Sunday, May 29, 2011


Every day I remember. 
I remember his leaving, waiting for each letter, watching the nightly news with fear in my heart.  I remember being afraid when the phone rang..
I remember when the General's car pulled up in front of our house with the flags on the fenders....they caught up with me half a block away and told me it was wasn't my husand.  He was alright.
I remember how kind the postman was when there was no letter.  The cookies I sent, the harmonica and the guitar and the hundreds of letters I wrote. 
But it was the nightly news...watching the helicopters land and the bloody wounded rushed to them...
The names Vietnam and  Da Nang will alway strike fear in me.
I remember.....

I remember when our fourth child was born and they sent Pat the news aboard the ship and later the  San Diego Tribune sent our photo to him with the caption beneath "Daddy hasn't seen him."  I have that Newpaper clipping.  Danny was walking by the time Pat held his son for the first time.
When we met the ship in San Diego Pat tried to gather all of us in his arms at once..

And I remember when he came home each time...the joy and the relief. 

The freedom we enjoy comes at a price.  A very high price..
That's all I wanted to say...but mostly..
Thank you.  Thank you to our young men and women who serve.  We care...

Thank you, Patrick for leaving me with seven beautiful children. 
I miss you.  I always will
I remember.


  1. What beautiful, heartfelt words you've shared, Mona & what an incredibly handsome man you shared your life with for the time you were blessed to have together. He certainly lives on in all of you!

    Big hug!!! xoxoxo

  2. Oh, I love your new blog header!!!!

  3. So beautiful, Mona. What a legacy to leave,seven beautiful souls! You are truly an amazing woman! Loving thoughts coming your way. xx AnneMarie xx

  4. Thank you for sharing this. God bless our military and their families who keep the home fires burning to welcome them home again.

  5. Sweet Friend,

    He lives on in your children. Thank you for sharing.

    GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS & OUR NATION...One Nation under God....

    Blessings & Happy Memorial Day


  6. Oh such a precious post. I hope you have a fabulous day. Hugs, Marty

  7. Mona, I am so glad ato see you are back. Have thought of you & your daughter often, but no way to contact you. Prayers were & are lifting fo ryou all.

    We extend to Patrick & all service personnel our deep appreciation for their services to 'we the people & this great nation'.

    I was a military wife, I lived like you ...

    May God continue to bless us with these wonderful men & women who fight so valiantly for each of us ...

    TTFN ~

  8. What a touching post full of love and pain; I can only imagine what you lived.

  9. What a lovely tribute. I feel such gratitude to all who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice. Beautiful post.

  10. Hello Mona~ I've got a favor to ask...I would like to invite you over for a visit to see a very special post I've written. I would love it if you could take a few moments to stop by.

    The words you shared are beautiful.
    Thank you sweet friend,

  11. This is just so beautiful Mona! I feel like I was taken back in time.
    I hope all is well my friend, thinking of you and your daughter.
    Big Hugs,

  12. Just Beautiful Mona, and so lovely written. Your heart must be full....
    How is your daughter?. She is still in our prayers.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth


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