Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Of course that is if you haven't already!  It's honestly like being on a treasure hunt.  I think the best part is watching my daughter as she enters this new world of treasure hunting.  The trick to finding neat things is to go every week..make it an outing..

I turned and snapped these pictures of Mary admiring her finds..

A like new grater and a white wicker magazine rack. 
You see, we put our finds in the trunk of the car.  Not Mary..
She has to hold them..look them over..she is such a hoot.

Taken from the car as we drove.  Riverside is situated in a valley.  In one direction are the mountains you see in the distance...and the other way is the beach.  The best of both worlds...

Here we go tracking the signs.  I bought an old trunk, the silverware I showed you in the previous post and two books.  Would you believe "Dr. Zhavago" and "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn?"  Yep...and I am already knee deep in "A Tree..." which sold for a quarter.  Originally sold for $5.00. 

So far I am loving this book.  Fiction or's wonderful.  I know those times happened..but it's like being there.  How did I miss reading it?? 

After breakfast we stopped by an interesting shop that was situatied in an alley. ally, not a street.  Things just spilling out of it...daughter was back in the car almost immediately saying..she was just spoiled for this kind of shopping! 
However, my eagle eye spotted a few things and the on Monday when PH took a long walk I took a short drive right back to that little shop in the alley.  :)
and I found...
a couple of Victorian Valentines for my colletction.

An old wicker basket..

A little candy dish, a crystal that I tied to the top with a red polka dot ribbon..and filled with glass hearts of pink and red.
A little Victorian cream pitcher for my collection..

and this sweet little cherub.... 
I do love shopping alone somethings.

A sparkly cupcake tag that I tied to my other candy dish..

...a page of Victorian stickers that I stuck to my red lace hearts and added to my shelves..

Pink and red glass hearts to just play with..

Little glass hearts with sparkly red cherries on sweet..

This old crocheted lace topper for just $4.00. 
I admit to going on a binge.  I admit to loving to shop alone and I admit to blowing my little allowance but it was fun.  The most expensive thing I bought was the little wicker $9.95, but the work that went into much work.

Mary makes our week and we laugh from morning 'til noon!  :)

Do you enjoy shopping alone or would you rather have someone with you?

It's bedtime and I am off to wrap up in my warmed towels.  That's what I heat the bed with..unroll them and then crawl under them...and..we don't even have snow!

Love'n hugs,


  1. looks like you and Mary had the best time and now you have a new shopping partner. I never enjoyed shopping with others, but I do love it with my daughters...they go their own way!

    You found some great things, Mona! The wicker basket is fantastic and I love all of your candy dishes, it looks like you are ready for Valentine's Day!

    I wanted to comment on that beautiful view of the mountains from your car. You live in a paradise! Illinois is as flat as you can get!

    Take care, sweet friend!


  2. I absolutely loved this outing (the scenery is beautiful!) and seeing all the lovely goodies you and Mary bought. What a lot of fun you had, together & on your own a few days later. I mostly shop for pretty things on my own, so I can browse at leisure. My family find me a pain because I take so long. My hubby will do grocery shopping with me. He takes one list & does one shop while I take another & shop for all the perishables at another shop. That way, I know I have to 'move it, move it', since he is always faster than I am. When I go alone, I take a couple of hours to do the same thing!

  3. OOOw can I come with you. You find the best things. I love the rose jug, it looks so old worldy. The valentine card you got in that little ally are wonderful. Enjoy your morning next time.

  4. Happy Groundhog Day! Did you buy any furry little critters in honor of the day? NO?? Shame on you. LOL

  5. Mona, I've been catching up on your postings. I've had such a busy schedule lately. I'm admiring your silver that you are collecting. It's so bright and shiney! What do you use to get that beautiful shine?? I love silver but can't seem to keep it sparkling. I'm not into the tarnished look much.
    Have a great day!!
    Ladybug Creek

  6. Appears you had a wonderful time with your daughter! I really like to shop alone. Then I can take as long as I like and go where I want. My daughters aren't much interested in the same things as me....yet. I have one leaning to my side, slowly, she has recently taken a liking to second hand shops. Now I just need to get them into garage sales too. Have a great day!

  7. As much as I would LOVE to go treasure shopping with you....I know we would want the same things! I love everything that YOU do...the crochet piece, roses on the pitcher, the white wicker basket...ALL of it...especially that little basket! Enjoy your day my friend! HAVE FUN! Stop by and pick me up next time! heehee! ♥

  8. I do my best shoppin' alone, I let friends talk me into things I really wouldn't of bought by myself.

    Now, I do love to get together with friends a get out, a girl has to get off the Ponderosa every now and again. Heaven knows the cattle aren't much for interestin' conversation. "Just sayin'........... Heeehehehe!

    I bet you and daughter have a blast and a half but I also understand the shoppin' alone thing. Ya got the nose of a Blood Hound when it come to sniffin' out those treasures beautiful Mona.

    God bless ya girl and have a gem of a day enjoyin' your harvest to goodies!!! Woohoo.............

  9. You found some good stuff. I like to shop alone so I don't feel guilty taking my time--I am an exceedingly slow shopper.

  10. Oh how fun, you two look like you had a ball. You found some wonderful treasures. I love them all. Sometimes I love to shop alone, and then sometimes I really love having a friend along. Both are fun. Hugs, marty

  11. You are always finding the best little things. I love yours and Marys finds. Your blog looks so festive like your finds and all decked out for valentines day.

  12. What a beautiful daughter you have!!!!!!! I need to learn from you guys!

    1. Well, since my daughter is your Mother in law..I am glad you find her beautiful! :) Hi Sweetheart!! And by the way...your sister has her home all duded out beautifully! :)

  13. I adore treasures and like to admire mine as well! You gave me some great ideas for things I already have here in the house!...:)JP

  14. You found a lot of great things and so much more fun to go with you daughters then alone. Where do you put everything? And I have never been to such nice garage sales - those are garage sales and not estate sales? Jealous in Georgia. sandie

  15. Garage sales are what I go to. Cannot afford Estate sales usually. And when I do go it's on Sunday as everything is half price. The things you see mostly on the this post were from a little alley shop. No street address. An interesting. The prices were not much more than garage sales. Sandie, we go every single Saturday...the sales are out just have to go out and find them..and get up early. :) That is where the people who own stores get their things..or Estate Sales but mostly garage sales.

  16. Treasures and memories...the car was full of them.

    You would love our shop!!!

  17. Just found your blog....wanted to comment on A Tree Grows in book. ever!! I found it when I was a young married bride, and have re-read it a number of times. Enjoy!

  18. I am sinning right now because I'm in great envy of all your treasures. They are all wonderful, but I am definitely coveting those little cherry hearts! I hope as my granddaughter gets older she will enjoy finding little treasures the way I do. I've always liked to go treasure hunting...even as a little girl I would walk around my neighborhood looking on the ground for pretty rocks, lost coins, bottle caps, colored bits of broken glass, etc. I'd keep them in a cigar box! Hadn't thought of that in a very long time. Your photos are wonderful. How do you get them to look that good on your blog? Mine never seem to be quite right.

  19. Once again, I wish I were your neighbor. I would love to treasure hunt with you.

  20. Mona, you and Mary did have a fun outing. Your Valentine's Day decorations are so lovely and I sadly admit to not having any, so can enjoy yours all the more - thanks! To answer your question, I enjoy shopping alone at thrift stores, but find that when Grenville and I go together I tend to buy less so that IS a good thing!

  21. I can't believe I missed this fun and I am glad you had the best of both shopping worlds...with someone and alone! I enjoy going alone...but there are times I just need another voice to my purchases or times when I want to show someone a fun place to go that they haven't been before. I have to tell you that I have relatives that live in Riverside..small world! Have a nice weekend...I could use those warm towels!

  22. Since I've been reading your blog my little cut crystal boxes and candy dishes are out now with interesting stuff in them. Our home just needed some tlc in the form of using what we have and putting out things we love. Thanks for reminding me it isn't really hard to starch and iron a crocheted doily or to spiff up a silver tea service and to use my imagination a little more.

  23. Awww ...what a sweet thing to tell me! Thank you so much! Many hugs!

  24. I LOVE your new blog dress....I love your white background...and your sweet header.

    Looks like ya'll found some really great things....time with daughters is always a huge plus. :))
    xoxo bj

  25. Hi Mona,
    Having trouble commenting here.
    I love all of your great finds and Mary has a great teacher!
    Those little hearts with the cherries, oh gosh those are cute!
    Fun to see Palm trees too, I could use some of that warm weather right now!
    You have such a great area to bargain hunt in too!
    Your home looks so pretty all decked out for Valentines Day!
    Love this post!
    Big Hugs to you,

  26. Hi Mona! I was thinking about you this morning and knew I needed to pop in to see you! Your Mary is so cute and I don't blame her for keeping her finds next to her! What a lovely area you live in and miss California as my daughter and her hubby used to live in Santa Barbara many years ago.
    You find the most beautiful things yourself. Wish I could come on one of your wonderful shopping trips.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  27. dear mona.. that's the coolest way to bond with your children.. i wish i could do that too.. but i'm the only one in the family who loves to collect things like you do.. i used to treasure hunting alone and sometimes with my husband when he has time.. and yesterday, i got "buy-three, one-free" paperbacks and it's really awesome.. miss you!

  28. Hi Mona,
    I love your new wallpaper and your falling hearts!! I have falling hearts too..
    Your treasure hunting with your daughter was a both found wonderful things to bring home. I want to go treasure hunting with you...I really do..
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  29. Mona, You found some good stuff here!!! I prefer to be myself on shopping forays- that way I can spend as much time looking and/or buying as I want . yes, it's fun to be with someone, for the company, but I hate holding that person back if she's on a deadline or is bored... LOL. I sure hope that you're doing alright. How wonderful that your daughters all rallied around you! enjoy your beautiful weather and scenery in sunny California. Hope to be in northern CA soon. Hugs, Sue


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