Friday, January 28, 2011


I have to tell you, things are still a bit of a mess..with painting, etc. still to be finished, but...the Redwoods are growing.  They seem to love this time of year.  We planted two coastal Redwoods...nearly two years ago.  They were just little sticks...I'm SO proud!   
Wish I could be here in fifty years to see what they look like!  I won't be of course, but take pictures and send them to me ...will you? :) 
Will mine look like this?   But of course they will!!  I'm counting on it!

Then I I would love to have one of those little Radio Flyers for the shopping around. 
Now I know full well these little wagons have never been inexpensive, but goodness, I guess it's been a very long time since I bought one!  Maybe I don't need one for my flowers on the front porch after all! 

Sweet Husband painted the second coat of
"Pomegranate Red" on the fascia boards today....(LOVE THAT  MAN!)
The little shelf you see is now gone..and poor fern is recovering.  These shutters will get a coat of paint tomorrow...and the trim will remain the brown..but a little different shade. 

So...we are coming right along.  Um...Sweet Husband is coming right along!  Yes, I do some painting...just not today.  Actually I think he would rather I just go do ....whatever.  He really is having fun! 

I almost don't want to go to the garage sales tomorrow...I can't wait to get it all done and back to normal. 
Wow!  Did I just say THAT?? 

Hugs and love,


  1. Hi Mona,
    I just love your sense of humor!
    And who knows, maybe you will find one of the wagons at a thrift sale.
    I can't wait to see your house all done, it is so exciting!
    Hugs friend,

  2. Those Redwoods will be magnificent when they get old! I would like to have a couple of them but the climate is just to hard here.

    But I do have a red wagon like that :-) I found it when I bought my gardencentre and it followed me home when I closed down the place. But I have to oil it because it sounds terrible when the wheels are spinning :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day now!

  3. Your red wagon awaits at one of the sales.

  4. Sometimes I question what is normal anymore. Do not give up, there are lots of little red wagons around, and you will find one at a better price.

  5. Hi Mona,

    Your Redwoods - don't worry, the reason they grow so tall is that it's easy to look down from Heaven to see them. They will never be out of sight.

    Knowing you and garage sales (& bargins) you will find your wagon. Maybe when you least expect it. (o:

    Hugs & happy weekend
    All of Us

    Prudence is working very hard to get back in my good graces - and it's working. She can be a little sweetheart when it suits her.

  6. Hi Mona. Redwoods are my favorite tree. They are so majestic.

    You will find your red wagon. It always the hunt that keeps us going. Can't wait for the yard sales to pick up here in North Cali. It's pretty hard to see those signs in the fog! LOL!
    Big weekend hugs, Sue

  7. Don't give up the ship...or should I say wagon. This reminds me of a while back I wanted to locate one of these wagons to turn into a covered wagon for my Kid's Church theme. I change it out every blessed quarter. I looked and called and begged and finally found an old rusty 'brown' one in a little ladies back yard. Sorry, I'll stop at nothing when I'm on the hunt. She let me borrow it and it made the most amazin' 'covered wagon. ever!!!! It was just perfect.

    I'm confident that you too will find your perfect wagon.

    I'm on the hunt for a "giant' right now. Ya don't have one of those lurkin' in your backyard do ya??? Heeeehehehe!!!!

    Your shot of the redwoods takes my breath away!

    God bless your weekend sweet, sweet Mona!!! :o)

  8. We have planted 10 redwoods over the last 7 years and ours are growing so tall too! It is amazing how fast they do grow. Wish I could see them in 50 years! :0)

  9. I would love to SEE a redwood tree...none around these parts! Yours are beautiful. I am getting excited to see the final 'reveal' of your house painting project. Nice that your husband is enjoying himself, mine wouldn't in a thousand years!

    I hope you find your never know if you hit a garage sale and they have kids. I like your ides of one filled with flowers on the porch! Sweet!

    Have a fun weekend!


  10. Your trees are looking wonderful. I so understand about everything being all torn up with remodeling and painting. I am with you, can't wait to get it all done and everything back in place. Can't wait to see it all. Hugs, Marty

  11. I love reading your blog. It makes feel so warm and relaxed.

    But, I have to say,"IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" I tried to put a play list on my blog after I saw yours. Well, let me tell you I devoted at least 7 hours into the wee hours of 2 different nights. I am going to try to post one on my birthday blog Feb 4th...wish me luck!

  12. The red is such a great accent color! You have the pretties house! Hope you went to some sales today....I like to see what you find! Hugs! ♥

  13. Just a side note, that little picture of Emily on the sidebar looks straight out of Victoria magazine or some other elegant magazine!

    Thanks for your visit and yes the glued on ribbon has stayed in place for more than a year now on some I have done.

    Hope all goes well with the redo and the painting. I love to paint and it is such a quick change. Have a great weekend.

  14. Hi Mona! See, it's all coming together nicely and doesn't seem to have been that long at all, really, does it???

    I was away all of yesterday & so I'm only just catching up...and now I'm wondering whether you DID or DIDN'T go to the garage sales, today?

    I'm so pleased to know I'm not the only one who thinks things like you do (ref: your two redwoods!) ;)

    One of the trees in our garden, a swamp cypress, was originally bought for my parents-in-law's garden. They were already well into their 60s at the time and the tree was little more than a sappling. The nurseryman had reassured them after thy'd queried its mature size saying, "Don't worry about the'll never get that big in your lifetime!" Anyway, it was duly planted and, once it started growing, it just grew & grew & they realised, after a number of years that this tree had big plans. So, it was carefully dug up, put into their car & brought to us, where it has been growing ever since. My MIL died 9 years ago (at 83) and my FIL is now 94. The tree is huge!

  15. I'm so glad you dropped by and left your lovely comment on my blog. I had to come by and visit and I am so pleased I did. It's great here. I've got a mug of cocoa and am browsing through your posts. I used to have a doll like the one you have in one of your posts below. I think my Mother has just recently retrieved it from the attic and given it to some neighbours.
    Your photograph of the Redwoods is stunning. We don't have Redwoods here but we have a Leilandii hedge which is so tall we have to get it cut down each year...unfortunately the rabbits haven't eaten that yet!
    I have a small wooden wheelbarrow that we put flowers in each year - I really like your red wagon though. Hopefully you'll pick one up at the garage sales.
    I've signed up to be your latest follower. I can't wait to see the photographs of the finished painted house.
    Your newest fan

  16. Now see, if that was me, I'd be praying for the redo to end! We're about to do our final renovation which is the small powder room in the foyer. Don't understand why we saved the smallest for the last, but that's the way it's happened.

    I think a red Radio Flyer would look fabulous on your front porch Mona; good luck in finding one... at the right price!

  17. You know what the best part for me?...Seeing green grass! I musta say you are really being patient and an angel; anxious to see the next photos.

  18. Good luck on your rummaging, Mona. I hope you find your red wagon....Christine

  19. We used to have a redwood tree when we lived in CA. It did GREAT for years. Then we had the house painted and the painters did something to it that it could never recover from, and finally died.
    I think you'll be able to find that red wagon. You have MonaLuck! You're gonna find one when you least expect it. Just be sure to snatch it up when you do!!!
    Patricia :o)

  20. Your house is going to be sooo pretty. I can't wait to see it all.

    Keep looking for your little wagon. It's out there, just waiting for you. :))

  21. G'morn, Mona ~ I know I have been remiss ... I barely get thru Pink Saturday right now. A little break is coming ... I need time to myself, God & I need to talk.

    Your previous post ... AMEN! Mona. Well said ... I love people to know that I truly love them & send them hugs, of sincerity & love. Worry about those that come & go ... nah! Some just have no idea about truly living or accepting another for who they are, whether they have met personally or not. I look at blogging as a wonderful venue to meet & form sisterhoods with that are there forever. Then there are those we just become friends with, forever. If they come & go, that is fine ... they may have their reasons but they don't need to be not-nice-verbally about how each of us prefers to extend our hearts to one another.

    Thank you for being you. You are a wonderful caring humorous gal that I look forward to sharing a day with.

    I am sorry to learn of the your Mother's loss ... the heart never mends, life is never the same, but God holds each of us up to soften in time our loss & hold our treasured memories & moments close to our hearts.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    Hugs & Love ... yup! I said it, HUGS & LOVE ~

  22. Hi Mona,
    YEAH! its almost exciting. I love the RED! and I can't wait to see it all done..I bet you find your little red wagon when you least expect it.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  23. Those little red wagons are hard to find especially at the right price. But one of these days you will find one. Your home is looking great - lots of work but so nice when everything is finished.


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