Friday, September 10, 2010


I will be gone and not blogging tomorrow..but I wanted to begin by saying that I REMEMBER.  We all do.
It was by best friend's birthday.  She and her husband were still sleeping in the guest room.  She and her husband and  myself and my husband have been  for the past 50 some odd years.  My husband was no longer with us as he was the first of the four of us to die. 
She turned 65 that day.  A phone call came in from another dear friend of mine and when I answered the phone..she just said...turn on your television.  She was almost screaming.  I did...and the nightmare began to unfold.  The first plane had just hit.  I asked her if it was some sort of horror movie..she said..."NO, it's real!  It's happening right now!"  I yelled for my friends and they came running in and piled on the bed beside me.....and we watched...horrified.  Then we saw it coming through the air, the second plane.  I remember I screamed..and it hit!!   All of us were crying!   I will be horrified to the end of my days when I think of September 11, 2001. 
My poor friend, every birthday for the rest of her life will be a bit marred by History.  It will always sadden us, but it is nothing compared to the lives it changed forever....with the world watching!
Love and hugs to all of you sweet, wonderful people out there,


  1. Impossible to forget. And yes we watched here in NY , and worried about our relatives in those buildings and around them in the city. It is a day I will never forget, not knowing for hours if our loved ones perished.

  2. Hi Dear Mona,
    A sad sad day we will always remember. It's like when JFK was shot. I was only in 1st grade but being in a Catholic School it's seared in my mind forever. Same for 9-11. We will always remember what we were doing and where we were.
    And a happy note. You have some really cute fall decorating stuff below~ And I can't wait to see what you do. Good luck with the blogging issues. I know how frustrating that can be. Big Hugs,

  3. It is my mother's birthday too. Since my mother died years ago we no longer celebrate it and 9/11 has turned into a sad day rather then a fun day for us.

  4. Oh, Mona, it was a terrible day. I too can remember and just couldn't believe it was happening! We will never forget.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I was at work and heard on the radio that a plane had hit one of the buildings. I thought it sounded strange since I believed no planes were allowed to fly that close. I was in my car on my way home when the news of the second plane arrived and that a third was about to hit the Pentagon. I will remember this to the end of my days.

  6. Sweet Friend,

    Yes, it is a day that changed the world & us forever. I will never forget the horror that unfolded on that day.

    Yet, there are wonderful God stories of how people helped others, the bravery, and those who were suppose to be there but were late. And the children NOT in daycare yet. No, I will never forget....none of us will.


  7. Good Morning Mona,
    I remember that day well. I was waiting for my husband to come home as he worked nights. When he walked in the door he said 'turn on the TV..something terrible is happening in NY!' We were watching Peter Jennings when the second building came down. I think it was a day the whole world stood still watching the events take place on their telvision screens. I don't think anyone will forget September 11.

    Have fun getting your fall decor ready ...looking forward to seeing pictures of everything when you're done. I hope you're able to fix the problem with posting pictures. Enjoy your weekend. Maura

  8. Mona, this is a nice post and encourages me to also post something about my friends who are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary today.

    I also enjoyed reading the comments you received here.

    God Bless,


  9. Mona,

    Your sweet kind and tender heart does honor to the ones we lost that day. We'll all remember the "where we were" just as we remember other tragic moments in our nation's history, by the small activities or places of our own connection to those parts of our lives.

    I hope your friend the joy of her day, in that she shares a defining moment in history, from which comes an ever greater pride in our country and a deeper determination to keep it strong and vital, and to honor all Keepers of the Flame.

    Have a sweet weekend, dear one,


  10. My heart and prayers go out to your dear friend. I do wish her a very happy birthday, to bad it will always be marred by this tragic event.

    Ya'll enjoy your visit and cherish each other. Have a great weekend beautiful Mona. :o)

  11. Through tears and torment
    with prayers and remembrance
    We will never forget.♥

  12. I remember my boss told me to go get my kids from school and take them home so I could spend time with them. I remember my youngest, in kindergarten at the time, said that he learned that a man flew into a building that day but he was sure he didn't mean to do it. I was terribly upset that the kids saw this stuff at school. We went home and turned all the TVs to the Travel Channel for the next several days. We learned a lot about beautiful and tranquil places. That was just what we needed to ease through those days.

  13. G'eve Mona ~ Enjoy your celebrating ... bring joyful moments to this date.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  14. Yes, same here. I was drinking coffee in front of the tv, going to catch a little news. Little did I know that it was news that would break our hearts forever. When I saw the second plane, I nearly passed out...just like everyone watching that day.


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