Friday, November 26, 2010





...and after dinner entertainment
 from our little song bird

and the serious business of beautiful guitar music...

.. all made for a darned near perfect day and deserved a standing ovation, which of course she got!

 We held hands and thought of those that were not with us this year and prayed we would all be together again next year.  It was a beautiful day!  Just beautiful...
and now..
on to Christmas!

would you believe I got up at 4 AM  this morning and joined the Black Friday crowd?? 
I don't believe it either but I did!
I bought 10 Poinsettia's for 98 cents each and my Christmas tree for $19.00!  I HAD to do it just once in my life at least, you know?  I like to FROZE my TINY behind  off though.
I no longer have any doubt that I am crazier than a bedbug!!  None!  No one in their right mind buys their tree this early.  It's out back on the patio standing in a bucket of cold water...ah well.  It was fun!  I had a good time and ...I'm glad I went.  :)  No.  I really am!!  I swear it! 

Love and hugs,


  1. Do those pies look yummy! And your little one is adorable! And yes, we all have to experience the "Black Friday" fiasco atleast once. =)

  2. If those pies tasted even half as delicious as they look they must have been fantastic!

    What is the Black Friday crowd? I have never heard of that before. It might be a bit early for a christmas tree, but why not :-)

    Have a great day now!

  3. Pumpkin, my favorite!

    Everyone must experience Black Friday once and glad you enjoyed doing it. The Queen Bargain Finder triumphs again!

  4. Hi Mona,
    Your grand-daughter is so gorgeous!!
    And those pics are pretty gorgeous too!
    Are you the cook that made those?
    I went on Black Friday and I must be crazier than you because it was only 5 degrees here!
    It was literally bone chilling cold. BRRR.
    And lots of people get there trees this early around here. Hey, they cost a lot so why not?
    Hugs Friend,
    And I read your last post too and it was so touching.

  5. You are a tough one; I never would have imagined doing this. Your pies look wonderful! She is a doll. Wishing you a nice weekend!

  6. Miss Mona,

    Well, if you are crazy as a bedbug then we want to be that way too.

    We think you are truly God's masterpiece and we love you to pieces.

    Your pumpkin pie, M did the same with the leaves, and the pumpkins. Dad always makes them from the cookie cutters and puts them on the pie when its almost finished baking. Just one of their little traditions.

    Heaps of Hugs

  7. You're amazing Mona! Looks like a delicious Thanksgiving at your house.

  8. Those are beautiful pies sitting on the sideboard, Mona! I no longer buy poinsettias, they die almost immediately upon arrival! Have a nice rest of the holiday weekend.

  9. Hi Mona! Oh, that's the prettiest pumpkin pie I've ever seen! I'm so glad you had a great Thanksgiving and your little song bird is the most beautiful little girl. Look at those eyes!
    I've never gotten up early and gone to a Black Friday sale! I hate to tell you this, but we put up our tree (fake one) on November 15! Yes, we did. Our daughter and little granddaughter are here and we wanted little Carter to have her first Christmas with us. :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  10. Mona, your Thanksgiving pictures brought back memories when our family was all close and we had them it is so different just the two of us.
    Your pumpkin pie, my favorite, is so pretty it would have been hard to cut into it!

    If I had someone to go with me, I think it would be fun to try an early Black Saturday!....Sounds like you did great and I hope your tree does well in the bucket! lol!

  11. I'm a night owl, some nights I don't get to bed until 4 or 4:30 a.m. There is no sale or bargain anywhere on this earth, that could induce me to go shopping at 4:00 a.m., especially if it's cold outside!! Hope it was worth it! :)

  12. G'day Mona ~ So glad you had a marvelous gathering & beautiful time of togetherness. I love the entertainer, she is adorable!

    You got a good deal on the poinsettias & tree.
    Only once have I done the Black Friday scene, NEVAH again! There was no Ho-Ho, na-da!

    Happy PS, my friend ...
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  13. Your grand-daughter is a darling. She is also talented, so it would seem.
    Mona your pies look great, especially liked the little pastry leaves on top of the pumpkin pie? I think it was. Did you make them all yourself? Have you got a slice left for me?
    Blessings, Star

  14. Oh sweetie, I was praying that your Thanksgiving would be just perfect this year and it sounds like you couldn't have had a better one. ....and with loads of pie too!!! Does life get any better???

    Your little entertainer is just a livin' doll! I bet she has the voice of an angel! :o)

    I Black Friday'd from the comfort of my family room dot~com'in the doorbuster prices. I actually did better than I would of in person in the wee hours. I do this every year. Heck, I'd dot~com my groceries if I could! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a terrific weekend sweetie!!!

    BTW: Your pies look marvelous!!!

  15. What a delightful Thanksgiving. Your young songstress looks adorable!

  16. Your grand-daughter is adorable! The pies looks delectable, I wish I could have one. ;-) Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you would pay me a visit again. I realize that you have things which are anything but ordinary going on in your life, feel free to leave a comment in my blog or email me at

  17. Mona,
    Just once a person has to experience Black Friday. I don't usually go, but I have in the past. Your pies look so good!! And what a sweet little girl. Sounds like you had a great day!


  18. Your after dinner entertainment is adorable! You're far more ambitious than me to get out on Black Friday! My husband is always up at that time so he decided to go to the mall. He said he walked in and then turned around and walked out. The crowds were just too much for him. We did do a little Black Friday online shopping though :-)

  19. Oh no Mona. You are not crazy! I am crazy!!! We went at 4:30 pm on Thanksgiving and waited in line at Walmart until 5:00am the next morning. Yes that's right 12 1/2 hours just so we could get 32 inch HD TVs for $198 each. We got four so it was worth it. Plus we got lots and lots of other things. I can tell you though, I'll never do that again.
    Glad you ahd a nice Thanksgiving.

  20. Dearest Friend,

    Well, there must be a lot of crazy bedbugs out there - we saw plenty of Christmas trees on car, SUV,& Van tops on their way to a Christmas home.

    Nope, I don't think you are too early, crazy or a bedbug. You are just wanting to get your tree up and begin enjoying your lovely decorations.

    Lot of love & hugs,

  21. What a beautiful child. She has grown up so fast, not a baby anymore. You know those trees are already cut and not getting any fresher so you might as well get it now. The one thing I love more than shopping is sleeping, no black Friday for me!

  22. Glad you've experienced a Black Friday at least once Mona; once was enough for me. I just don't do pushing crowds that well anymore!

  23. How very brave of you!!! I've never ever been out that early for ANY sale, and tackling those crowds---not me. I just give a little thanks for the Lane Bryant catalog---without it, I wouldn't have a rag to wear!

    I'd love to have heard your music---that's one beautiful soprano, and I know the tune was just as lovely. We had our own little version of a morality play last night, a one-minute one, choreographed and stage-propped, as well as starring, HERSELF, age three.

    Your celebrations look wonderful, and those PIES!

  24. OMGosh, Mona...I can't believe you did it. I never have...but son and daughter do it every year. 'Course, one has 4 kids, the other 6 so I know it's saving them lots of $'s.

    YUMMY PIES..I just LOVE pie!

  25. Good Morning my Dear Mona, Girl I don't do black Friday I love my sleep way too much for that...I leave that up to my kids and grand kids ha ha!!
    Girl your great grand daughter is just lovely how big she has gotten and so sweet those eyes are huge...I pray you had a great Thanksgiving...we stay in snowed in really and ate a steak and potatoe ha ha!! Got my tree up on Friday and girl what a mess I got myself into once again in this house...I'm getting to old to do this year after year...think I'll leave that up to the grand kids also...I will be calling you later today to see how your doing my Dear friend...Love ya...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  26. Your pies so look yummy, and your little song bird is absolutely adorable... I hope you had a super Thanksgiving... hugs ~lynne~

  27. Oh, Mona...It is fun, isn't it? But I'm afraid they have made it all waaaaay too early for me now! I liked it better when it was 7:00am! lol Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  28. Mona, the pies look delicious and the granddaughter is a beautiful young lady and talented too! We did get up for a black friday sale years ago, but that was when 7 a.m. opening was called "early bird." COngrats on your great bargins. We got our tree at the local supermarket this year - a live one of course and cheaper than at the local garden supply center too!


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