Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have added this photo because Kathy, who is a quilter, has requested it.
It better shows the full pattern for those who might be interested. 
Is there anything better than bringing out the quilts, the afghans and getting ready for some serious COZY?
Well, yes, but I think it's a lot of fun...(darn near too much for my heart to stand!  I LOVE IT!)

I bought this lovely old quilt at a garage sale last Saturday for just $3.00.  It washed up beautifully!  It has so much detail in the stitching..and finding it made my day!  It isn't Fall colors but it goes in my Shabby living room perfectly!  HOW can people sell things like this??  But then my daughter #2 gave her Great Grandmothers old sewing machine cabinet that I had given her, to her friend and you go! 
Fall....Yep..working on it!  Here's a bit...but I am still working...

I didn't realize how many pumpkins I had....goodness!  They really can add up, can't they?

Old, old books, real Fall leaves...and of course, pumpkin under glass! :)
WAIT!  Lemons don't go with pumpkins, do they??   The Fall painting..and the black cat?  Well...I love that painting and the longer I can look at it during the Fall season...the better I like it.  So.....oh...and the artist that painted it now has a clock...a gorgeous clock that has MY cat painted on it too.  Oh well...
So...should I buy the clock??  Naw....still....

Ok, I'm done.  Now if I can figure out how to start my sentence's over to the right...but hey...this works.
Love and hugs to all of you...and take good care!

And...THANK YOU Gail...for everything!  IF you haven't met Gail, she is a struggling bloggers dream friend. 
Go say hello to Gail... At The Farm.


  1. Beautiful colors! Up here the leafs are changing colors now but suddenly it´s warm again :-)
    Have a great day now!
    Lemons goes with anything :-)

  2. Could you post a photo with more of the quilt that you bought? How lucky to find something like that! I would love to see more of the pattern. I love old quilts.

    A house can NEVER have too many pumpkins decorating it for the fall!

  3. I see you have conquered the computer goblins. Thanks for the mention, I treasure every new friend I meet.

    Beautiful decorations...fall is closer every day.

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  5. Trying again---don't know how my words got so garbled up there.

    I'm just so glad that quilt found you---if they just HAD to sell something that meaningful, you were the one to treasure it and give it a good home.

    Have a wonderful Sunny Sunday on this lovely Fall day!


  6. Hi Sweet Friend,

    The fall decorations are beautiful, we think we have a few of the same, giggle.

    The quilt is lovely. There isn't any text, oh boy, we hope we haven't broken Mom's puter. I think we will run and hide - just in case. "Puter, what puter? We don't see a puter." (o: We always have a "Plan B". Giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence & Sissy

  7. Oh Mona, that quilt is gorgeous. What a wonderful find. Your fall decorations are stunning. See, you can do it and your cloche looks wonderful. I like them best with just 1 or 2 things inside. It makes that item look so special and pretty. You crack me up. If I was half the person that you are I would be fabulous. You are such a special person. Hugs, Marty

  8. Coming through beautifully so someone else's computer is messed up...not your blog.

  9. Your fall dressing is so pretty! I think your lemons look fine with the pumpkins -- and unexpeceted treat! LOVE that quilt -- beautiful -- I just love autumn.

  10. One of my sister's got my Mom's sewing machine in the antique Singer pedal cabinet a few months before my Mom passed away. She emailed me a couple weeks ago and asked if I wanted it, otherwise she was going to take it to a charity auction and donate it! I think not! I told her I definitely wanted it...seriously we were raised with it. She is holding it in her garage until I can get down and pick it up! I don't understand either how people can give away such treasures!

  11. What a beautiful quilt you have there. My sweet MIL keeps us warm and cozy with many quilts. I got a 'surprise' from a cousin who sent me a quilt made by my Great-Great Grandma. It was almost freaky because it's almost identical to the bedset I bought for our master...colors and all. In fact hubby thought it was the same quilt.

    I love fall around your place. It makes me just want to settle in with a warm cup of apple cider and enjoy the beautiful surroundings!

    Speakin' of weird, strange and bloggin' spooks. This is the second time your words did not show on your blog for me. I just highlighted them like I was gonna copy so I could read. I do believe blogger is possessed or maybe I just need to scream for GAIL!!! Hhheheheh.

    God bless ya and have a beautiful "fall" day sweetie!!!

  12. I love your pretty Fall decor...but that quilt? It is the most beautiful! The soft colors I remember from my childhood! Makes me want to snuggle! It's supposed to be 49 degrees tomorrow morning....time to snuggle! Enjoy your day, sweet friend! ♥

  13. HI Dear Mona! Oh, what a lovely quilt! Would that sweet Mele be under it? :)
    You're a fallen women, Dear One! LOL Love the looks of all your falleness! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Hi sweet lady...

    Mona, I was just ecstatic to find your note this's been way too long since we've visited, my friend!

    Girl, you're place is looking mighty fabulous all decked out in it's autumn finery! I love it!!! Sooo many pretties!!! This is my favorite time of the year...and yes, I love being able to get all my quilts out!!! Speaking of quilts...I love your quilt!!! I can't believe that you got this for just $3!!! That may very well be...the deal of the century! I know...I know...I don't understand how people can get rid of such treasures...but lucky for us that they do! Hehe! So happy to visit with you, sweet friend! Have fun with your fall decorating! Can't wait to see it all!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  15. Oh my the quilt is just beautiful! and your fall decorations are so festive... I really better get on the ball and get mine out....I want to be a fallen women!LOL
    Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

  16. I am getting ready for a little cozy Fall weather around here. Love your decorations. Gotta start thinking about getting my stuff out. Just thinking. :-)


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