Tuesday, January 11, 2011


....but then so does the fun...

I actually baked today!  Yep. Chocolate chip cookies...but...

Yep...after the rains finally passed and we saw that our ceiling in the family room was a mess..with lots of leaks...(sweet husband has been climbing up in the attic for much of the fifty five years he has lived here...and smearing TAR over everything...
Well...he finally gave in ..and called Mark the roofer...(he's waving while sweet husband watches!)

Mark the roofer says our AC is just  plain shot along with the roof AND he says it should be on the ground.  :)  Really?  I thought that when they first put them up there years ago!)  So...they started putting in the new AC on Monday morning! 

Saturday was COLD but we headed out to see if there were garage sales...and...I HIT the jackpot!
First...all of these books.  I paid .25 for most but .50 for others...still  they are all like brand new.  I was delighted!  Not all at one garage sale...

22 ornaments for just $2,00!  There was a beautiful little bird with down feathers...but he didn't show up in the picture.... I will show you later.  I thought they were gorgeous.  They were offered as a special edition...who knows when or where.  They were all in black silk but half were out just laying on top and I couldn't get them back in their places with the silk..so...just folded it and put it underneath.

And "Moosey!"  He was thrown on a blanket with a bunch of other stuff...He cost me a quarter.  A whole quarter.  So since we bonded immediately he came home with me.  I mean the idea!!...YOU cannot just THROW a baby moose around like that!! 

And then there was "Dolly."  She was laying out in the dirt.  Not even on a blanket and she was covered with ink marks..magic marker, and ground in dirt.  She was laying on her face outside a crate of other mistreated toys.  I picked her up...and as I did..I spied a name on her neck.  Berenguer.  She is a doll made in Spain..and one of my favorite makers of dolls.  I casually held her up by one leg :) and said "how much do you want for this?"  She said "50 cents?"  I said "will you take a quarter?" and she said sure!

A good scrubbing with paint remover, and then a nice hot bath in soapy water after being rinsed and then sprayed with antibactial kitchen cleaner..a fresh preemie diaper and some cute little clothes...and...well...
isn't she sweet? 
And by the way...she is...um...anatomically correct. :)

And ....an entire set of Liberty Blue china.  Everything...even mugs..only two chips...but I can replace those.
There went some of my Christmas money..but all for only $50.00!
I had to sell mine some years ago..during tough times when the children were young and I had several in high school!  Now I have them back.  (please don't ask why!)

Last of all...this lovely Santa hat.  The bells were all tarnished but a little silver polish and they were as bright as brand new.  It is the prettiest one I have ever owned.  I love it!

Now I think I will go have a cookie...or maybe even two before the workers finish them off tomorrow.

My love to all of you in these rather sad days.  Like everyone...it's on my mind and my heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones and for the lovely young woman who is fighting for her very life.


P.S.  Um...did I mention that we have NO heat?  Well....we don't!  Ok..we have a fireplace.  But that bedroom gets COLD!  No!  Don't even go there.  He has a very nasty cold!!  So..that's out!


  1. OK, maybe I'll rethink your suggestion (that you just MIGHT be a shopaholic!) after all this! Goodness gracious me! You clearly had a great deal of fun, but I can see next Christmas, you'll be putting up even more decorations & you know what that means...even more to take down & pack away afterwards! Guess what, Mona - you're incorrigible!

    The set of decorations take me back to my childhood (I'm the same age as your eldest son, BTW). My Mom had almost exactly the same ornaments as these at that time. We were living in what was then, Southern Rhodeasia (Zimbabwe today). Beautiful! No wonder you couldn't resist them.

    Dolly looks so happy to be "home" and loved once more. You've cleaned her up marvellously and dressed her so prettily - she looks like new! You're definitely forgiven for rescuing her :)

    The books??? Well, who can live without reading! No, I forgive you there, too :) They should keep you out of trouble for a while, anyway - give your back a chance to recover!

    The complete set of china??? Have to agree you have a point there. Nostalgia? Who doesn't give into it once in a while!

    OK, so that just leaves the hat and moosey - may as well grant you those as well!

    Now, may I please have a cookie?????

    Hope the new AC & roof repairs are coming along nicely & that you'll have NO MORE TROUBLE from either in 2011 & beyond!

    Thanks so much for visiting me today - I see you've left comments on several posts :)


    Des xo

  2. Dear Friend,

    Good Morning. You did good at the garage sale. Those ornaments may be worth money. Ms. Bingle's Christmas (blogspot) had some similar on her Blog in December. Maybe you want to check.

    The baby Moose - thank you for rescuing him. Does he have a name? Moose would be a good one or maybe, Saturday. (o: Sat for short. Hahahaha.


  3. Mona,
    Good luck with all the home improvements! YOur cookies look yummy and I love your china. Glad you got it back :)
    Your last comment is cracking me up! I have a giveaway going on. Come on over and sign up!

  4. Mono -- I sure wish I could go shopping with you...yu always find the best things! Happy treasure hunting -- hope your roof and AC/heat are all fixed and humming soon!

  5. Wow! you certainly got the mother-load didn't you. What fun you must have digging through all the "stuff". In the summer when we go camping we spend one day garage saling. It is the most fun we have all week. ha ha I really don't need any more stuff but sometimes one just can't resist.
    Good luck on your home repairs. Sounds like some money will be spent but you do what you have to do, right? Stay warm. (I know what you mean by the nasty colds - not much togatherness.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Hi Mona, you ALWAYS find the best stuff at garage sales - good for you for rescuing the moose and baby doll which looked so beautiful after your cleaned it up and redressed.
    Hope your home repairs get done as it's always unsettling to your routine. We had to leave our home for several weeks a couple of years ago because of sheet rock repairs on our old home. It was a disastrous project which taught us never to leave home and let others work on it when we were away. So now we try to do as much as we can ourselves, but roofing and AC are not things we can handle, something about hieghts and lots of heavy work. Hope your hubby feels better soon and that you have heat again.

  7. Those cookies looks delicious!
    And what great things You bought for only 50$ I think that if I had tried to buy all those things over here the prize would have been at least three times as high if not even more!

    Have a great day and good luck with the new roof and Ac!

  8. Mona, what a treasure trove of finds. Love that adorable baby doll ... & what a snag for those dishes. You do know how to find the goodies.

    Hope your home attic issues are all fixed ... have a lovely week.

    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  9. You have some treasures there Mona. My, we are so alike in some ways, dear. I would have had to buy the doll and the moose as you did because, like you, I felt sorry for them. In England we have
    Charity Shops and I always feel sorry for the unwanted toys, especially after Christmas. The doll, now rescued, is a welcome addition to your family and a playmate for the other one. I can't remember her name. I love Berenguer dolls too. I have Little Pup over here in Tennessee.
    Yes, I have also bought back china I parted with years ago. I understand my motives perfectly. I am buying back the happiness those things gave me years ago.
    Keep looking, keep buying, keep showing us your purchases.
    I wonder if I could get Larry interested in taking me to a garage sale sometime soon.
    Could you do a post and give me some tips on how to get the best out of them. You know, do's and don'ts. I wouldn't want to offend anybody.
    Thanks, Star

  10. A/C, no heat, and a leaky roof. I hope that things get fixed soon. I don't like to be cold. Hope your temps. aren't too low. It is cold outside here and still snowing.

  11. What great finds Mona! I hope you get some heat soon. I don't do cold well, so I can't imagine not having heat!

  12. It is cold with lots of snow here and so glad we don't have to be without heat. Hope is all done soon and you can settle back and read all those great books. I think the baby doll would like to cuddle up with you while you read. Great find on the dishes.

  13. Mona,
    I didn't know you weren't a follower :( I just thought you were, as I think you have commented several times on my blog? Oh well, you are now, yay!

  14. OMG. Mona... would die to have found that Liberty Blue. What a lucky gal you are!!

    And, do you read all of the books you buy? I'm not much of a reader, but it's hard to read when I'm on my computer all the time I suppose.


  15. Holy COW! You got a TON of great stuff! The dishes alone!!!!! My comforter set was a good deal but not like that!

    Get that roof fixed and Stay warm!!!


  16. Hi Mona, Happy New Year to you and your family! I love your finds and you cleaned up that doll so nicely. I'm glad in a way you got those plates back. You had to do what you had to do unselfishly and you got them back in the end.

  17. Stay warm and feel better Mona. Great finds too.

    Have a blessed weekend sweet lady!
    ~Melissa :)

  18. Hi Mona! Oh, look at your blog dress! It's gorgeous and I love it!
    Poor cold one. Hope all the work will be done soon and you'll be comfortable again.
    You hit the mother lode I do believe! Love all of your pretties. Those dishes! Man!
    Glad you liked my silver pieces. Just so you won't think I really hit the jackpot - I've had that cake stand for years. Didn't cost $1 either! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. I hope that all of your repairs are finished soon and that you are snug and toasty again. Your finds are fabulous. I want to go shopping with you!!!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  20. Goodness, I remember going to yard sales in my going days but I NEVER found things so beautiful for that price as you have! What a find--all of it! The ornaments look like real authentic some-brand I can't think of! And Dolly? Well she deserves to be with you!

  21. Great buys, Mona.
    That set of LB's is awesome. I would have wet all over myself, finding those for only fifty bucks. :)


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