Saturday, August 14, 2010


It's me! I would apologize for being so far behind in my blogging photo's, etc, but I know you understand. It hasn't even been a week yet...and it seems like three.
Lots of pain and discomfort but he is doing well. If you have time for a very short story, I have one for you.

Took him in Monday morning, checked in, pre-op done, Anesthesiologist visited, Doctor made his mark and spoke to us, said it would take about two hours. Not bad at all. I was sent to the waiting room. Waited and read an hour. Wandered around. Decided to dash home and let the dog out to go potty. Rushed back just in the nick of time.
Talked to the doctor...he talked, I nodded. He left, I asked Nice Lady if I could see Sweet Husband. Nope. Said it would be THREE HOURS before I could see him..but I disagreed. I was prepared to get on my knee's. I said..."Please..listen..I'll give you my first born child if you will just let me PEEK at him! I won't stay, I won't speak! I just WANT TO SEE HIM!!" Nice lady said "let me check with the nurse..."

She came back a few minutes later and yes..I could "peek" at him, and led me back to Recovery. He was wide awake and looked at me with this huge smile and said..."Whatever they gave me I want to take it home with me!" I kissed his hand burst into tears! Who knows why!! He looked great! The nurse jumped up and said "YOU need a hug!" and rushed around the bed and hugged me!
Is this a great world ...or what??? *smile*

We'll talk later, ok? I hear him calling me...what a GREAT sound!
Love and hugs to all of you...
P.S. By the way, my "first born child" is 54 years old! :)


  1. I´m glad the surgery went fine! He might think it´s rather unpleasant right now (because I don´t think he will have so much more of those happy pills :-) :-) ). But it´ll be so great when he can start to walk around witjout that pain he has before!

    Have a great day now!

  2. Tears of joy are rolling down my cheeks.
    So very glad all went well.
    Your darling hubby will soon be home, getting the greatest care anyone could possibly get.
    Hugs & Love,

  3. 噴泉的高度,不會超過它的源頭。一個人的事業也是如此,它的成就絕不會超過自己的信念。........................................ ........................

  4. Oh so sweet! Glad it all went well and he continues to do great!

  5. A good relief for you, that it's all over. I can feel it in your post. Your husband was more than ready to see you, wasn't he? and I think you picked that up. Now the recovery process begins. Good luck with it.
    You didn't say how your mouth was? Hope it is feeling a little better?
    Blessings, Star

  6. ps I would like to read the posts about your dolls? but I can't see a link to any of them. Can you point me in the right direction please?
    Blessings, Star

  7. Dearest Friend,

    Heaps of Hugs, and prayers continue for you both. Don't forget to breathe....

    Joyce & The Bears

  8. What a wonderful post, and a wonderful world!I pray recovery goes well.

  9. Hello Dear! I'm so sorry, I haven't been by in two whole weeks and I've missed so much. It's been so busy here but school starts Monday so I'll get a little bit of 'me time" back.

    I'm happy to hear Howard's knee surgery is done. I hope he's doing great and is being a good patient for you as he recovers!

    And you! Those dentists are sneaky ones huh? I hope you are feeling better soon too. My hubby had to have a root canal last week. It wasn't too bad, technology has come a long way, but he was scared to death before it started. He hadn't been to a dentist for a while because ours quit, get this, to go dig up teeth in archeology sites! I guess those "patients" don't complain as much!

    Hugs to both of you!

  10. Hi Mona! I'm so thankful to know how well your sweet hubby has done! So happy for you two. Now take care of him and take all the time you need!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. I'm smiling after reading this, Mona. Glad he's okay... Glad YOU'RE okay!! Have fun playing nurse... hope you bought a cute white nurses outfit for just this occasion! LOL


  12. Hi Mona !
    So glad that the surgery went well ! Glad that nurse was there to give you a hug when you needed it. I hope your hubby recovers quick.
    Sending a bunch of hugs your way in mind and spirit,

  13. I can imagine you are both glad to have the surgery over. Hope your Howard has an unevenful, speedy recovery!

  14. Good wishes for a speedy recovery and relief from pain and worry!

  15. Oh Mona, I am sitting here with goose bumps and tears in my eyes, what a precious and joyous feeling for you! I hope your dear Howard has a very speedy recovery. What a special, loving and angel of a nurse in that room with you.


  16. Oh I am so glad the surgery went well and he is home. I will keep praying for a speedy recovery. Hugs to you. Marty

  17. I'm so glad for both of you, Darlin' Girl!! Those hours spent waiting are tense ones, and I'm so glad that you were with people who understand.

    Best to you both, and Happy Birthday to your Eldest!

  18. Hi Mona. So glad o hear that it all went well. Waiting is the hardest thing. Your mind tends to think of all those what if's.Now for the recovery and getting well.Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  19. I'm so glad your husband is doing well! It warms my heart that you encountered caring people during the hospital visit! It makes all the difference!!!

  20. I'm so glad the surgery went well. I've been thinking of you two this week, and said a prayer for your hubby. I hope this week he improves by leaps and bounds (although with knee surgery, he doesn't need to be leaping and bounding just yet:-))

  21. What wonderful news Mona!
    I am so happy things went well and that was a sweet story.
    Take care and don't overdo yourself!

  22. All the best to you, Mona, and your husband, Howard, as he recovers. Glad to know the surgery went well and before you know it the two of you will be out shopping for treasures again.

  23. Mona,
    So happy that things went well! Please keep us posted.

  24. I'm sending you a few MORE HUGS! You and hubby are in my thoughts and prayers! Don't worry about visiting now...just take care of yourself! HUGS! ♥♥♥

  25. Hi Mona, I've been gone a while and thought I would catch up with my bloggers. Sorry to hear that your "Honey" had to have knee surgery, but really GLAD to hear that he is doing great! Sometimes it pays to offer your first born!!!!
    Have a great week,
    hugs to you,

  26. So glad everything went so well. You both are in my thoughts.

  27. So glad all went well and you got to actually SEE Sweet Husband so soon after the surgery. Take care of him Mona.

  28. Hi Mona, Glad Howard is doing well after the surgery. Is he on the CPM for joint mobility? That machine is wonderful- Mr. S had it after all his knee/quad surgeries. It is easier for replacement surgeries than his ordeal, though. Sending good thoughts to you both. hugs, Sue

  29. Oh sweet Mona that is the best news ever! God IS good and He knew you needed hubby to flash that big old smile at ya to let ya know all is well. Have fun playin' 'nurse' girl!!!

    God bless you dear one and I know Hubs is in good hands! :o)

  30. hi mona...glad to hear things went well with howard and that they gave him good drugs!!! he should be running around in no time!

  31. 不會從失敗中找尋教訓的人,成功之路是遙遠的。.................................................

  32. Hi Mona! I am happy to hear that your hubby is doing well! There's nothing like those first few words after surgery, is there? Take your time...we'll still be here!...hugs...Debbie

  33. I've heard this surgery is awesome and ....easy. EASY, my foot. Or, MY KNEE !! It is always easy if it's someone else...and I understand about the age thing. Mr. Sweet is 76, too, and I don't want to see him go in for ANY kind of surgery.
    O, I am so glad things went well...and I will continue to hope he will do better each day...

    Implants? I want to do that but they are so expensive...I need about 3, I think. I will be going to our dentist soon and see what he thinks.
    Hope your mouth is feeling better!! :(
    hugs, bj

  34. Will keep you both in my prayers. Glad to hear he is doing so well. My dad is having the same surgery Sept 7th. He will be 78 next month.

    Love and Hugs,


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