Monday, April 11, 2011


....NO rain and it was all finished in time for Saturday's yard sales...
Painting this sofa table is something I have put off for months and months...actually for three years.

I was afraid.  Afraid I wouldn't like it...afraid it would look awful..or I  would do something wrong..but I finallly got my nerve up and it's all done. 

Well, once again I forgot to take a before least you can see the stark difference painting this sofa table made. 
It was a nice shabby chic piece in a sort of French Country family room, except mine is not really what you could call  French Country.  It just things I like.  Just "stuff"...

...and here it is all done and back in place!  I love it! 
Isn't it amazing what a difference a bit of spray paint can make?

Please s'cuse the cord...I don't think my photo's through before I take them. 
..ho hum...
Every time I go in the room today I am going to be all..puffed up with pride...
and you KNOW what they say about that! kind...ok? 
(but then you ALWAYS are!)

Love and hugs...
Mona garage sales...I'll show you tomorrow.  What a story I have to tell know how daughters are...  never mind..I'll tell you tomorrow!  :)  
(or maybe Wednesday) Ok?
..more hugs..


  1. It all came out so perfect; like in one of those home and Garden magazines.You do know you have a talent for decorating as we have often seen on your blog. Now we have to wait for your next bit of news and that garage sale.

  2. Such a pretty piece and I love it painted black. It is wonderful. Looks perfect and the vignette is stunning. You should really be proud. Hugs, Marty

  3. I´ve seen how good You are with painting furniture so You have no reason to be worried that You would do anything wrong! I´m a painter so I do know what I talk about :-)

    It looks great! I´ve always had a problem with white furniture, perhaps because i´ve always had dogs and cats that really can mess things up after being outside in rain :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day now!

  4. It is MORE THAN AWESOME my friend. MORE THAN WONDERFUL! MORE THAN FABULOUS! I absolutely love it. Makes me wish I had more than one house so I could do BLACK! YUMMO!

    How you be? Thinking of you, beautiful, beautiful YOU today! You bless me.

    Love, Rebecca

  5. It is amazing what a can of paint can do and it's very reasonable.

    Looks nice!

  6. That looks so elegant! You are really talented with your decorating and you definitely have every reason to be happy and proud with the final result. I think you are jolly clever and I wish I could tackle projects as easily as you do. I would not know where to start!

  7. Oh girl, you just come up with the best laid plans ever!!! That black sofa table looks like it truly belongs in your room. Ya can come help me tweak things here on the Ponderosa any time ya want!!! Heeehehhee!!!

    I've been spendin' so much time outside, I need all the help I can get. Plantin' season ya know?

    God bless ya and have a glorious day!!! :o)

  8. Mona, that looks fantastic. I love it with the red in the room. Nice job!

  9. The piece really lookd great redone and in place with your other things. Looking forward to reading all about the yard sale finds too Mona.

  10. So cute! It really turned out Sis loves to paint anything that's not moving and she's not afraid. Like you, she has a knack for decorating and she would say "Go for it and what a great job you did!"...and so do I! Beautiful!

  11. It really looks nice...better than new! You did a great job! Can't wait to hear your story! I have 4 sons so I don't have girl stories! heehee! Hugs to you my friend! Happy blogging! ♥

  12. That looks great and your home is beautiful. So cozy.

  13. It turned out wonderful!! I love painted furniture and yours is fab!

  14. Dear Mona!

    I'm so pleased to know you enjoyed my latest post. It gives me such a thrill when I'm able to share the splendour of the mountains close to my home.

    Now, to deal with your question...YES, I TRULY/REALLY do think your sofa table is lovely! It looks really classy painted black and the style of the piece is gorgeous. The way you've decorated it in your home is beautiful. I know you said you'd taken 3 years to pluck up the courage to do it's done and you've every reason to feel puffed up with pride!

    Big hug,

    Des xoxo

  15. Beautiful, Mona, just beautiful. A true accent piece!

  16. I love your sofa table. I painted some furniture black and the only thing I don't love about it IT SHOWS THE DUST. But I have a sign that says "Dust... is a country accent". That covers it!! lol Enjoy your day!!

  17. You did a GREAT job as usual. I don't know where you find the time. You are like that little energizer bunny. In one word you are
    A W E S O M E!.........kt

  18. Mona...I am in sofa table envy. I have always wanted a room where I could do this. I love it and love the color you chose. Have fun decorating it through the years. Balisha

  19. I absolutely LOVE this piece and you did a great job on it Mona! In the picture I noticed that it really brings out the dark colored grout on your rich looking brick fireplace. I wish I would have used that color grout on mine!
    Anyway, the table is just beautiful as well as the display on top.

    Have a wonderful day!


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