Friday, November 4, 2011


LOOK..a fire in our fireplace tonight!  The first time since last Winter.  It's so nice..cozy.
We cuddled by the fire most the evening, listening to music and chatting.  Nice.

It poured rain last night and all day today.  About noon it stopped for a bit so we decided to go to a nearby Estate Sale.  I won't tell you my tale of they sold a lovely quilt that they were suppose to be holding for me...KING size, by Ralph Lauren!  Gorgeous thing.  I guess I was not supposed to have it.    Rule of thumb...don't leave things in the care of anyone but yourself...UNLESS you have paid for them.  Best to pay and take to the car...honest.
Anyway..I did find this lamp..perfect color and in perfect shape.  For now it is going over my sink for a change.  Price:$5.00
Then we were off to a Thrift store...and..
everything was 50% off.  :):) 

I found this pie plate..nice and heavy. 

And also I found this one...both half price..but they were $5.00  each.  
I think..I prefer garage

...on the way home..I spotted a garage sale.  YES.  They were having it under tarps!  IN THE POURING RAIN!  Well..they were no crazier than we were.  I mean we WERE there!  :):)
 Right away I found this darling little clay bunny.  You can't see it but the clay shows through here and there and it's darling.   Easter IS coming you know...
Price?  $1.00!   Now..that's what I'm talkin' about!!
(I think that is one of my cookie crumbs on his ear....oh well.)

Story time.. :) 
However...everything comes at a price.  The "yard sale" was at a their parking we drove in...and the rain was pouring..
I jumped out of the car and ran for cover.  I immediately spotted the little bunny.  He was
I paid..and stepped out from under the blue tarp just as a big gust of wind flipped the tarp dumping water and darn near drowned me!  It was icy cold and I gasped as it hit my head!   I was drenched!  You know how when something like that happens..and you look around to see if anyone saw??   I have no idea because I ran for the car and when I jumped in "Patient Husband"  said "What happened??!  Did they try to drown you or something?!"  Oh, HA HA HA!! Very funny!   I dried off with kleenex.  KLEENEX!!  Try that sometime. 

I took the whole thing as a sign that it was time to head home....  Oh...and by the the Estate Sale?  Sweet neighbor walked up to me a few minutes after I arrived!  LOL  
S'ok.  She loves me and I'm sure it was a coincidence this time! 
Love and hugs,


  1. Dear Mona,
    I feel so sorry that you got soaked. It just was not your day.
    Now my worry is that I hope the neighbour didn't go home with the quilt.

  2. Poor thing.... better start keeping a towel in the backseat of your car for those tarp experiences! LOL

  3. Oh Mona, sounds like such a wonderful evening with the fire in the fireplace. I love that. You shopping adventures sound totally crazy. Wow, I am not sure how you dry off with Kleenex. That has to be a whole new trick. You did find some fabulous goodies. Hope your weekend is super. Hugs, Marty

  4. I would be just as crazy....garage sale-ing in the rain!

  5. You found some wonderful things....I can just see that water pouring on you...sounds sooooo cold!

  6. You got some good deals along with that soaking. I love having a fire place this time of year. It takes the chill off and makes everything seem so cozy. Have a great weekend and stay dry.

  7. That is how you find those great pieces at yard sales, you go in the rain where no one dares to tread. LOL!

  8. That sweet neighbor wasn't holding a beautiful quilt was she? Once I got drenched like that taking a walk and a car hit a huge puddle...I had to walk home all soaked and covered in mud too! Sounds like a fun day anyway with some great finds. Go back to your cozy looks much safer for you!

  9. Why weren't you properly dressed with a slicker and galoshes? Am I dating myself with those terms? have the best luck at sales. I look back at all the treasures you have found.

  10. As much as we need rain, I just may dance NEKKED in it if we ever get another good one. :)))

  11. Why wasn't I dressed properly?? Because I haven't got the brains God gave a goat..that's why..


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