Monday, May 23, 2011


Ok, I cannot's just a fact....I am NOT an artist, but by gosh I can color in the lines...yes I can! 

I found this  garden sign at a garage sale on Saturday..I bought the nice iron (though faded) post for a dollar because I know they can be pricy and the nice lady threw in the faded sad looking sign. 

As usual, I forgot to take a before photo and I had already begun to repaint and refresh when I remembered.  You can see the difference in the leaves etc.  It had all faded to a rather interesting stonish gray color...

At first I thought I would throw the sign away..but decided against it and  instead of spraying it, I decided to just follow the lines of the raised design.  I like the way it turned usual, I keep wondering if I should have painted a colorful background.....oh well... maybe next time.
See the before and after?

I left it the grayish color because the stone in front gray..still...I keep thinking...

It's sort of difficult to see so you may want to enlarge, but the metal post the sign is hung on is a very sturdy piece, adorned with leaves etc.  It was faded too and dusty black so I spray painted it black enamel..and it turned out really pretty.

So...project finished.  Home projects have been something to keep my mind off things.

My daughter Sandy is, of course, not out of the woods..but she has a fantastic attitude, a family that is very supportive and she has her faith.  Again...thank you so much for all your prayers, sweet comments and emails.

I knew there were wonderful people in the world, but never did I expect to find such a loving and supportive group of people as I have found in blogging.  I thank God for all of you every single day. 


  1. This is the best surprise ever seeing you back on your blog, Mona! I have missed you a lot and thought about you often! It's so good to have this positive update on your daughter. And great to know you have been keeping yourself busy creating more loveliness for your garden! Your sign looks perfect the way it is! It shows up so well on that background and complements your boulder feature very well indeed! It's just so great hearing from you! Huge hug to make up for lost time!!! Xo

  2. Well, I think the sign looks wonderful the way it is. I wouldn't push my luck and paint anymore... Bad idea for me anyway. I try to stop when I'm ahead.

    Sending out love to Sandy!!


  3. Hi Mona, Thank you for hopping over to my blog and paying me a visit. It's been great meeting you, and I'll be coming back to read some of your older posts.I like what you did with the yard sign. It looks really nice and I wouldn't do anything else to it as it looks great as it is.

  4. Dearest Friend,

    Yes, that is so true, blogging friends are a rare treasure, sent directly from Heaven.

    You, sweet Mona, have made my life better. I am so thankful that we met. Just think, a post from a silly teddy bear is responsible. Well, not really....this friendship had been arranged for us.


    Miss Mona,

    Boy, have I missed you. glad you are back. And we love that hummingbird sign. You are so talented.

    Big, icky, sticky hugs,

  5. I think you are quite the artist...the sign looks terrific! As always, you scored a great deal!

    Thanks for the positive report on your daughter, it's a long road but there are so many of us praying.


  6. I love your sign. It's so fresh looking. Well done you!
    We don't have those signs here in England. Perhaps I should start the craze over here? I'm sure they would catch on.

  7. Your sign is wonderful and you painted it beautifully. Love it in the garden.

    Still praying for your daughter. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  8. Well that turned out great! It looks so pretty in your flower bed.

    Keep us posted on your daughter.

  9. Hi Mona...welcome back. Glad to hear that your daughter is doing well and fighting. She must be something like her Mama. I love the sign. What a great job you did. Now, I have to ask...did you waterproof it? Balisha

  10. Pretty sign.
    I have been worried about you and your daughter. Thanks for updating us. Prayers to continue.

  11. It's so great to see you here! I've missed you and I'm keeping you and your daughter in my prayers! Hugs coming your way, my friend! ♥

  12. So glad to hear good things about your daughter. Still lifting you both in prayer. Now I wish I could "not paint" half as well as you!

  13. Not an artist? Baloney! You were undaunted to take on an art renovation project. Not only that, but you have shading on the leaves and no visible blotches or spatters! And the end result is lovely!

    The only thing I might have done differently is to put the stand and the art work within the corner garden instead of next to it. I think the sign and the plants and the boulder would each enhance the overall look!

    Either way, you have an artistic flair, even if you never rival Van Gogh! Art comes in many shapes!

    It's good to see you back here and it's good to know your daughter is fighting the good fight!

  14. What a hidden treasure! You did a great job of recycling too! No need to toss that looks super cool in the garden area and I think you under estimate your artistic talent..

  15. Still praying for your beautiful girly MonaGirl. Love to you~


  16. PS: Forgot to say I LOVE YOUR SING! BEAUTIMOUS!

  17. Prayers continue for your daughter. Your sign is just perfect now that you have brought it back to vivid life. One person's "trash" is another person's treasure. Well done my dear...

  18. My blogger friends are my best friends. I blog for comments. So,I am so glad you came by and seen my porch. I did a whole post about it awhile back so visit again a check it out. Love you art work. You done good. Richard at My Old Historic House

  19. It did my heart good to see you post again.
    I know things are still scary around your place but I am so thrilled to hear Sandy is holding her own. With a good attitude and supportive family, it will help her recovery so much. I know there's lots of love in the family and that's such a blessing.

    I love your garden looks perfect the way it is. I like the gray background...
    xo bj

  20. Mona, welcome back! We have missed you! Glad Sandy is on the mend. Tried to post here yesterday but google was not having any of it.

  21. You scored a great deal darling. I love the way it turned out. Artist.. yes I believe you are. It looks wonderful in your beautiful flowers.
    hugs ~lynne~

  22. Jean, thank you for your comment...I appreciate it so much!

  23. Miss Mona...I Think it looks fantastic! I love it
    you always share such pretty things...
    I am so grateful for my online all mean a lot to me!

  24. I love what you did with that sign!

    Continuing to pray for your family. Glad to hear there is light shining on you all right now.

  25. I've been away out muddin' my flowers in. I don't think it's gonna dry up 'round here for a long, long time.

    It was good to see ya as I was skimmin' down my reader. Your sign makeover is just amazin'. What ya mean your not an artist???

    It's good to hear your daughter is doin' well. Attitude is everything! I do believe she had a great example to follow. :o)

    God bless ya sweetie and have a wonderful evening! :o)

  26. Hi very glad to see and hear from you...Glad your daughter is improving...When someone we love hurts, then we hurt...Still praying for you all...
    I'm not a painter either, but I can tell you that I think you did a great job...
    Hang in there..
    Hugs and blessings..

  27. Hi Mona! I'm still keeping you and your family and especially Sandy in my prayers. How marvelous she has such a good attitude and family around her for support.
    Now you did so good on your little flag. That's a lovely flower bed with the flowers!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  28. Mona that is a beautiful plaque with the hummingbirds. For a non painter I would say you did rather well. Even the flowers in the bed match with the birds. I am so glad you didn't through it away. However, if perchance one day it is missing it has probably moved to the opposite coast. LOL Hugs, Ginger


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