Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My Sandy...and her sister Erin beside her.  We are in my back yard this past Sunday afternoon.

I have written a bit about  my daughter Sandra, in the past.  So many of you have been so kind to ask about her.  Well, here she is!  She is doing well.
She and her husband and little Grands are on my sidebar.  She has had a tough year. 

Let me tell you a bit of what happened.  She and her family live in Georgia and all of us live in California.
I've had a small health problem the doctors are delving into and I have had to have some tests.  Just old age stuff. :) Nothing serious.
Thusday afternoon Husband and I went in to the Imaging Center and daughter Mary wanted to meet me there but I told her not too.  It would take too long and I would be fine.  Not a problem.

I finished filling out the forms..glanced across the room to see daughter #2 Erin, coming through the door of the waiting room...and..right behind her daughter #3, Maryalice.  I was stunned, but not half as shocked as when I saw Sandy my eldest daughter who was supposed to be 3000 miles away, walking toward me through a very crowded waiting room.  I have not seen her for a very long time....I think I screamed.  I thought I was dreaming!!
I know I tried to get up and couldn't..and then they were all three there, holding me and we were all crying!  In a crowded waiting room!!! 
Somehow they got me outside.  I just kept touching her, cuddling her, I could not believe she was in my arms!  We were all laughing and crying at the same time.  Patient Husband went back inside to wait for my name to be called smiling from ear to ear!
She had flown clear across country because she knew I have not been doing great.  I did NOT tell her..but her sisters must have.  She did not need the worry but gets extremely upset if she is left out of anything concerning the family...so they must have caved and told her.
Just to hold her, and feel her hair and skin...her hair is all curly now since it was all cut off.  Isn't she beautiful???  Isn't she just fantastically beautiful??
She left today and flew back to Georgia.  How I hated to see her leave.  I wanted to hang onto her but you have to let them go...again.

Aren't daughters wonderful?? :):)

Love and hugs,


  1. Dear Mona, I am so sorry you have been having a tough time with your health. My prayers are with you that everything will be Ok.
    What a precious time to have with Sandra, when family are sick, no matter how many miles you want to be there.
    Healing Hugs for you

    1. Kay dear, thank you so much! I am fine and will be finer soon! :)

  2. I hope and pray everything is okay with you health wise. Please know I am thinking of you.

    Now...hurray for you for having all of your sweet daughters around you! I know you were thrilled to see Sandy. She is beautiful! Daughters ARE wonderful and I treasure both of mine!


  3. Mona, you have me in tears. I hope that everything is going to be ok. What lovely girls you have and how they love their Mum! All the money in the world couldnt buy that love! Sending you a virtual hug from England . xxxAnneMariexxx

  4. I'm sorry to hear you're having some health issues, but what a wonderful surprise your daughter gave you. I only have one, but I know how special she is - so you must have 3 times as much special-ness.

  5. I have only one daughter and 3 sons.
    I tell you my dd is special, yes.
    She's all tomboy though, won't wear a skirt, dress, or hair tie LOL.
    hope you get to feeling better.

    1. I had to smile at this one. I had three sons and just the one daughter at one time..but then suddenly, so it seemed, there were three more lovely daughters! Now I have four!

  6. What a beautiful wonderful thing! A procedure that could have been filled with worry turned into a party of laughter and love!!!

    Your daughters are beautiful and certainly have a good heart, like their Mom.

  7. Oh my....I now have some early morning tears. How precious! Hope your health is nothing serious and that the doctors will be able to move right along in making you better. What a Blessing to have her fly out and for all three of your daughters to come and support you...So very happy for this blessing that you received..

  8. She is beautiful, just like her Mama. I was wondering if you had seen her. She looks so healthy.
    Now, you girlfriend, are you really okay. I Hope so.......you are too sweet to not be feeling well.
    (((((HUGS))))) and prayers.

  9. What a wonderful surprise from your daughters! Glad that you could spend a few days with Sandy. I hope that you get back to being healthy...

  10. What a blessed surprise that must of been to see your beauty in that waitin' room. I could almost hear ya squeelin' from here!!! Oh to hold her and see that she is doin' fine as frog hair split three ways had to do your heart good!

    I'm so happy for you sweetie. I do pray your health issue isn't anything serious. Let me know if I can do anything. :o)

    God bless have have the best day every my beautiful friend!!! :o)

  11. What a joyous moment you had! Hope you are doing well today, Mona!

  12. Oh, Sweetpea! What a joyful reunion!!

    And what a sweet, loving, LOVELY family. I can see your eyes and your smiling face in every one of them.

    Just that moment was probably enough to get your energy and well-being levels climbing right up the scale, and the visit---all of them gathered at your home, in the California sunshine---what an Rx, and I can tell you're feeling great already.

    love and good wishes as many as the dainty little hearts that have fallen on me as I write.


  13. How special for you and your family my dear friend..I bet you cried like a baby..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  14. WOW!
    How wonderful was that. :)

  15. Mona, my eyes, like so many others, filled with tears. And yes, sweetheart, you are right...letting them go "again" is so hard and they are truly a gift from God...:)JP

  16. What a wonderful family you have. I don't have daughters, I have 4 sons but I try to be a good daughter to my Mom. I have a sister also who is the best so I understand why the girls came from far and wide to see you. I've done it myself with my Mom. I hope your health improves and I bet just seeing all those beautiful girls together made it better!

  17. How absolutely wonderful! You are so blessed to have not one but 3 loving daughters. So sorry you are having health issues and hope everything turns out just fine. I live in GA too!

  18. Hi Mona!! How nice of you to stop by for a visit on my on again off again blog! :) I love visiting your blog as well and wish I did so more often everytime I come for a visit. What an uplifting post this is. It really touched my heart as I also have 3 daughters and we are all very, very close just as I can tell your family is. How wonderful for Sandy to come and surprise you!! I loved reading the story. Did I see you are from Riverside? My husband and I lived there with an AF assignment years ago. Our first two daughters were born there!

    Mona....really???? Really I encouraged you to blog? That just makes my heart sing!
    Take very good care of YOU. I hope you got a really good report!
    Hugs from me to you,

  19. O, I am so so glad to see her smiling and being so beautiful. She looks strong, Mona. What a delight to have them all there with you.
    And, yes, ma'am....daughters ARE wonderful..
    I do pray all is well with your tests. Old age sure ain't for sissies, hu?
    xoxo bj

  20. Dear Mona, I hope the tests went OK and did not reveal any too serious problems. Againg can be less than fun and celebrating a birthday last week reminds me of that, but then it's so much better than the alternative! This was such a sweet post and you are so very fortunate to have such loving and caring daughters and a wonderful husband in Howard. Take good care, my blogging friend. You are indeed so very special!

  21. Dear Mona: Firstly, I am sorry to hear you've been having health issues and had not let on to us before. We had no idea! Secondly, even though you have told us it's not serious, it must be reasonably troubling to have got all of your daughters to rally around you. How wonderful they are, but of course, they have YOU for a Mother, so it's completely understandable they'd want to be close and to lend you their support. Sandra is beautiful and looks so much like you! I am so glad you had those couple of days together and can empathize with how wrenching it was to see her leave again. Now, concentrate on getting yourself well so that when you and your granddaughter do that much anticipated road trip together, you will be able to go and visit Sandra and her family halfway across the country. Please rest up and let us know if we need to start worrying, too, OK? I do hope your tests came back favorably and that treatment won't be too onerous/drawn out/uncomfortable or any of those unpleasantries. Know that we all love you, too and you are in our thoughts. Big hug xoxo


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