Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A few garage sales ago..I bought this little table for $20. I really liked it as it was...and yes, I could have just covered that black spot with a scarf or doily (too deep to sand out) and let it go...but as you know (if you visit very often) I have also been on a "spray painting" kick!

I waffled back and forth..should I or shouldn't I, and had some yes and no's from you little Sweethearts out there, but in the end...I just did it. "Remember now, you can always change it" I said to myself...which is always how I sooth myself when I'm scared and insecure!

Here it is the way it was when I bought it. I love the legs..

...and here it is painted white.
Disregard the doily on the back of the chair..I was trying it on the top of the table...didn't work.

The living room, is a problem. It's a mix of furnature..which is fine..but it just seems if you are going to go white..you should paint EVERYTHING white...and I can't. So...we'll see.

Do you get the feeling that I have NO idea who I am when it comes decorating? I love the bright, cheerful French Country look...but I like Rebecca's soft pinks and whites and feminine look...so...who knows! Shabby Chic?

What the heck, should I paint the curio cabinet white...and the rocker. It was a gift from Patrick :( so..you know. How can I paint that white...and would I be sorry? And the coffee table. The only thing left in wood would be my piano. NOW that I CANNOT paint! But the other stuff. I mean, I could.... *trails off in confusion*

I (sort of) tie it together by keeping my roses with the deep rose reds to go with the reds of the kitchen and Great room...(didn't we used to call that the "family room?) What's the difference. I know full well my ignorance of terminology is going to show here...but I don't care. I really do want to know. Anyone? Anyone? (Fast Times At Ridgemont High) heheh...

Yes...I know this little table looks ...all out of place..but..I'll figure it out. Maybe. (what to do..what to do..) Maybe it's the heat??

In the meantime I'm turning on that blasted air conditioner again. It must be 90 degree's in here! It is supposed to hit a 100 by weeks end. I can't sleep when it's so hot! My poor hanging flower baskets are pathetic looking...JUST PATHETIC..
(whine, whine...)

So..ok..what do you think of the table? I would say "be nice" but you always are.

I love you guys! I really do.. :) *love all shining from my eyes*


  1. Sweet Friend,

    The table is WONDERFUL - just like you. It really is lovely - and that is the truth.

    The heat - boy, I can't wait for fall to arrive.

    Stay cool, sweet one.

    Prudence & Sister say, "WOW, Miss Mona, your work is beautiful AND the 3 of us love YOU."

  2. Mona.....I agree about the heat! It has been hot here in Ohio and after a small reprieve it will be going back up again in the 90's. Hey...I love the table! You know what if you really look at some of the decoratiing that is out there you do see a mix of darker woods with whites. I think the key is keeping the white sprinkled around so it kind of flows. You don't have to paint everything, just incorporated it here and there so it draws the eye. Good luck!~Hugs, Patti

  3. I think you did just fine! I am not a painter, only have painted one piece of furniture that wasn't already painted. But, what the heck, it's not like it was a treasured heirloom, like your curio and your piano!

  4. Love your table. It is gorgeous. Very pretty painted white, it really does show off the pretty legs on it. I don't really like a room with all white furniture, I think it has a lot more character if just some are painted. I wouldn't paint the other pieces if I were you, maybe just a mirror frame or picture frame or candles or anything that just adds a little white to the room. Then it will look great with the white table. Just my opinion. Hugs, Marty

  5. I think it turne out wonderful Mona! I don't like everything matchy/matchy. If you look at my great room - (BTW I think they started called them "great" rooms when they ceiling hights started soaring) - anyway if you look at my great room you will seem black painted furniture with a gold and black harlequin pattern on top. A green painted wine cabinet and bookshelf, a cream painted secretary and three naturally stained wood tables in mahogany, cherry and oak.

    See this post...and you can see all of the different type surfaces:


    p.s. I am having a giveaway on my current post....

  6. well, I spelled "turned" and "heights" wrong above...lol

  7. The table looks great. The nice thing about paint is when you grow tired of that color, there are millions more to choose from.

    Your style is yours, what pleases you, you don't have to name it only enjoy it.

  8. I really like the table in white. I can truly appreciate your hard work. I have embarked on a refinishing journey with a table and 4 chairs. I am just in the beginning process and it may turn out to be more than I can handle. The heat has me at a standstill since I have to work in the garage for ventilation and it is just miserable outside. I may have to wait until summer's end. Love your blog and enjoyed reading past posts.

  9. I think it looks just fine as a single white furniture. To much white in a home and it looks like a hospital! I also think that a home is so much more personal when everything isn´t matched witn the other tings in a home.

    Have a great day now!

  10. Mona,
    I think it looks great! I really love it white. Don't worry about the mix of furniture in your living room. I am like you, I love different decorating styles that I haven't yet defined my own style yet. Each room has its own personality! I think it's cute and you did a great job!


  11. Hi Mona,
    I still call it the family room! :)
    The table looks great...if you decide to paint your curio cabinet...it doesn't have to be white. Check out this tutorial:
    So you can do it any color you like! I know about being sentimental about a piece of furniture. You can keep it and just UPDATE it! Better than getting rid of something that doesn't work anymore!

  12. I think that in it's heart that little table longed to be white. It's perfect!!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. I love the table...it turned out wonderful! I am in agreement with some of the other comments. I paint furniture white, black, and old wood patina often stays untouched. Another strategy is to use the color of the walls on some of the furniture, such as bookcases, armoires, etc that then to go up against the wall. I love a balanced mix.

  14. Hi Mona! Oh, I do love your little table and it looks so pretty in the white! I think your little table and the way you've dressed it looks just perfect! I don't know wht to tell you about the painting! I love it all! I'm a bit indecisive myself!
    Yes, ma'am, I still have my Roosters. They're just taking a little break! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. I love it!! I think it looks great!

  16. I like your table with it's barley twisty legs. I love it painted white.

  17. Mona, If it was my decision, I would keep the white in your accessory pieces and not paint the larger pieces of furniture. Trust your instincts and do what makes you happy.
    If you choose to have a mixture of finishes, just keep them balanced in your furniture placement.
    hugs, Sue

  18. Hello! I found you thru Marty's Cloche Party and started looking around your blog. What caught my eye was this post. Oh my goodness, you sound so much like me. Ha ha! I have painted some pieces of furniture in white but have kept some the way they are. I like a mixture of things. Call me confused, ha ha. I hope you don't mind me following along your blog. I hope you come visit my blog and feel enticed enough to follow along. :)


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