Friday, August 26, 2011


Tomorrow is once again garage sale day.
However I wanted to share the rest of last Saturdays sale with you......

To paint or not to paint...that is once more the question.

  We were nearly home when we saw one last garage sale and though tired, decided to stop.
I'm glad we did!
And...there it was.  Exactly what I needed.  I thought it looked familiar...then it hit me.
We had one exactly like it at home.
  All I need is new matching pulls for both cabinets and it's going to be just fine.  (I'm still fiddling with where I put what.)

I REALLY needed the space for my dishes, etc. 
(In the photo it looks like a large scratch on the cabinet but there is nothing there.  Something must have been reflecting off the wood.

...should I paint them black or not?  Gotta feeling I will.  Patient husband isn't saying a word this time.
The new one is a bit darker in color than ours. 
So....should I??  I think I should. 

I'm not insecure.  Not a bit!  LOL 
Price $25, but got it for $20! 
Finding the right pulls is going to be a challenge...
I TOLD you it was a great garage sale day!
I also found this oil painting for 50 cents, frame and all!!  I think I will Google "Cantrell".
It's probably not worth anything..but thought I would check.  It's on canvas on some sort of board.
I hung it in my office.  Snow paintings are my favorites I think.

Watching the storm's progress.  Wouldn't it be great if there was not one person hurt?  I pray that will be so.

Love & Hugs,


  1. Good Morning Miss Mona, Hi Abby!

    My, what treasures you find. The cabinet is lovely, a perfect place for a wee teddy bear collection. (o:

    Mom's favorite though is the framed winter scene. M&D are from the North and they love the snow, autumn - with the leaves turning beautiful colors - and they promised me that we would move back one day after Dad retires. (o:

    Have a wonderful weekend. You and Mr. Howard and probably out at garage sales. Abby, are you still under the covers? Or playing with Mele? And that new hat looks lovely so don't throw it on the floor. You are hurting your Mom's feelings.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. I think black would be great.
    The photo reminds me of painting they used to have in a home sales party about 30 years ago. They had beautiful paintings framed like that. The smallest ones sold for around $50.
    Let's hope for no one being hurt. Waiting to see when it hits
    New York. Where will everyone go? Thanks goodness it is a Cat.1 but still predicted to be bad.

  3. Painting it black would be gorgeous. You do find the most wonderful things. I love the painting also. I have found some cute paintings lately, just out of walls so I have to quit buying. I am praying for everyone also. Such a terrible storm. Hugs, Marty

  4. Showing off your finds to those who can't hunt! Not fair. Kidding.

    I would love the have a treasure like that. Have fun with the knobs...and everything does not have to be black. Go bold...let your wonderful imagination run away with you. Above all, enjoy!

  5. "to have" not the have!!! I must proof read!

  6. I really need to find a higher class of garage sales to shop at. You go out for a day of shopping and find all sorts of treasures. Finding a matching cabinet and getting it for so little is unbelievable, so finding new pulls should be a snap.

  7. Mona, you always find great things when out on weekends...they would look great painted black, or white, or aqua, or even a dark red.
    I have a nice collection of original oils that I pick up at yard sales, thrift stores for almost nothing. I even have a few done in water colors.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Mona! What a grand day you had :) In regard to your query as to whether or not you ought to paint your dressers black, my suggestion would be don't do it, if you want them to retain their value (that is of course assuming they are solid wood and not veneered pieces). I follow Gina, a truly remarkable blogger who authors Antique Art Garden. She is an antique art dealer and has shared some tips with her readers in regard to this very topic (painting vs not painting!). I know you'd LOVE Gina's blog, BTW :)

    Obviously, you are free to do whatever your heart desires, but if you're at all concerned abou retaining vs decreasing their value, then it's best to leave them as is.

  9. I would say paint as the colors do not exact match, especially if you are going to put together. And they are not rare old antique pieces and painted pieces go with any style. I go to garage sales but all I find is baby cloths and truck parts. HELP! Thanks for sharing, Richard at My Old Historic house.

  10. Love the hutch. If you paint it black, it will look very dark. Maybe living in California, that doesn't matter. Over here we'd paint it white! It's up to you of course and I can't wait to see what you decide.

  11. Nice cabinet! I wouldn´t paint it but then again I love to see the original tree in almost everything :-) :-)

    But I would never have a painting with snow in it :-) :-) :-) I get to much of that in real life I´m afraid :-) :-)

    Have a great day!

  12. I love all your treasures, dear heart.
    I didn't go to one single garage sale this summer..believe it or not..I so used to be the one up early, route mapped out, bottled water in hand, and a BIG treasure bag. Now, trying to get things weeded out...I keep thinking of my sweet son and daughter, trying to go thru STUFF so I'm trying to do it for them BEFORE I go. :))
    Now, having said all that...I STILL haunt thrift shops. :)))

  13. Hi Mona, thanks for showing us yur latest finds. We are partial to snow scenes too since we lived in NJ where we used to really get winter. We're now on the VA eastern shore where we have some snowstorms, a blizzard last Dec. But winter isn't like we remember. BTW we are now dealing with Hurricane Irene like so many others on the eastern seaboard. We're doing OK so far with everything outside either put away or tied down. We hope everyone in harm's way doesn't suffer too much damage or injury.

  14. Great find!
    I would usually say go black, but, does that fit with the rest of your decor?? I can only see a tad bit of the room, so cannot tell.
    May have to paint that ding furniture black too. =)

    blessings and good luck with knobs. =)

    barbara jean

  15. I say paint! Great find! I like the painting also. I have a few snow pics myself. I hope no one gets hurt in this storm either but I just shake my head at the ones that refuse to leave. They put their lives in danger and also the rescue teams that may have to go and get them. Have a great rest of your weekend Mona!

  16. Hi Mona....I understand you dilemma. I too will be painting a mahogany bookcase black one of these days so it matches some other pieces I have. Good luck. It's a lot easier to change the paint color then to restain.

  17. What great finds. I love painted furniture but my husband doesn't. He goes for antique oak and we have several pieces throughout our home. I'd probably paint them all white if it were left up to me but he would feel I had been sacreligious! I'd definitely paint...but I'd probably go for my favorite white. I do think black will look quite chique though and will put a modern touch on it.

  18. You did it again - hit the jackpot. Great finds at great prices.

  19. How come I never find anything like that when I go to garage sales?
    What ever color your choose, it will be beautiful!

  20. I can definitely see this piece in black...But, black is one of my very favorite colors, so naturally this is what I would say...I think those dishes would just pop out against a black shelf....

  21. Hi Mona! Wow! what a match! You're the luckiest one on finding marvelous things! I'd paint em!! Go to town!! :)
    Love it when you come to visit.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. $20 for that gorgeous cabinet, Mona? OMG! You should take me in your garage sale trips! You are so lucky in finding treasures. I think it will be even more beautiful painted but I like it the way it is too....Christine

  23. Well you know me Mona and I say paint!!!
    It will be gorgeous in black! We have found good deals on e-bay for pulls and knobs etc.
    You do find great garage sale finds, I would love to be able to tag along.
    Come say hi when you can,

  24. Hi sweetie, you do find the best treasures. I wish I could get out and go garage saling, antiquing, thrifting or anything and find the treasures you do. Your cabinet is awesome.. blace would be fun... I look forward to seeing what you decide to do.. hugs ~lynne~

  25. What a great treasure. How wonderful to find the matching cabinet. Love your pretty snow painting -- very appealing in the warm weather.

  26. I wish we had garage sales like that around here.

    The breakfront is wonderful but I sucked a big gasp at the 50 cent painting.
    It is beautiful!..............kt

  27. What wonderful finds! I'm envious! It's been such a hot summer that I didn't go to many garage sales. I wonder what I missed out on? You have many lovely treasures in your home.

  28. My poor eyes! I had to look twice to see that it was two cabinets side by side. Even funnier, my parents had the same cabinet as I was growing up. I wonder where it is now? Maybe your house!

    I finally got another post out today. Were you ever able to find the one you asked about?

    Hope all is well.

  29. Can't wait to see what you decide! Cool that you found a match! Have a great weekend!


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