Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Yes.  This is a desperate attempt at a late night post. 

Speaking of plants,  :)  I always think that if it is rainy outside that I don't need to water..and so days go by and then I wonder "what in the world is WRONG with those plants?"  Well, the problem IS, the poor plants are under the patio roof!  Sheesh!
Same thing today.  It's been overcast yesterday and today so I didn't water.  Yep..once again the plants were drooping and when I checked they were dry.  Our air is so dry here that it takes just a bit of no water and the plant can wither.  A lot did during my time in "la la land!
And PLEASE don't call me dumb!   I already know it!!


Here is that little peach tree that was planted last year at about this time.  It's growing so fast!
See the peaches???  Now this might not be much to some..but it is my first ever peach tree!  I say mine because I chose it..and insisted on planting tree's, tree's and more tree's!
I go out every day and just look at them!

Ok, it's morning.  I'm not tired and cranky or selfish this morning. :)  Patient Husband ..bless his heart..they are his too.  Indeed they are!  What a terrible thing to say!!  NOT my best side in the middle of the night.. 

See?  :) Aren't they sweet li'l things?!

This has always been my hanging plant of choice..Ivy, fern, that sort of thing..

...then sweet daughter #2 gave me this one and I just LOVE it!
It hangs to the chair seat and has to be moved to another location on the patio...

Mele Kalikimuka dozing in the sun.  Yep, that's her little name.
She was a Christmas present.  We just call her Mele. 

Luv'n hugs!

P.S.  Is the new google faster for you?  Does the interface thing, or does ANYTHING make the photos download any faster.  It takes me forever and I wonder if I am doing something wrong?


  1. How lucky you are to grown peaches! Our weather even at the height of Summer would kill the poor wee things! Mona, I do love your blog, wish we could meet up for a cuppa, we will have to time it one day so that we both sit down with our cup of tea(and maybe a scone with jam and cream!) and pretend we are having it together!! The weather here at the moment is rain, rain and more rain. Why then do we have a hosepipe ban? Crazy!! Lots of love AnneMarie xxx

  2. I've always loved Boston Ferns in hanging pots but have never been able to keep them alive. A peach tree would be nice. We had lemon, lime and grapefruit trees in Arizona and they grew like weeds. Loved having fresh lemons from the tree. We had a very small apple tree here in Virginia but it was the deers' favorite tree to munch on and they killed it. Fruit trees are just the best!

  3. I'd love to have a peach tree. Don't know if I could here in Michigan...not sure. But, we have ornamental pear and cherry trees though. They are beautiful in the Spring when the are in bloom! Don't worry Mona, I find that if you water when you see the plant is droopy it comes back. We tend to be alike in this plant mistreating aren't we!

  4. Oh, wow, you will be eating fresh juicy peaches before long.

    I am having trouble with the speed of downloading pictures, too.

  5. i had a peach tree on the side of my house for years. i finally cut it down 2 years ago. no more canning pressure for me now!

  6. how lovely to come across your blog. your dog is so cute! I too have plants under my patio roof and I forget to water them too :) Those peaches will be wonderful!
    Bear Hugs, Catherine

  7. Hi Mona, I don't think any plant would die at your home.
    I'm sure you know that when you up load photos. you can hold the control key down and select all that you want, then load them. May be make a cup of tea while they load. he he

  8. Hi Mona,
    I love how you write your always make me smile! Gary just bought a orange tree yesterday and today he is going to plant it, but where I am not sure..I hope he doesn't plant it on the lawn. I guess I'll see when I get home from work today. Your peach tree is doing really well! I can see a peach pie in your future.
    Your patio sure is looking great and I love your new seat cushions! We are having the house painted in a few weeks and then we are going to work on the patio, I really love your flagstone, we have cement now and we would have to have all that removed to put down brick or flagstone so I have been looking at cement stain for color.
    So many things we need to do still.The crown molding is still in the works and the new kitchen appliances should arrive sometime in the next few weeks, so we are going to be busy.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  9. When the peaches get goldy-rose and gently giving beneath your fingers, take one from the branch and take a big, luscious bite. That's MY memory of our peach trees on the farm, planted by my Grandfather-in-Law before my children were born.

    That juicy, sweet, little-bit-of-down bite is the true essence of Summer, right behind doing exactly the same thing with a home-grown tomato, heavy with juice. (Except one swipe of the tomato down your shirtfront is necessary---just one---that renders the tomato absolutely sanitary all the way around. Tomato Magic, it is).

    Are yours freestone or cling---I like clings best, for the ruby centers of the frees are not my favorite part. But they ALL make glorious pies!

  10. You probably won't believe this, but we are in the nursery business, and I do not have one single plant on our patio. I know, I know....this is sad!! I'm gonna do better and hopefully this will be the summer that I go all out! We grow thousands of peach trees, and I must say, that your tree looks great and is doing well!!!
    Hope your day is full of fun!

  11. I love your plants. They are absolutely beautiful and I can tell that you DO take good care of them-even if you forget to water them once in a while.

    I download my pictures one by one as I write my post and it goes very quickly. I don't' download the whole string of them at one time anymore. Good luck- xo Diana

  12. Sweet adorable peach tree with lots of tiny peaches...I love ferns and hanging plants as well...and no your not dumb...It's just time sneaking up on us..we forget sometimes cause we have so much on our do those silly things at your not alone dear...Mele is adorable as well...I download as I write one at a time and haven't had any problems...What I don't like is this new look they are doing...I'm fairly new so I really don't know alot...Happy Wednesday wishing you a fabulous day...with love Janice

  13. WOW - Peach Tree - I could neveer plant one here - way too cold, although I fancy the thought.
    I do the same as NanaDiana and download my photos one by one as I write my post, so it goes quite quickly for me.
    The new look on Blogger - even with the supposedly New Dynamic Views - Boring - all that change for "Not Much" me thinks.
    Love your photos - you always present us with such lovely colours that it is a real treasure to read your blog.
    Have a great day :)

  14. Your plants look pretty darn good to me, my have been hit with the frost so's just sad!

    Love your little peach tree! It's gonna give ya aplenty of pleasures this year.

    Oh glory, I 'bout pulled my hair out yesterday when I tried to post. I downloaded more pics than usual, heck it was Angel Dawn for heavens sake. It downloaded twelve pictures without any spaces to type between. I ended up goin' into the HTML and tryin' to figure out where on stopped and the next began to space 'em out. I still didn't get everything spaced the way I'd like in the end. 'Took me most of the day to I have that kinda time! Heeehehehehe!

    God bless ya and have yourself an amazin' kinda day sweet Mona!!! :o)

    1. It took me two hours to down load my photo's! Maddening...and..what's with the little "camera's" instead of the picture you just downloaded~!

  15. We had a couple of peach trees here when we first moved in but lost them both to something..not sure what happened but we're planting some more and some apples too. I download my pics one at a time as I write the works better for me that way. Have a good day Mona!

  16. I love the way you write Miss Mona! Just like you were sittin' there talkin' to me personally! :)

    I want a peach tree. Don't think they grow well here in Oklahoma. While I was in Cali I couldn't believe how everything was green already. The heat from last summer killed everything and now we just have weeds. Not kidding. WEEDS! Horrible.

    Love you girl~


  17. All your plants and flowers look amazing. Mine is soooo pitiful.
    We almost lost everything, including the grass, in the heat and drought last summer. Now, I am trying to whip things in shape but, so far, no rain to help things along. May be another totally dry summer. We have so many weeds...
    I love seeing all your pretty blooms. :)

  18. Dont get excited when the small peaches fall off. You can tell the ones that are growing are quite a bit bigger. Its just the peach tree's way of survival.
    Your flowers look great as they always do.

    1. Jean, thank you! I thought those little peaches falling were a bad sign that something was wrong with my tree. Thank you for explaining,

  19. Replies
    1. but of course you do! :) Look at that peachy little face of yours.. :)


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