Thursday, April 26, 2012


Look, new little plum tree has little plums.. just plain makes me smile!

You probably don't remember those tiny little 8 or 9 inch roses I sent for, do you?  Well, here they are doing beautifully and nearly to the top of the arbor.  They are called AMERICA. 
I can see one little rose up at the tippy top and many, many buds.  One day soon...

Sweet dear husband is out there mowing and mowing...
The flagstone walkway will soon be set into the grass and will run from the back gate clear around the front of the house to the driveway.  (Can hardly WAIT!)

 ...and mowing..AND smiling!! 

I just wanted you to see how close they are getting to the top of the arbor!!
See?  Neat, huh?!
(*sigh* that clover or whatever it is has to go..

Our beautiful Redwood trees just keep getting taller and taller and one day they will be soooo big a car can drive right through them :):):)  

Yep...from the gate...right along the wall flower bed , past the gas meter..

Bless his heart! Rain today, the news said.  WHERE??

LOOK! and it kept right on going up to 99 degrees!  Time for a break I think!!

So...I think THIS was in order, don't you?  A bit of warmed banana nut bread and ice cold lemonade!
Gotta keep that man smilin'....

Can you just see the stone pathway from just in front of the flower bed to the corner of the house and around and down to the arbor of ROSES!!!  :):)  I can. 
Thanks to Joyce and a couple of other sweet bloggy friends..I've had some wonderful suggestions for vines to plant on the trellis's that will be on the side of the house.  THREE white ones'll see!

All our effort is paying off, I think.  Lots more to do though.  LOTS!  Maintaining a home yourself isn't for wimps..that's for sure!  The California heat is on it's way and that is always hard on the plants and flowers.   

Luv'n hugs!!

p.s. Those rains did come for a bit...but on Thursday morning.  :) 


  1. Your Rose looks as happy as can be and they are both nearly to the top. I hope it smells good. Tell Patient husband I can see those muscles growing from here.
    You are right maintaining a home is not for wimps.
    Big Hugs

  2. So beautiful, all the love and attention shows. Please be careful working outside in that heat.

    Happy weekend, my sweet friend.

    Hugs ♥

  3. Your yard is lovely. What a cute cherry pitcher for your lemonade. We got down in the 20's last night and woke to frost. They say the same for tonight. High of only 50 yesterday, windy and cold. But truthfully, I wouldn't want to be in the 90's either, so I'm not complaining! Have a lovely day!

  4. Mona- What a beautiful, tidy yard you have there. I love the arbor and the rose bushes are scrambling right up it. I can hardly wait to see your flagstone path! That will be the crowning touch. Ummm..what day should I plan on driving my car through that redwood? I suppose I should bring my compact one! xo Diana

  5. I am pondering the thought of year round sun and warm weather and I am intrigued by the thought. But then, I would miss that first brisk walk on a cool autumn morning down by the river, watching the mist rise. Then I would miss the first snowflake of winter or skating on the pond, once it had frozen over. I would miss ice fishing and cross country skiing and BBQ's on a crisp winter's day. I would miss the first robins of spring and miss the landing of the first Canadian Geese back for the spring and summer........yet the colours of your yard, your temp guage and warmer weather yet to come is still an intriguing thought....all year round.
    Great photos and banana nut bread n lemonade soun delicious. Have a great day.

  6. Oh girl, your happy little roses are climbin' to the sunshine so they a shine and give your beautiful roses to delight your very soul!!!

    I can, I can see your walkway...It's gonna be great!!! Yep, owin' homes (farms) is definitely not for wimps for sure!!! You tackle it so very charmin' sweetie.

    God bless and have a magnificent weekend dear one!!! :o)

    1. never fail to bring tears to my eyes. Never!

  7. Mouth is now watering for some banana nut bread.... Love the stuff. The walkway is going to look really nice, Mona. I can see that your husband is a hard worker just like mine... Good men....

  8. Yes I do remember those roses :-) They are already so fine but they will be amazing when they reach to the top :-)

    No lawn mowing here yet but I think I might have to do it late this weekend :-) I can't even pretend to like it but it is a sign of spring after all :-) :-) But I must be sure my thumb will be good enough to mowe, it is painful as it is right now :-) :-)

    Have a great day!

  9. it all looks wonderful. and your sweet husband? well, he is SWEET!!! it seems like it takes a while to grow and then bingo! a jungle!!!

  10. My plum tree is just starting to bloom. Normally, it doesn't bloom until the end of May, so it's a whole month early. We've had a mild winter here in Montana. I *love* the blooms and their scent, a very close second to my lilacs, which have very promising buds.


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