Friday, November 4, 2011


Not exactly!  You see, it isn't that I try and be's just that I have always HAD to be. I learned very early on that it could be a lot of fun.  But back then it was not thought to be such a great thing to have second hand things.  Now? 
I no longer have to swallow my pride! 

Saturday's garage sales were WONDERFUL.  First stop and this lot of siverware turned up..ALL polished!  $8.00 for all of it...AND I found a set of 8 STERLING spoons and matching dessert forks  which are on the far right.  There is a set of spoons in between matching ones. 
I hadn't even noticed they were sterling when I took the photo.  :)  Was I happy..INDEED I WAS!

*have you heard that keeping a piece of chalk near your silver keeps it from tarnishing?*
The lovely dresser scarf under the silverware was $1.00 at a different sale.

 AND..I was able to add 8 cups...

 ...and eight saucers, plus 4 bread and butter plates to my collection of Friendly  Village.
Price for all $10.00!!

This  little candy dish was another $1.00.   It is now full of carmels! :)
A glass candy dish was just $3.00.  Crystal...not sure, but who's so cute.
Christmas candy, tiny pine cones and greenery or pretty glass balls..whatever..

I can never resists nice silks..and these violets caught my eye at another sale for just a quarter.
This sweet cut glass pitcher for $2.00.  NOT big but not small either.  Tons of uses..including flowers.
The top of the handle looked cracked but upon close wasn't.  A flaw?  Odd.
A 1940's or 50's Christmas tablecloth...Charming.  Just $1.00!
(I was vacumming when I decided to take the photo's.) 
Oh well.  :)

All of these were just $1.00 for all.  The smallest one has a light coffee stain which will be all soaked OUT by tomorrow! :) 
There was more..but I will show you later.
Enough is enough!
Now..I have a story for you.. yes..yes I do.

Have I told you that no one laughs and teases me about my weekly garage sales..and that daughter has joined me?  Well...I have a GREAT one for you.  :)
People ask me where I go.  I say "all over the place" which is true..but my neighbor decided she was going to see for herself.
So..on Saturday morning...I noticed that when Patient Husband opened our garage door..sweet neighbor came out and got in her car with "precocious little girl" in tow.  We waited for her to back out.
She didn't...we waited...she waited..and finally we backed out...and sure enough..not too far behind us...there she was..
We turned..she turned..
We turned ..she turned.
We kept going...passed garage sale did she..
My usually patient husband began to get a wee undone...I said..with a grin...not to worry.
If she follows us into the bank parking lot, then...but..she didn't..
She turned.
We continued on turned and stopped at our first garage sale...and guess who joined us a few minutes later... yep..sweet neighbor.

Hugs!  Surprised "hi's!"
Next garage sale..."Well HELLO again!"

We are gone in nothing flat!  Mr. Patience is a good driver AND determined...
Actually, it was really rather fun whizzing around town...keeping ahead...
It's tricky though.  I wouldn't try this at home! 
besides..I didn't really mind, I was just sort of ...surprised? 
Wonder what will happen this Saturday. :)

 Poor daughter was not feeling on the way home I dropped her off some lovely serving pieces and a candelabra!  She was still smiling today!!  I will get pictures later.

I think I will take my camera this Saturday...IF I can remember!
I just want to tell you that there is NO trick to finding treasures at garage sales...just going every week is the secret. 

Love and hugs,
I thought I would join  THE THRIFTY GROOVE for "Thrifty Things Friday!"
It looks like a fun Meme!!


  1. I laughed and laughed about your following neighbour. You certainly did well, I wonder how she faired?
    Your hubby probably had fun trying to out wit her.
    I love your silver and the silk flowers. Plus what a win to get a few more pieces to match your crockery.
    I really want to hear what happens this week.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That is too cute about your neighbor - I would just ask you if I could go with you once in awhile.

    As usual you found some treasures. That tablecloth from the 50's - my dear MIL had that one and I bet it was just given to Goodwill. :(

    Such great finds. sandie♥

  4. I am chortling so deliciously at the description of your stalker neighbour and your hubby's determination to lose her. What an hilarious situation! You told this tale so well, Mona. Not only are you a talented bargain hunter and gifted home decorator, but an excellent story-teller! But then I've told you that several times in the past, haven't I? I love everything you found this week. I did have a chuckle at yet another pretty Christmas cloth, but you are you and so I would not have expected you to pass it up. I burst out laughing at the vacuum cleaner pieces, which I'd not even have thought about, had you not pointed them out so very pointedly! You are so funny, Mona! I'm sure a laugh a minute in real life :)

    So sorry to hear daughter is not well, but I can see she's waiting to be cheered with some new treasures before she recovers fully ;)

    Big hug xoxo

  5. That is soooo funny that your neighbor followed you!! You got some wonderful goodies.

  6. I think your revealed the 'secret' right hee today....follow you around town! heehee! I love your finds, especially that Christmas tablecloth! I hope you have fun tomorrow! Better look in your rear view mirror...that might be ME back there! ♥♥♥

  7. Mona, you are the queen of yard find the best things! More flatware and some sterling, how nice. I hope you will do a tablescape with those pretty dishes.
    Too funny about your neighbor!
    Sorry your daughter is under the weather...hope she feels better soon.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. ....and the plot thickens!!! A garage sale stocker! Heeehehehe, what a hoot!

    Your developin' your own 'Thrifty' paparazzi. What a 'star' of a Bargain Queen your are beautiful Mona.

    God bless and have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend!!! :o)

  9. Hi Mona,
    I was here earlier and tried to leave a post but was having some problems so here I am again. I think if I could I'd be following you on your yard sale trips so I'm not surprised your neighbor did just that. It looks like you came home with lots of great finds. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

  10. You found some amazing treasures! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I enjoyed visiting you here. You are indeed my kind of gal! hugs, Linda

  11. Hi sweetie, just too cute about your neighbor. You are certainly the "queen" of finding beautiful bargains... love "all" of them.. so glad you could add to your beautiful dishes with the cups.. hope all is well your way.. hugs ~lynne~

  12. Mona how do you do it? I am always amazed at what you find at these sales. In fact I wait every week just to see what you have found this time.
    Queen of the yard sales! You go girl!

  13. You made out like a bandit, Mona...I love the candy dishes and the vintage tablecloth and especially...the SILVER!! I love collecting silver. Most of mine doesn't match but I can't pass it by!

    Very funny story about your neighbor!! Let us know if she follows you this weekend!! ;-D


  14. Dang! If I lived near you I'd follow you to the yard sales! You have fabulous luck. Can't believe the silver and sterling and the Friendly Village. Way to shop!

  15. Your neighbor is so silly..did she really think you wouldn't notice? You should head to the city dump next time! Wait, that would be mean and totally not you....I love the vintage tablecloth since that's what I collect. For a $1? Ummm...tomorrow is Sat. and I just might have to follow you...just don't go to the city dump, OK?

  16. I do like those cups! and the silverware is fine too!

    How odd Your neighbor behaves :-) :-) :-) Why didn't she just tell You that she wanted to come along? I would have done like yyour husband :-) because her following me like that would just be creepy to be honest :-) :-)

    Have a great day!

  17. Mona that is funny. My Mom and I have a running joke as to who all follows us in the stores to see what we look at and pick up. You scored good here, I might have followed you too.

  18. You are so lucky to still be having the sales to go to! The slightest change in the weather here stops everyone from having yard sales. What a bunch of woosies! I can go in rain any ol' day. LOL
    You always seem to find the greatest things. Luv your silverware and the the glassware. I have waaay too much of the glassware and have stopped looking for it. The husband always spots it and I have to tell him I don't need it. At least he likes going out w/me, huh?
    Glad you liked my little rat. I had to have him and thought that the trap was the perfect thing for Halloween. :-)
    Take care, my friend. hugs, Sue

  19. Wow! You really did hit the thrifty lotto with this haul of gorgeous and wonderful things! I love it all! And I loved your story. It made me chuckle! Thank you so much for joining TTF this week! I hope you have a fantastic day!

  20. Dear Mona,
    I loved perusing your world, and especially this post showing all the amazing treasures and fun story telling.
    Thank you for popping in to view my world and leaving the sweet comment.
    Happiest Thanksgiving!

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