Tuesday, January 17, 2012


First let me say that I cannot get into my comments.  If anyone has asked me a question...I am so sorry...I am not sure what is wrong..but I am trying to get it figured out.  So far no luck.
Thank you, Joyce, for trying to help me.  Is anyone else having this problem??  NO comments?
I just get a blank page..with my post name at the top...nothing more.
The garage sales have been sparse for quite awhile..but we go anyway.  It's our Saturday outing..
I always find things but haven't been posting them.  I thought perhaps it got old after awhile.

This Saturday was a little better..but still not what they have been.

We went to several and at one I found some pieces of silverplate flatware that I really like and have been wanting more of...well...I FOUND it!  But..not a single knife so far.  I wonder what in the world happened to all the knives of this pattern??

The cut glass milk pitcher is lovely but I forgot to take a photo of it up close...

What is really interesting about this pattern is the little leaf on the lower backs of some of the spoons and forks.  SO pretty.  I paid 25 cents for each piece.  They are very heavy.  There is no pattern name on the back but they are triple platted and are 1847 Rogers Brothers...

A PERFECT set of nice heavy Westmoreland Milkglass.  Not a chip...not a flea bite.
I paid 25 cents for the pair...last garage sale of the day...and also..

Same garage sale was this beautiful plate...25 cents.  It is marked SILESIA on the back with an interesting mark above it. 

I bought this crocheted doily many years ago and it had tassels on the longest points on all four sides...but they tangled in the washer...(I'm an idiot and didn't hand wash it!)   I cut them all of and stopped using the piece because I didn't like how it looked..

...and then I saw those little hankies that people put buttons on to put over drinks on the patio...and I though...WHY NOT??  and ..I love it again, and while I chatted on the phone the other night I added some of the buttons I bought at a yard sale.  A baggie of them...I LOVE buttons! 
Now I love it again!  :)

Back to the garge sales on Saturday...

This little demitasse cup and saucer was 50 cents!  Made in occupied Japan.  Pale butter yellow on white with tiny roses...so sweet!  

 This little baby sweater was 50 cents...
What if it's a boy?  Well there will be more born...I'm sure a little girl will wear it one day.
I couldn't resist.  I assured the rather sad Mom that sold it that it would be loved and cared for always.  She just smiled and said "I believe you..."

And that was our Saturday adventure. 
We've been taking my daughter, Mary and her husband ...wish there was a camera following us.
What a hoot they are!!  
We have the best time on Saturday mornings...topped off by a pancake breakfast at our favorite restaurant where everybody knows our name!  :)   Well...almost everybody!!

Love and hugs,


  1. Dear Mona, I hope you can read the comments. We are never sick of seeing your garage sales, finds.
    It always is exciting, and I must say your prices are far less than we would pay here. Things would be $2-3 dollars instead of 25 cents. Your pepper and salts are lovely, plus great silver ware.
    Keep showing us.

  2. Hi Mona,

    I wish I could have helped you with the comments problem. Have a wonderful day and I am still thinking about what could be going on.


  3. What lovely things! I bet you all have a great time on Saturday's. Good luck with your comments problem. Have a wonderful day!

  4. You always find great things, Mona! The silverplate pattern is Old Colony, circa 1911-1973. I went through a spell of finding everything but knives, it too shall pass! Have a great week.

  5. Lovely finds. My recent garage sale visits have been pathetic--worn out clothes, broken toys, mismatched shoes. They should be advertised as garbage sales.

  6. You always find the best treasures Miss Mona. So many of the items your find I've seen in the cupboards of my Grandmothers. I have such fond memories.

    Your problems is a blogger problem. Many havin' troubles have Internet Explorer as their web host. Some have switched to Goggle Chrome or Firefox and have fixed their problems but not all.

    Blogger is workin' on it but their fixes are not always swift.

    God bless ya beautiful lady and have a fantastic day!!!!

  7. Knifes has a tendency to be worn out. You know, suddenly one can't find that screw driver so what to use? Yes a knife :-) :-) :-)

    I hope the problems You're having with blogger get solved quickley!
    Have a great day!

  8. Wow, great finds! I have a plate very similar to that one with the roses. My Mom collected milk glass...she has a whole set of dishes and accessories...I broke the beautiful cake plate when I was a teen..a jar of peanut butter fell out of the cupboard and hit it...I was so sad because it had been a gift. Poor Mom..with six kiddos it was hard to keep things from being broke or lost!

  9. Oh I love seeing your weekend treasures! You always find such pretty things. I'm having problems with commenting as well. Very frustrating!

  10. That plate with the pink roses is beautiful and look at that adorable little sweater! I wonder who will get to wear that! I hope the comments come back so that you can see them! Enjoy your week! ♥

  11. Mona, I have been having problems with leaving comments on other blogger's sites. Sometimes I can't even publish a comment, so not sure what's going on and hope it gets resolved soon. Your finds are all so lovely, but I am avoiding thrift stores and any estate sales because now we are trying to rid our home of collected things. It's hard to resist such great bargains and you got some great ones.

  12. One day I definitely have to go with you!! I have to finish furnishing my apartment and you are the perfect person to help me!!!

  13. Very pretty acquisitions Mona. I like the silver flatware very much. I see what you mean about the little flowers. Sorry I can't help you with the comment thingy. How annoying! Pretty things you have bought as always. The little baby coat is adorable. Would it fit one of your dolls while you wait for more babies?

  14. Oh sweetie - you mean you can;t comment?

    Well I will tell you - you have the greatest garage sales out there in California!

    I think I like everything you bought this time.


  15. woot, thankyou! I finally came to a site where the webmaster knows what they're talking about. Do you know how many results are in Google when I search.. too many! It's so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with thousands of people just copying eachother's articles… bah. Anyway, thankyou very much for the info anyway, much appreciated.

  16. Your blog is a respite today from the outside world. I love the bargains you found at the garage sales. Soon there will be an estate sale of my in laws things. They passed last year within a month of each other. Their love was that strong. After she was gone he couldn't live without her.

    Thank you for coming by my blog one day and commenting kindly when I was getting down about the whole blog thing. You are a good woman and I hope you find a stash of those knives. :) I ordered some mis-matched flatware last night. I like the look. My daughters and dil and me are worn out with washing dishes all evening on holidays. I'm getting a serving place settings for 12 by golly!

    The comment part was slow to come up, but it did. Let's see if it posts.

  17. It posted fine and the 12 place settings are all dishwasher safe.

  18. Love your new look! And $.50 for that beautiful sweater. So much work! What a find!


  19. Hello Mona~ It's always nice stopping by for a visit.
    I enjoy your posts and the eye candy you so generously share.
    Garage sales are beyond scarce here, so seeing your collections gives me hope for spring sales.
    Not only did you get some beautiful finds, but those prices are incredible.

    I hope you can stop by to see the Valentine surprises I've got in stored. This week starting with...Pain au Chocolat with a Valentine twist. I'll put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.
    Sweet wishes,

  20. Hi Mona,

    Oh...the place settings...I'm getting enough plates, glasses, and flatware for 12 so we don't have to wash dishes all evening after a big dinner. It can all go into the dishwasher. I'm getting a pretty pattern that is useful and dishwasher safe. My china and crystal and silver all have to be handwashed. It is ok for sometimes, but we would like a break. Plus I never find as good a bargains as you on pretty things.

    I still hope you find the knives you have been looking for.

    Thanks for coming by and hope you have a lovely day. We are out of the rain for now, but it was wonderful to see the lakes coming back up after the dreadful drought we've had.


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