Monday, July 11, 2011


It was all about just being together again.  My beautiful much I love them and have missed them.

Mick, me,  my son Danny and Nedra.

They arrived on Tuesday morning...and I don't think I have felt that much pure joy for many years. 
Nedra is on the far right and Mick is on the left of me.  Mick graduated from high school with my husband Patrick back in 1952 and joined the Merchant Marines and Patrick joined the Marine Corp.  Nedra married Mick in January of 1954 and I married Patrick in June, the day after my graduation from high school. 
Both Nedra and I were both just 17 years old.  Mick was just 19 and Patrick 20.  How young we were.
The first morning after they arrived...I knocked lightly on their door and when Neddie answered I opened the door and ran in and piled on top of them..hugging them both, all of us laughing and talking at once.
I suddenly began crying and couldn't stop...and when I was ...just such joy to be with them again.
I hadn't seen Mick in about six years and Nedra in three. They moved to Arkansas some years ago after Patrick's death...and have lived there ever since.
Of course they were with me through Patrick's death...and later when I remarried...and lost Frank, Nedra flew out to be with me and stayed over a month. 
They are, to me, more than I can put into words.  Mick is my friend and buddy, a brother, but most of all he was my husbands best friend. 

This is not a post that will interest most of you...but this is where I have been.  I am losing followers...but lots has been happening to me...and as I look back over the past 13 awful lot has happened.

Probably the same with everyone.  My world changed so drastically...and just continued to do so.
I no longer trust that I know what tomorrow will bring.  I don't.  But..
I have friends.  People I cherish, can depend on in times of crisis...have had come live with us when times were bad for them and lived with them when times were hard for us. 
They were there through the deaths of both my husbands.  Always supportive...their home is my home.

I think the first day they arrived we hugged one another every five minutes...cried a bit..knowing this visit would fly by..and it did.
We also knew that this could be the last time we saw one another.  Something I never thought would come but it has. 
Of course we say we will go visit them..but will we?  Hopefully we will be able to do that.
We each hope it isn't the death of one of us that will bring us together again.

Between us we had 12 children.  Can you imagine living in a house with friends and that many young ones, not to mention two dogs and two cats?  We did it.  We have memories that we treasure as do  all our children!  Our friendship is so precious and we know it and treasure it.

Now Mick and my patient husband, Howard, are becoming good friends and after meeting them he understands what treasures they are, why our friendship has endured these past 61 years.  These are not Christmas card friends once a year...these are friends of constant phone calls.  Always there, always constant.  They are a blessing!

I thank God for friends every single day of my life. 

Love and hugs,


  1. Old friends are THE absolute best friends, Mona. Don't worry about losing followers... they are new friend and don't count for as much in life as the old ones. Just my opinion. The old friends give real hugs and not cyber hugs.

    Love ya,

  2. I haven't been around much in Bloggy World but was thrilled to read this kind of post from you. They are my favorites. I love your stories, Mona!

  3. Mona, don't worry about loosing followers. It's not as if they're all friends so if they leave our blogs for greener ones, others will come along and take their place. I envy your friendship with Mick and Nedra. I've lost track of most of my old friends. Too much moving around over the years and not enough time spent keeping in touch. This was a wonderful post.

  4. I am so thrilled for you to have such a deep friendship - they are once in a life time and don't come easy. So take time with them and enjoy and love no matter what!

  5. Old Friends ARE Gold. What a Treasure to share! And as long as I can click one finger on the button, and type in, 'Hey, Sweetpea!' you won't lose ME.


  6. I loved being included in this very special and meaningful reunion, Mona! Precious! I do hope you will be able visit them, too!

  7. What a wonderful post. You are indeed blessed to have such wonderful friends! I really enjoy your blog.

  8. 'Treasure your new friends, but don't forget the old.... for the new ones are silver, but the old ones are gold.'
    I love that rhyme. It's so true, isn't it!
    I know how you feel about your friends and I do so hope you get to visit with them.
    On Saturday, I went to a Ruby Anniversary party. My best friend, since 8 years old and her husband have been married for 40 years and together with their family and friends, we helped them celebrate the achievement. She remarked, 'We won't have another 40 years, but we sure enjoyed the last 40.' That made me think!
    We should treasure each day as it comes and perhaps now, as we have reached the winter of our lives, we need to stop planning and just enjoy!
    Bless you Mona.

  9. You're so lucky to have such friends Mona, but I know you already know this. Don't ever apologize for something coming from your heart.

  10. What a great time! I'm glad you have such wonderful people to share life's journey with. These are the important "followers" aren't they? The "other" followers have lost a good blog if they don't follow you. Have a good week Mona!

  11. Looks like a wonderful time with precious friends -- I hope you'll find more times to visit and share with each other. You are a good friend and that's why you keep friends for years. I can't imagine why you'd loose any followers -- I always smile when your post pops up. Wishing you smiles and sunshine!

  12. Oh Mona....I just wanted to cry when I read this post...This is what I call "TRUE FRIENDS"..My husband and I have true friends like this and they sure make life good...

    Bless each of you....I hope you all will be able to see one another again.

    Hugs and Blessings to you all

  13. Hi Mona...I think it will work...Let's see.

  14. What a sweet and lovely post. My best friend and neighbor of 28 years moved a few months ago and it broke my heart into a thousand pieces. She is about 20 years older than me but our friendship has always been so very special. I do hope I get to see her again but I fear I may not. Like you I think I'm losing some followers. I just haven't had time to blog lately. I do hope to have a new post up (finally) in the next day or two so please come visit.

  15. GOod friends are ones you never lose touch with whether through visits, phone calls, letters, photos. They are the folks who will always be there for you, no matter how much time passes between face-to-face visits. I have a few friends like that as well and surely do treasure them. Thanks, Mona, for a lovely post about enduring friendship.

  16. "Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand~ But I know who HOLDS TOMORROW and I know who holds my hand..."

    Miss bless me always. You do. This post made me teary but then you always do that. You pull me in and I will always follow you. You can count on me. Even when you are wondering if you are alone out are not.

    Thank you for visiting me and your words of praise for me and my work. I love what I do...but I love my friends and family more. You are in that group. Don't forget.

    Love, Rebecca

  17. Just popped by to drop off a big hug and remind you we all think you're very special! Hope you're having a really happy, peaceful and enjoyable weekend, Mona! XOXO

  18. Mona....We're so fortunate that a few have CHOSEN us as friends. Every friendship is a blessing and honor...isn't it?

  19. How I envy you that wonderful friendship. So glad you were able to be together.

  20. How wonderful for all of you to have a friendship like that. And how fantastic that you truly treasure them and don't take the friendship for granted!


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