Friday, April 30, 2010

~CROCHETING of Saturdays garage sale haul..~

I know that some think doilies are old fashioned and out of style etc...but for me they are mini works of art.
I love them. On ebay I spotted a seller selling doilies that her Dad made. She said he had begun as a little boy, some Aunt had taught him and he crocheted to relax. He makes one now and then...and I was fortunate enough to win this beauty. There are others out there much fancier..but this one is special. Do you know anyone who's Dad crochets? I do now...

And here it is on my coffee table. See that little green pitcher under the glass? My grandmother made and painted it many years ago. Her name, Alice Turner and the year is on the bottom in her hand writing. (and by the way I need a change here don't you think? But what?
I'll think about it tomorrow....)

I bought both of these pieces for 6.00. FOR BOTH! Both pieces are lined and of heavy brocade and velvet. Lots of detail but not too much. The large square piece has a tassel on all four corners..

I love the deep rich color of these...great for Christmas?

One was a large square and the other long scarf with the tassels on each end. Perfect for my sofa table. LOVE this deal.

I had a terrible time photographing and I know you can't get the full scope. I should have cleared off my big square coffee table and maybe you could have seen it better...

And that's my garage sale haul for this past Saturday. AND tomorrow day!
(sound familiar?)

The best part is when you tire of things like don't lose a hundred dollars...or fifty...or whatever. It's just a few dollars...and you had fun with it..for a season or?

Lots and lots happening in my life right now and concentration is not an easy thing.
Then I stopped by to see SMB's blog and found out my problem. I HAVE SASS! It's terrible!
I've probably had it for more years than I knew...

Ok..I knew. I was just in denial! (heavy sigh...)

Love and hugs,


Ok. Because of some of the comments I have gotten I need to be more clear. SASS stands for
Short Attention Span Syndrome. If your read WORDS OF WISDOM FROM A SMART MOUTH BROAD you will know exactly what I am talking about....


  1. OK, now you got me Mona. What's SASS? I can't figure out what the initials mean. You always get such great garage sale finds, I would love to shop with you. And the doilie is just beautiful! It looks so pretty with your lovely china.
    Happy Thrifting,

  2. It´s not that common that men over here crocheting or knitting, but it seemes to get more popular now when most people are so stressed. I would go mad after just a few minutes :-) :-)

    But I do like Yours with that yellow border. I think I have some in my linnen cupboard that my grandmother once made.
    Have a great day now!

  3. The doily looks lovely with your china. It really does fit perfectly, because you already have a gorgeous crocheted tablecloth on the dining table. (I LOVE that!)
    I do know a guy who works a hectic computer programmer job and does cross stitch to relax and to spend a little more time with his wife. Sweet really. His pictures are usually historic buildings, not flowers and girly stuff. He was featured in an article in a craft magazine a couple of years ago. His wife sent me a copy!

  4. I remember as a child that EVERY home had doilies. On table tops, arms of sofas and chairs, the back of the chair, dresser tops... EVERYWHERE. It's just a fad that faded away I guess but once in a while I will spy one in a second hand store and consider purchasing. They really are little works of art.


  5. Good Morning Mona, Girl I love doilys and always have them in my bedroom...Now what the hecks is Sass maybe I hvae it and don't know...Love ya sis...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. I love the doily. My mother always had them on every available surface and I always look through the piles of them when I am flea~tiquing!!

    I also love the brocade and velvet pieces. Truly beautiful. You are so right about these sales, you can get a lot and spend just a few dollars. I can't wait until the weather warms and we have more of them.

    Keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend, Mona!


  7. Hi Mona,
    I love doilies and I have them all over my home. I actually have three which my aunt made me which I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Your rich brocade and velvet pieces are gorgeous! Great finds! Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend.


  8. That doily is beautiful. It really is a work of art.

    Now, is this SASS thing contagious? hmm...I bet is stands for Sweet As Spring Strawberries? No? I better go check..

  9. Hello, you sweet, SASSy thing. :-) I love your garage sale finds. And doilies! Love them. Always have. My children think that I'm hopelessly old fashioned but I can't help myself. I'm with of art.

    And my favorite joke/story involves doilies too. *wink*


  10. Mona, you've got some explaining to do. I don't know who SMB is and there's no're teasing us!

  11. Lovely post, Mona. I love seeing all your happy finds. Have fun tomorrow!

  12. I love your SASS Miss Mona! Your doilies are perfectly you. I have itty-bitty ones tuck here and there 'round the house. Your new treasured finds will look wonderful durin' the Holiday. Have fun tomorrow sweetie!

    God bless ya and have a fabulous Friday!!!

  13. Hi, Mona....I have been called SASSy all my entire life !! :))

    Love your finds...
    Have a wonderful weekend..
    O, I have sworn off garage sales for awhile. I am hauling boxes upon boxes to the thrift stores. I HAVE to get rid of some of this stuff before I die and my kids hate me when THEY have to clear it out!! Actually, I am just tired of STUFF...
    xo bj

  14. More wonderful treasures you have acquired. You really have an eye for treasures. Happy collecting...

  15. Great finds! And you are so right. Finding things like this for just a few dollars is so much fun, but not alot is invested in them. That's why I enjoy thrifting. I don't feel bad getting rid of something I only paid $2 for if I tire of it.

    Hope tomorrow is another successful day!


  16. well Mona you are always finding the coolist things well my Mom told me when i was a child my Grandfather knit,and crochet she had dollies like yous i remember when i was a small child my Granmother use to starch them to stand up in a circle she had the prettyest things so Irish Lace my M0m use to say there was 2 kinds of Irish shanny and Irish Lace we where the latter.Well Mom had a lot of saying some of them cant be repeated lol.Oh and i understand about the sass i have what i call brain fog.Iam so glad i got to stop by today you have a wnderful week hugs Linda

  17. is always a pleasure to see you. I think most of us have SOME brain fog. My problem is that I have way too much, way too much of the time! :) I hope you saved some of those hand crocheted doilies that your grandparents made!

  18. If my Dad had ever crocheted doilies...I could never part with them. So nice that they have a new home with you, who will appreciate them. You DO find the greatest treasures. What I want to know is.....where do you put it all? Do you have some kind of an "out building" to store everything? I love change in my house...I put things out and then put them away for a while. Things are always moving around in my house.

  19. I love handmade crocheted items...always on the look out for them! And the dark red is a favorite of mine! I have it here and there and everywhere! Enjoy your Monday! ♥ I am catching up on all of your fun! ♥

  20. Hi Mona,
    I love the colors in your blog right now. So warm and cozy. The story about the man crocheting is really neat. I would have bought that piece too knowing a man had made it. Unique... to me.
    Thank you for the visit to my blog. You are always so encouraging and friendly.
    David says he won't stretch the rattlesnake skin out on a board because frankly I think he might have butchered it a bit cutting out the backstrap.
    Thanks again for your visit. I truly enjoy you coming by.
    Ladybug Creek


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