Monday, June 6, 2011


When Pat and I were married in June 1954, we had nothing. Everything we owned was in the back seat of a little Ford business coupe, which wasn't much.
I quickly learned to make do with things I found or that were given to me by relatives.  I didn't discover Goodwill until many years later...lets say, fifty? 

So...two years ago, just after I began blogging, I decided to redo my old lawn swing that I just could not throw out...rusty though it was...and the awning in shreds after I moved it..and the same with the seat..
So..sweet husband put it together for me..and I painted it white. 
It sat for another year with the seat covered with a quilt.  I added lace ....and wanted to do more..

...a couple of weeks ago I found two bolts of yardage at a garage sale.  Both were probably close to 8 ft or so...I like the butter yellow the best so decided to make a cover for my poor lawn swing. 
Each bolt cost $2.00!  Honest!  And it is the heavy drapery like material.  Wonderful!  Finally, last week, I did it!
The crochet over the back and in the front under the just a tablecloth that I draped over the whole swing seat.  Worked for me. 

The butter yellow afghan was another wonderful buy from the same woman.  It cost me .50!  Yes, fifty cents.
My daughter bought three more from her at the same price.  Some folks just want to get rid of stuff...and she did.  She said she used to do sewing for people but was going back home to Missouri and she was anxious to get rid of it.  This happens often.  
I covered the top of the swing with two lace curtains last summer.  I added ties at the corners made from the material I used for the keeps the lace from slipping.
The pillow covers were made for me by Debbi @ ALL IN MY COTTAGE. 
Everything is easily removeable and washable.  The swing cover is made like an envelope.  It slips on the seat part and over the simple. 

The wicker table..though a bit battered was a garage sale item. also.  As was the Froggy planter...AND the silk flowers.  :) 
The rug was five dollars.  I found it about three weeks perfect condition. 

The chairs were garage sales items..but I paid more for those.  The butter yellow one was $13.00 and the sage green one was $16.00.   I covered old pads with the same fabric I used for the lawn swing. 
FINALLY...I was done!  In time for Grandson's big college graduation party this coming weekend! 

Don't you love it when a project is finally finished?? 

Sorry this is so long...
Thank you for your's always so nice to have you stop by!

Love and hugs,

P.S.  The flagstones...well...still waiting for my son in law to find the time to do them...soon..soon... :)  But at least we have more room...and I am grateful!  I can wait....tap, tap, tap....honest...


  1. It turned out wonderful Mona!! It looks so comfy and romantic.

  2. Hi Mona,
    I could sure get comfy on those pretty and sweet cushions. Just bring me a glass of iced tea and I'll stay for hours! I love what you've done with your patio, it's so welcoming and looks like an outdoor room.

    Great job.


  3. Your swing is just sweet and comfy looking. I am IN LOVE with those wicker chairs!!!! You got a great deal on both of them. I bought a much smaller one awhile back at an antique mall and paid $40 for it!!! I'm a wicker fanatic. I can just imagine sitting in your swing with a good book and something cool to drink...hog heaven!!!

  4. It all looks so nice. Looks like a fun place to come and stay awhile.

  5. Hi Mona! Oh, honey, you got some deals. I love your fabric and you did a great job covering all of the cushions! The lace at the top of your swing is so pretty! I scrolled down and I'm so happy to hear your daughter is out and about!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Oh what a wonderful spot for "sittin' pretty". It IS wonderful with things come together. Enjoy your pretty little porch perch.

  7. This is thrifty living at it's best! Way to save money and recycle and have something so beautiful to share and enjoy..I'm impressed Mona! I've been wanting some deck furniture and now you've inspired me to start looking at garage sales and get busy saving money! Wish me luck!

  8. Oh , wow! Are you sure you weren't listening in on me talking to myself about the horrible condition of my lawn swing? You surely answered me, and I am going to begin later this week to re-do mine using your post as inspiration. Your price is right on.I love yours, a glass of iced tea, a good book, and someone to sit next to me in the swing, perfect summer pastime.

  9. That is one fancy swing!! Very inviting too!!
    Mona you are such a crafty creative person!

  10. Mona, you are so talented and you must find the best bargains ever!

    I could sit in that swing and sip lemonade for hours. kt

  11. Whar a charming setting, and the swing is just perfectly lovely, with all the vintage touches and the florals---my favorites. I always admire and envy people who can SEW and create such lovely things.

    When we moved for the first time, yea these many years ago, we, too, put our what we were carrying into a little Chevette---I remember that we drove the hundred or so miles leaning away from each other, for the little foot-wide, yard-long mirror and the BROOM were lying just above our shoulders from the back seat!

  12. Mona, you find the best things at yard sales and do the most creative things with those finds. It's great to be able to salvage something treasured like the swing, which looks so very colorful. I spent some time catching up on about a week of more of past posts.

  13. Very welcoming and cozy...wonder how much a "designer" would have charged? Good job!

  14. Mona, I love the wonderful outdoor space mainly because of your creativity in recycling and refurbishing. I used to do more of this type of thing and wonder why I ever stopped. I plan on looking for something to fix up for my patio this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. You clever gal you! Your swing turned beautifully. And those chairs - WOW - what a find. This gives me ideas of what to do with my old swing. Thanks for the idea!

  16. The colors are so bright and cheery! You always make your home more beautiful! I'm so glad you're my friend! Maybe one of these days I'll come and sit in one of those chairs...or right next to you in the swing! We would be a swingin'! ♥

  17. I LOVE that porch swing, and everything you've done to make that space so inviting. You've made me want to come over and curl up with a good book and some lemonade. :-)

  18. You have inspired me. I love that tablecloth over the swing. Makes it look sooo romantic. I have a wood swing on my back deck that I put soft romantic pillows on. But now Im going to top it with a tablecloth like yours. It will be so pretty!


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