovely!! I can't wait for mine garden to grow!

  17. That food was too pretty not to photograph and share!

    Love your Fairy rock!!

  18. Hi darling, didn't realize you had cookie on your mouth until you told us, I had to giggle. Thankfully I'm "always" behind the camera. All that food looks delicious makes me hungry..I'm so thankful you're so open and honest in sharing your daily life with all of us. hugs ~lynne~

  19. Mona, my kids/family members don't want certain things put on my blog's so hard though because we are just PROUD of them and what the do and stand for!...:)JP

  20. Really? I don't understand why anyone would disappove of blogging.
    I understand if they don't want their pic on a post, but food? The food thing really has me stumped.
    Dear Mona,
    You are wonderful and I think they will greatly appreciate this in years to come.
    Get a blog book made, what a history to pass down.
    Love Ya,

  21. I hope your daughter's comments don't keep you from blogging. I love reading your posts.

  22. Dear Mona, it was so great to read this post AND all the wonderful previous comments of support wo which I add my own - keep on doing what you are doing, dear blog friend. There is nothing wrong with the way you present your life, family, home, thoughts, etc. What are those family members thinking??? YOu are showing them in only the best light, always. In so many ways, I m envious of the family bonds here. Like several others have commented, there are ways in blogging to "proect" onself by deleting and not allowing Anonymous comments, reviewing and deleting any inappropriate remakrs (which I've never had to do, luckily). Admittedly, we do use "aliases" for our blog IDs, but it's more a fun thing and while we had at first thought of not including family members, friends who while they may not comment told us via email/phone that they did enjoy seeing everyone on the blog. So we use caution, but enjoy sharing more of our's what makes us human :-)

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