Saturday, January 28, 2012


I just noticed the date that I last did a post and I am ..realizing that I am in a total funk.  I got nothing!
I try to visit a few blogs each day and sometimes get that done and sometimes not...
Burn out?  A bit, but I've been puttering...just wandering from project to project.
Spending time with family, chatting with friends, spray painting this and that..but the problem is..when I do something that is in the least creative...I forget to take pictures..throw up my hands in defeat and do nothing.
Write nothing. 
So..I ran around and tried to show you what I'm doing...

I decided to paint some things, my bench, scrolls for the front porch..etc. and while I was at Home Depot I came across these tiny little African Violets in two inch pots.  They were all dead except this one but it was dry and on it's way to dying too.  So..home it came.  It's home is now a tiny tea cup and saucer...(I should have taken a picture but I didn't.  Oh well...typical!

This one is silk and cost 25 cents at a garage sale!  I think the silks look so real now that it is sometimes difficult to tell.

I bought some lovely butter yellow for my bench ..and more Colonial Red for my porch trim. 

I love this yellow...but just as I began painting the winds came up with a vengence and that was the end of that.  The winds are still blowing! 
I have some sanding to do anyway..and I always get in a rush and don't sand like I should!
Don't look at our poor lawn!  We didn't overseed this year! 
..and look, it matches my big yellow frog!

Another project that I did while "not blogging" was to paper the back of the cabinets..shelves (?) with wall paper.  Remember the cabinet I found at a garage sale that matched the one I had at home.  Yep..put them side by side and now have LOTSA dish storage space!! 

Now it doesn't look so dark in the cupboards.  LOVE it!  The paper wouldn't have been my choice but it's easy enough to change..sort of!  It's the getting up and down off the floor!  I love the butter yellow that goes well with the walls of my family room, which are the pale gold I love. 

I changed my living room curtains to some with a valance so I can watch the birds at the feeder.  Nice!
The little quilt is where Mele likes to lay during the day "laying guard duty" and keeps the pillows mussed so the room looks comfy.  :) 

Here is the front of that's tea stained.. :)  not dirty..
You can see my step stool reflected in the window.  Wait until you see what I did! :)

So even though I haven't been blogging..I've been busy. 
I realized the other day how much in my home has been collected from garage sales.   Things other
 people don't want. 
Even that little quilt on the back of the loveseat was a wonderful garage sale find.  I paid very little for it and it is hand made.

My little home is a mish mash but I love it!

So you see :)'s all boring but I did get some things done.   

Love 'n hugs,

p.s.  My thoughts are with you, Desiree...


  1. Hi Zelda,

    I love your "new look", it's so you. Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.

    Lucy Marie

  2. It looks like you have been super busy. I love the wallpaper in the bookcase and the pretty yellow on the bench. Everyhing looks so pretty and you have such a good eye at all the garage sales. Hope all is well. Hugs,Marty

  3. What a great new look. Loving the hearts and all the pictures. You sure have alot of beauty in your family, starting with you.

    I love the paper in the cabinet. I want to do that with mine. Even more so now.
    Your house is COZY and beautiful. You know how I like the COZY part.

  4. I think it's a good sign if one doesn't stay too long in front of the computer and blogging :-)

    I looked at my cabinets and I think it might be time to put up new paper in them, I haven't done that since I moved here long ago :-)

    Have a great day!

  5. Dear Mona: what a joy to visit you today, exactly a week ago since our Bonny died. And here I find your loving mention of me. I wish I could give you a real, live hug. As always your lovely home warms my heart. Everything you do is tackled with so much love and feeling. You have created the perfect home. Even sad little violets perk up in your presence and look beautiful. You have some wonderful ideas. Papering your cabinets is just one and looks so pretty! I love your new look blog and, yes, the little hearts speak volumes about you. Big hug, Des xoxo

  6. I love, love, love your new bloggy look.It sounds to me like you have been a very busy creative. I love the wallpapered shelves. I had dark shelves once and I just painted the back a light color and what a difference it made. Hey, you can't do it have to pick and choose tasks and you chose well.
    The wind...maybe that was God telling you to slow down :)

  7. Oh, I LOVE your place! So home-y and comfortable looking.

    And no need to stress over writing! Clearly, your readers love you!


  8. The color on the bench is so pretty and warm. I love it and the cabinets, too. I spent yesterday moving and cleaning my china cabinets to be able to fit some dishes in.

    Your home is an extension of you and your personality and it is warm and happy.

    Have wonderful day and if you are out garage sailing today I hope you find great new things.

  9. Oh that butter yellow bench is gonna look fab in contrast to all your red! Woohoo, girl you rock!!!

    I love the way your charmin' home is decorated and you always find the best of the best at the old garage sales, sooooo many treasures.

    I was good to see ya out and about again, I was beginnin' to worry 'bout ya.

    God bless ya sweetie and have the best weekend every!!!

    Your time non~bloggin' was obviously well spent. :o) You go girl!!!

  10. Booger, I had a time and a half gettin' that comment to publish!

    1. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out WHY my comment section is causing such problems. I went back to the old blogger as the new one would not let me read my comments at all!! NOW this! grrrrr

  11. Sometimes blogging has to take a second seat when projects call! I love the bench and your home looks very sweet and comfy. Enjoy the weekend because I know you'll be out treasure hunting again today!

    1. Yep..we did just exactly that and though we didn't do all that is always an adventure! :)

  12. I love that butter yellow color - so pretty and it will go great with your red. So how in the world can you blog when you were so busy with all of that!!!!

  13. Those colors are so pretty. I love the beautiful way you've put everthing together!

  14. bwaaaaa, it just nearly didn't let me in to leave a comment.
    All this trouble is driving me nuts....:(

    You have been a busy girl...ya'll have fun this weekend, thrifting.:)

    1. I'm so sorry, sweetie! I have no idea what's going on. I could not even get my comments for awhile! You are would drive me nuts to. Thank you for taking the time and leaving one in spite of it all!
      Love you for that!

  15. You have been a busy lady. Your new blog looks great. You are a dab hand at getting plants back to health, and I love the colour of your bench. The main aim is not to blog but to enjoy life and write when it is convenient.

  16. Mona, I know where you're coming from! There really is more to life than rushing to write a post, take pics, or think of things to say It isn't a job for me, so if I' not posting as often as people "expect" me to- well, too bad. You've completed some great jobs- the back of the shelves look brighter and have more character. Your heart is adorable, too. XO Sue

  17. HI Mona,
    My dear, not boring at all! In fact I love all of your charming little projects, the cupboard is wonderful and boy do I love the color of that bench too!
    And it amazes me to look out your window and see grass this time of year, when all I see is snow!
    Come visit me sometime, I miss you!

  18. You've been a busy gal! I was away from blogging a few months...just couldn't think of anything to write and felt nobody cared anyway! I'm trying to get back into it. Some people have such wonderful blogs, so creative with great photos, but I guess we shouldn't try to compete and just enjoy what we do. When we stop enjoying it and it becomes a bore or a chore, I guess it's time to quit. I always enjoy visiting you and hope you will continue to share your thoughts and projects. I am envious of all your wonderful finds!

  19. Oh, Mona ... you just have the most lovely treasures. I so love that cake stand.
    I know how you feel ... I post as many as I can & then have to walk away to get caught up.
    I apologize for not getting over more to visit as I sure do miss you.
    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~


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