Thursday, May 24, 2012


When life's nice to have things to do that you love.
Like homemaking. 
The old wooden half barrel is one of my favorite things on the back patio..
I think a water feature in a back yard is wonderful ..and it does not need to be expensive.
The old barrel was $30 at a liner needed. 
The water makes it swell and does not leak.
The pump used to be a bright red and has weathered nicely..
In ten years the pump has never been replaced..and was even in storage for a year.

A little shelf was built and bolted the the back half of the barrel and the water pump was bolted to that. It has never run dry. 
I water the plants on the patio often by just dipping my watering can into it..easy when I don't feel like dragging a hose.
The little garage sale Holland shoes are finally planted.  It's not easy to see the itty white flowers that are beginning to bloom..but they are there.  AND they match the patio table...lotsa green, lotsa green!
I know. 
The little wheel barrow is still my forcus..because things have been ordered and are beginning to arrive.
The tiny pathway leading to the front door of the Fairy house..passes a little bench...

A little Fairy now sits there..

Another has found a place to catch a few rays of morning sun.. I placed the rock there hoping she would find it...and she did!

This one has found the bench at the back of the house...
A pretty little twig arbor will soon be here...with a miniture fig vine to grow over it.
( now..don't over do!  You always over do everything!)  After that..just the curled up kitty in the flower pot...and that's IT! 

Members of my family that  I have not seen in years will be here Sunday..
Now I am doubly pleased that I painted our old patio set and had the cushions recovered. 
I love the apple green with the brick red cushions. 
We are really enjoying being out on the patio.  

Having something in your life that you dearly love to do, are passionate about..
I think that is so important to your mental well being and basic feeling of peace and happiness.
So...whatever it is..enjoy..and have a safe weekend.

Thanks to our Hostess.  I'm joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.
Please come join the party!


  1. Beautiful garden! Loving those little shoes all planted with pretties! LOVE the green and red for dining! I know you will ALL enjoy lots of happy times around that table! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

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  3. You patio garden is delightful. I love a garden that has surprises tucked here and there.

    Enjoy your weekend and your company.

  4. Beautiful, Mona! I love all the little fairies! Your patio set looks fabulous! Enjoy your visitors this weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. Yay - the fairies found you. You should have seen me leaning over my laptop, trying to get a closer look at them.
    I love your patio table and cushions. Those colors look great together. Enjoy your company.

  6. Mona, you have made a little bit of heaven for yourself and PH.
    So beautiful. Have a wonderful time with your visitors.

  7. Hi Mona! It all looks so wonderful! I love your patio set in the apple green and red. I am thinking I must to that to a little bistro set I have!

  8. My great grandmother's house had a well with a pump in the backyard where we would use the tin cup hanging from it and get a VERY cold drink of water. Love pump handles, they always evoke memories for me.

  9. The tiny fairies are all in awe of their new home! Just beautiful, my friend! Enjoy your company and the holiday weekend! I know you are excited!

  10. I love your fairy garden! I am designing one right now. You will have to stop by and see it when it's finished. Your garden is lovely and your table on the patio is so inviting! Enjoy the weekend with your family and friends!!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. everything looks just fabulous. i bet your guests will really enjoy it!

  12. Everything looks just gorgeous! That wheelbarrow with your flowers in it, just brilliant!

    Have a wonderful weekend with your dear family!


  13. I love the fairy's that you added..wish I could find some...last year they had some at the dollar store but haven't been successful this year...The green dutch shoes are great and the green and red on the patio set looks fantastic...brite and warm..with love Janice

  14. Everything looks so charming and beautiful. Your family is going to love sitting on your porch and sipping tea. The table, the setting, the greeting from the fairies are wonderful. Enjoy your time.

  15. Your garden is so beautiful, Mona. It looks enchanting. I love all the colors. Enjoy the company!...Christine

  16. MONA=Your gardens are just amazing. I love all the color and those little shoes are just darling. I hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  17. I love all the colour and so much of it. Everything is bubbly n bright. Its just charming. I love the little faries that have settled into your garden. I do remember what this looked like when you started and it has come a long way. Just beautiful.
    I am sure your company will fall in love with everything you have accomplished. I sure love your garden and patio. Have a great weekend.

  18. Mona, such beautiful flowers and colors all ready for you and your family to enjoy this weekend. We are also spending time with family gathering in Lancaster, PA for a family wedding on Sunday.

  19. Wow oh Wow dear Mona,
    I am so impressed! Your gardens and patio look just gorgeous!
    And that fairy garden, I think I need to do one of those too!
    I feel like we are sisters in so many ways! For one thing, we love the same colors and the same kind of stuff! Plus we love thrifting and finding a deal!
    And those adorable Holland shoes, too cute!
    Enjoy your weekend and company!
    Big Hugs to you my dear friend,

  20. I love the way your patio furniture turned out. Such vibrant colors...looks like you.
    Can you believe it...I was looking at the very same shoes online. Didn't buy them...went for a more sturdy old lady type shoe (like grandma used to wear....just kidding!) Wish I had bought them (pout)
    Have a nice weekend with your family.

  21. Mona,
    I just don't think there can be too much green in a garden. Love the water feature and it has given me inspiration to see if my old one will work again. I'm pretty sure the little pump may have frozen winter before last. It has been two summers without much care for our yard. Last year I had the famous seven fractured vertebra and could hardly lift myself to get up.

    Love the wheel barrow! While looking at it I remembered hubby's went by me the other day on the way to the dump! I could have planted it full of pretty flowers. The wheel had a flat and he couldn't find a replacement for it or a patch. So, now he has a shiney new wheelbarrow. I won't make that mistake again!

    For real practicality for me these days is a garden cart that has a flat surface and a handle on one end. After I get the flowers unloaded I can sit on it to plant. It is easy to schooch down the flower bed w/o having to get up over and over.

    Those little Dutch shoes are so adorable! I could see the itty bitty white flowers.

  22. Oh, I remember visiting an Aunt that lived in San Jose and she always had the most beautiful flowers...just like you.
    Our climate here just doesn't allow such luscious blooms.

    I would arm wrestle you for that patio table and chairs if I could find you. :)
    LOVE IT...

  23. I've been wanting a barrel like that! I saw one a few weeks ago and fell in love.

    You have one beautiful patio there.


  24. I love that barrel and water pump! I haven't gotten to that point yet here...besides all 3 of our half barrels "died" in transit from VA:(....:)JP

  25. That old pump brought memories of my childhood. Used to have a neighbor that had one just like that, and do you remember the tin dipper with long handle that the neighbor's used to drink out of. The water always seemed so cold and refreshing coming from that old pump. Country folks used that have that old pump on the back porch.

    I love that table/chair set out on the patio! Love the color combination. Did you cover the cushions yourself? Beautiful job!

  26. I just read back over my post and should have written that I remember the old tin dipper with long handle that my neighbors use to drink out of.


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