Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~WHAT'S HAPPENING? HEAT..that's what..~

 Everyone should have a red fence!  Right?

Whatta guy!

It reached 101 here today...and he finally called it quits.  A huge breakfast was waiting for him.  He started at 6:30 and quit at 10:00!  I will do the hinges later...honest!  Stones will be set in the ground soon..I can't wait!!
Anyway...that's what is happening around here...still lots yet to be done.
The heat is throwing a wrench in our plans..

My poor birds!  I moved the cage, then clumsy me backed into it and knocked it over.  I spent the next hour trying to catch one of them...finally corraled her in the dish cupboard!  Poor baby was all in a panic...and so was I!  Yeah!  I KNOW!  Not good!

I broke the top off the cage and it was NOT repairable.  I also dented the cage badly..and nearly decided to throw it out...but finally I straightened the bars out...and popped a pot of ivy in the top....
I don't know...works for me! :) 

So....what do you think?  Cages can cost a lot...I think I really like it!  So..shall I start a new business?  You KNOW what they say about desperation leading to invention?  :)

It was so hot out there that I spent the day reading...Sense and Senseability...Really interesting.  I have seen the movie..so the book was an added treat...that and ice cold Lemonade made my day. 
Wondering if our checks will come this month...???  *sigh*

Love ...


  1. Haaahsaaa....I guess we are ALL wondering about those checks. I have a post in draft with about the same words...:))

    Never thought about painting our wooden fence. Your red looks great!!

    xo bj

  2. Love your red fence and the ivy on the cage looks terrific, love your blog , now following xx Ava

  3. Love the fence..
    Those poor birds, but what a clever save. I never would have thought of that...looks very pretty.

  4. The fence is looking wonderful...it matches your shutters! Kudos to hubby for painting as long as he did in that heat.

    We have a parrot. MESSY!!! The ivy does look good on the cage. Do you find it hard to keep it all cleaned up? We have seed everywhere. The bird is so mean it throws it at us!!

    Enjoy your reading, that is about all I have energy for!!


  5. Like the red fence. Your Hubby is so sweet to be out in the heat. It is even so hot here. But we did get some rain today. Glad the birdie is okay. Good job with the ivy. The bird doesn't try to eat it?
    How's your daughter doing?
    Stay cool. Sure hope those checks come. I don't want my son moving back home if he doesn't get his. I think the politians should do without first.

  6. The fence looks wonderful. I love the red color and a big breakfast is a great reward and treat. It got up to 110 here today, so not outside at all. I like the potted plant on the cage, I think it gives it character. You did good. Hugs, Marty

  7. What a clever solution, Mona. It looks very decorative too....Christine

  8. Mona, my friend,

    It is too hot to be painting anything outside. Paint cannot cure at those high temperatures and will never be quite right! It will crack and peel sooner than it should and might require re-painting!! Shouldn't paint when the temperature is higher than 80 or so. Seriously!

    (Hubby worked a LOT of years in the paint and coatings industry.)


  9. Hot and humid here on the VA eastern shore as well, Mona. That planter looks good in the bird cage - do the birds agree too? Never read Jane Austen, but have a volume with several of her novels. Maybe an indoor reading day soon cause it's too hot to do anything outdoors.

  10. Hot is the word here too...smart move to quit the painting and anything else in this heat. I love the color and I do love the cage too. I've read more books this summer than ever and I work full time...but the heat keeps me indoors in the evening too. The weeds will have to wait until fall I think!

  11. It is HOT everywhere! Amazingly hot.

    I think the birdcage works well.

    I'm glad you have an enjoyable book to read!

  12. Quite the opposite here, cool and mostly rainy and I´m painting as well. So i hope it won´t start raining until late afternoon so I can continue to paint my windows today.

    I´m not sure about having a pot of Ivy in the top. Those birds can easily chew their way out if they just figures it out and I think Ivy is toxic for them (as it is for us if we should chew on it).

    Perhaps a begonia would be better (never geraniums though, birds died from eating them here before we understood that).

    Have a great day!

  13. Mona the ivy looks pretty but then my 15 year old lovebird would be chompin on it. I didnt know you have birds! Anything that I would put on the top of mine or anywhere else on the cage will be thoroughly chewed and gotten excited over. The red fence I like. I have 2 older wooden chairs that are so comfy and I think a good dose of red paint would make them look good too! Stay cool as you can...it's very hot and humid here in the south.

  14. Hi Mona,
    I love the red fence! And look how you solved the bird cage dilemma, very clever indeed!
    Oh we've been so hot too! Heat index's of 112 degrees! We've don't have that a lot in Wisconsin and it's been so humid.
    Hugs girlfriend,
    And I don't know about our govt., they (congress) mostly just irritate the heck out of me.

  15. He is a keeper Mona. LOL! Working in this heat really zaps one.
    Now I like the pot of ivy in on the birdcage. The birds will be thinking they are outdoors. LOL!

  16. What to comment on first? Both the red fence and the aesthetically 'greened-up' bird cage merit praiseworthy mention, not forgetting, of course, your marvellously handy husband's tireless efforts in all that heat! Now, that's love for you, Mona! And I'll bet he loved his breakfast in return.

    Poor little tweety birds though, being given such an unholy scare! You certainly remedied the damaged cage with your usual finesse/aplomb! It looks wonderful sporting it's ivy drape and I am sure the birds love the effect, too!

    Happy days, sipping iced lemonade and reading!

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo


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