Saturday, February 27, 2010


Please don't pay any attention to the dates on the pictures. I don't know how to change it. THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN YESTERDAY! GRRRR...
Thought it was fixed but it's back again. :)
I have had this hutch for 38 years now. I just brought it in out of the garage when I was moving back into the house after the redo. Nearly gave it to Goodwill..and then decided to restain it and...I still love my hutch!
The pillow on the chair was made by Becky at Sweet Dreams Cottage. It is one of my favorite pillows.
This little hutch helped me raise my children. There was always a "ribbon drawer" there on the right..and each day they picked out their hair ribbons themselves.. Well, most of the time.
We had son in law, Brock paint both sides of the front door..white. I love it like this. The front door knocker looks VERY different! It was fun seeing the change paint and elbow grease made!
These bunches of wood roses have not a single thing to do with the home redo. A purchase from Gardner's Cottage here in Riverside, always makes me feel good.
See Sweet husband over there reading quietly. Shhhhh...I think he thinks I am a bit nuts with all this fixing and fluffing. He is NOT used to it and is doing very nicely...(so far!) :) Like I said..he smiles a lot!
View into the family room and below is the view into the living room.

Some of my blue and white china. This sweet little hutch was here when I arrived. It belonged to my husband and his late wife, Vaudeen. I put blue in it because it was one of her favorite colors.
Office and guest room are all that is left.

You have all been so sweet about your comments. Thank you so much!! I appreciate it.
Hugs and love,


  1. I love the braided rug and the quilts on the tables. And I love the blue and white china in the hutch!

  2. I love it all, but especially your red floral couch. I love, love, love red! Always have.
    Have a great weekend,

  3. I really like the white and blue china! and the two hutches too.
    Have a great day now!

  4. What a warm, welcoming nest!! Though it's quite a large one---ready to be filled with all your sweet Birdies.

    I'm mostly in a pastel/rosy phase of my life right now, I KNOW I'd LOVE cooking in that bright, cheery kitchen---the red is just wonderful. Who did the posies on your cabinet doors? Those are just charming.

    We're getting new cabinets in the downstairs kitchen this Spring, and I'm certainly leaning to white or cream this time, to make it brighter down here.

    You certainly bright my Mornings!!

  5. Everything looks just wonderful. Doesn't it just make you feel so good to have fresh paint and everything changed up a bit. Enjoy. Hugs, Marty

  6. Mona, your little house is adorable. Love the hutches...I have two, also!

  7. "It belonged to my husband and his late wife, Vaudeen. I put blue in it because it was one of her favorite colors."

    You are just the SWEETEST woman! Really you are. Do you know how lovely it is to read the above? Lovely, sweet, considerate, and... Happily... Very sure of yourself and your position. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, where to begin? Oh it's a good thing you didn't get rid of that lovely 38 year old hutch. First of all, my [woodworker] husband would be shocked to hear such a thing! :-) Second, it has such lovely memories for you. I'm so glad you kept it.

    Your front door and eagle knocker are super! It must look so very, very different, from the former door.

    I'm loving lamps I see, around your house. I call them 'ambiance' lamps. And to me, they make such a lovely effect. I don't have enough of them. -sigh-

    I love that you had the courage to go Red, Red, Red in the kitchen! Yes I do.

    And your husband may not understand all the fluffing you're doing. But he certainly looks very contented, in it. :-)


  8. You are ever the romantic Mona! That's so wonderful of you to put the blue in Vaudeen's hutch.

    I'm so loving all your red! You are definately a girl after my own heart with all that color and pattern. I made my hubby come in and look at your photos. I told him I loved your couch and he said "No!" He thought I wanted a new one. I told him a slipcover would work just fine.LOL!

  9. Hi Mona,

    Everything looks so warm and cozy. I love your kitchen, and all the pretty reds.


  10. Your house looks loved! I have the same red phone in my kitchen. Don't you just love red in a kitchen? So warm and welcoming! You are a sweet person and it really shows in your home.

    Susan and Bentley

  11. You have beautiful treasures! great photos.

  12. Your home is SO cozy! I love the kitchen with the bits of red everywhere!

  13. You have a very charming home Mona. I still can't get over the full blown redo at one time. That just blows me away, it turned out just beautifully sweetie.

    God bless and have a glorious week!

  14. I love the red in your kitchen. Everything looks so nice. I recognized Becky's pillow even before I read your comments. (She's awesome, isnt she). Your home is so warm, cozy and inviting. Your Hubby smiles a lot because he has you to make him happy. Not suprising to me at all.
    Hugs and smiles,
    Patricia :o)

  15. Your home is just so lovely, and so cozy! I bet anyone who comes over, loves it there! I really love that hutch you brought in from the garage, and the china you have set up on the bottom is so beautiful. I love your other hutch with the blue and white also. Everything is soooo pretty! xoxo Paulette

  16. Everything looks just wonderful Mona, so comfy and cozy, which is what you were going for, I'm sure. Is that a handpainted floor cloth of roosters?

  17. You have a magnificent collection of blue and white. It looks so pretty in the hutch...


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