Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yes, that's exactly what I mean.  Garage sales and daughters make for smiles! 
You see, I have daughters that love beautiful things..but...department stores or...those exclusive little places that dwell in the Orange Circle in Orange County, California.  If you know California and Orange County, you know exactly what I mean!

Soooo..last week when lovely daughter #3 (the department store Queen) called and asked if I was going to the garage sales... and could she go..you could have knocked me off my computer chair with a sledge hammer.  (I got that talk from Nezzy, but, I don't think I got it just right!)

I told her to be ready by 7 AM and by golly, she WAS!  We picked her up and off we went. 

All we heard all morning long were shrieks of joy and elation coming from the back seat!!  That girl was beside herself when she loaded up on Antique linen's for just a few dollars...and to be honest, I can't even remember everything she bought.   DVD'S of movies she had missed...you know...just tons of things.
(I only got ONE piece of linen out of all that, BUT, it was more fun to watch her and show her things and what to look for and how to bargain..and I must say, she caught on VERY quickly. 

My first find was this darling little rose red teapot.  MY favorite red!

Target napkin holder 50 cents!

Four beautiful napkins in Easter colors...25 cents each!

And this was the one piece of old linen that I hung onto.  It was $4.00 but worth it.  It is 37"x37" and is made from an old feed sack and still has the print on it.  So soft and not a single flaw.  PERFECT. 

Silver plate tea set...  BEFORE 

AFTER  and I paid $3.00!  Yes, for all three pieces!  :)
I tell you, the EASTER BUNNY couldn't have out-hopped me!  Of course I saved my HAPPY HOPPING until I got to the car!! 

A tiny Gerber baby spoon!  BEFORE

Actually this was free because Daughter #3 got a whole pile of silver for $3.00 and this was what I salvaged!  (Need I say she out "hopped" me??)  :)
I almost made her get out and walk when she screamed with delight that a few of them were REAL SILVER and not plate.  Ah well.... *sigh* I was happy for her.   No..really...I was!!!

And last but not least...this sweet little rooster 25 cents! 
He is exactly 3x3 inches.  So darned cute!  He looks big in the photo but he is very small! 

And there you have part of the story. 
The rest is that on Sunday, daughter #3 took daughter #2 with her and back out they went.  I'm glad I didn't have to be in the car with them.  You would not believe what they bought! 

Yes, I went quietly out  later when my headache went away.  Alone.  lol   Well, I took Sweet Husband but he is only interested in wire, tools and CD's..
NO problem!  :)


Sunday's last minute finds!

50 cents
25 cents
50 cents!  I do LOVE books and always have a couple of them going.

Brand new in the box.  50 cents!

$3.00!  Sweetie Pie was delighted! 

So..second day Garage sales can be...great too. 
The end of the story is that when the girls left my house they had arms loaded with thing.  But then they always do!  Don't you just love having daughters?  LOL

Me?  Absolutely free! 


  1. Ooooo! Wish I could go with you! We dont have many yard sales here in England. Used to love them when we lived in Michigan many years ago! Sounds like you have some competition now though with your daughters! xxx

  2. Hi Mona! Oh, what great fun you must have had! I love your sweet finds and that little Gerber spoon is just the cutest little thing. It has the little baby face on it! Your little baby dolls are going to love it. Those mean ole daughters, telling their dear loving would do anything for them mother - some were real silver! :) You know I'm teasing. You're just as cute as a button!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Oh Miss Mona....what fun! WHAT FUN! My girl doesn't like garage saleing...bah. I'm near death over the thought. Betcha she will someday!

    You made me smile today!

    Love you girl~


  4. Nice find on the tea set, Mona! It's very pretty and will show off nicely on your table or on a sideboard. Hope all is well with you this week and how nice of your daughter to call and go with you. I think she just wanted to spend some quality time with her dear mama. :-))


  5. Oh Mona, what a hoot and a half it would be to go with ya on a treasure hunt. You find the best stuff at a thief's price!!! Heeeheheh!!!

    I only have one daughter, Social Butterfly and when she was livin' in on the Ponderosa, her motto was..." What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine." Yep, that's the was it was and a box of Twinkies!!!

    Your creative sayin' tickled me pink sweetie!

    Have your self a day that's as beautiful as you my dear!!! :o)

  6. You got some great bargains - and you are the best deal of all - it's hard to believe that people just don't clean their silver!

    So why did she want to go with you?


  7. Your post brought a big smile to my face.I have 4 grown daughters and can relate to your weekend.How much fun to go out with them esp. when they ask,but how peaceful to go out by yourslf too.The best of both worlds.

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  9. I love ya my Sweet friend..A BIG ole cyber hug to you..Love Gloria

  10. To me, everything is more fun with my daughters, and always will be! They have been doing garage sales with me since they were babies!!

    Hooray for you on all of your great finds. I LOVE the tea set. What sort of silver polish do you use?


  11. Yes I adore the Orange Circle with it's antique shops and charity shops. I really miss it and the restaurants there. You and your girls are excellent shoppers. Fabulous finds and for so little funds. Happy Spring and Birds Who Sing...

  12. I love garage sales. However, they aren't as fruitful here in little ole Lamar, Missouri. I have been to some GREAT ones in Dallas TX and Danburry CT.

    The red tea pot was my favorite. I collect small tea pots. Don't know why as I am not hot tea drinker, I just love tea pots......kt

  13. I love garage sales but I don't find the things you do. I guess I'll have to move to California. What fun you had though.

  14. Hi Mona, the new Easter banner is very cute in case I forgot to mention that in an earlier comment. I agree that you do have the best luck and lots of fun at yard sales. It does seem that CA has a lot going on any given weekend, but not enough to entice me there to shop. Thanks for sharing your finds - loved the red teapot and tiny rooster and the linen feed sack was a real find!

  15. Mona,Thank you for responding with a visit to my blog and for your comments to my post.I'll have to check myself out for any more doubtful comments.At my age that can't be a good thing.Please don't heatate to follow me.I thought of a few new names for them:ZipTangles,ZepherTangles and FairyTangles.

  16. This was such a fun post to read. You've made me itchy to do our local sales again. That piece of linen you got is amazing. The last picture of you made me smile right back at you - what a warm and inviting face you have.

  17. Our garage sales haven't started here yet. After seeing all your treasures, I am going to see what I can find. That silver set is beautiful...

  18. You sure made out like a bandit. You got tons of great things. I think my favorite items were the red teapot and the silver spoon. It's always so much fun to read your blog. I'm so glad you had all that fun with your daughter…priceless!!
    Patricia :o)
    Ps: Love the picture of you!

  19. Mention the word 'Sales' and it will give me an adrenalin rush. I'm sure your recent encounter with one was really and enjoyable experience.

  20. I just LOVE your finds and adventures, you know! And then, a part of me is secretly GLAD that it's you and not me taking all those lovely things home---we've acquired so much stuff that I think we'll have a Family Reunion here this year and try to get the kids to haul away about half our "stuff" so we can have the heart to SHOP again.

    Isn't that silly? I DO love it when you've found goodies, and always smile when I read of your happy day and joyful discoveries.


  21. If I were out your way,I would pile in that back seat and go with you...Some good finds and I am betting that daughter #3 is now hooked on bargain shopping,,So much fun!

    Love your new header....

  22. I love garage sales and I love daughters (I have 4 of them) So much fun you guys had! A bargain is such a delightful thing :)

  23. Love how you write like Nezzy ; she is something else and her wrting style is so much fun. I don't have daughters; i have 4 sons so I can't imagine how much fun you had. I have 3 DiLs that I love but they don't live here.
    Great treasures that you found; thank you for sharing this with us.


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