Monday, February 22, 2010


Last Saturday we nearly decided to not go to the garage sales, but then went anyway.
Sometimes, I don't get out of the car but that seldom happens...unless it is clear there is nothing. This one looked we walked up.
On a table near the end of the driveway was a box full of tarnished flatware that caught my eye...this sort of thing always does, but usually I pass it by.

Some of you might remember me being talked out of my silverware, King Richard to be exact, by eldest daughter in Georgia.
I had only used it once..but..anyway..I let it go.

I picked up a piece and turned it over...was a bit startled..thought I had read wrong but asked the man how much he wanted for the set. It looked to be only a set of six but it was lovely. "Prelude" was the pattern and delicate to a fault.

He said $15.00. I countered with "will you possibly take $10.00?" He thought for a second and agreed. I asked my husband if he had a ten and he handed it to me. I only had some change in quarters etc.

I handed the man the money and headed for the car. We got in and drove off and only then I had the nerve to look again. It read on the back INTERNATIONAL and then...
STERLING! Yes! Yes! You talk about your happy DANCE!! I am no expert so had to look it up to see what it was when I got home.
I looked it up...and...

The price for a set WITHOUT the adorable butter knives and the soup spoons OR the serving spoons was $3899.00 but with the soup spoons it is $4199.00! Just one place setting is approx. $374.95. I have no idea what it is with the little butter knives.
Also has four large serving spoons. Beautiful round soup spoons are also with the set. It is a set of 8, NOT six.
There were also additional Pieces in the box that were Silver plate!
I love the pattern!
I'm still not sure it's real! It says Sterling. The pattern is exactly like the photo. I tried to get a picture of the ingraving on the back but it blurred. I am going to try another camera tomorrow.
I wish I had a better camera! NO! I will not sell my silver for a camera. :)

Am I going to be punished for not going back and telling the man it was REAL! NOT PLATE! I don't think I could even find the place..but still...I am feeling just a bit guilty. Don't make it worse on me..ok?
It really is beautiful! The year it was made was in 1939.
Look it up and see what you think.
NEVER have I ever gotten anything like this at a garage sale. Lots of silver plate, but not sterling!

I am as excited about this as Dawn was about her post cards in the attic.
If you are knowledgable about Silverware..please let me know. Thanks!!
Hugs and love,

Garden Of Daisies is right! I have no idea why the "shop keepers" or early birds as they are called, didn't beat me to it. This morning we were out earlier than usual. We usually go later at about 9. This time we were out by 7am. NO idea why someone hadn't scooped it up. Never thought of that!! Wow! Just accidental that I found it! :) Thank you for the lovely comments on this post!


  1. OMG MONA,
    That is amazing!! What a find~ You need not feel guilty either. It is gorgeous with a capital G! You can go on Antique Road Show and tell your story. Hugs to you, you lucky gal!!!! Cindy

  2. Hello Mona,
    I am always amazed at the things people sell at
    yard sales. I bet the man selling it really didn't care if it was real or not or else he would have checked. If it is marked sterling then it is. You really got yourself a gem and now it is with someone who will appreciate it and love its beauty.


  3. Yup, if it says Sterling, it's the real deal. What a wonderful find. I love stories like yours. Your Sterling is in good hands now. A treasure that you will cherish for sure. And the pattern is just beautiful. Sterling has that unmistakable luster to me. It's deeper and richer than silverplate. I'm happy for you to find such beauty.


  4. How amazing it is, what folks will sale. I know my sons told me one time when I died they were going to sell all my stuff in a yard sale cause I had so much...( I collect Hall's) I told them I would haunt them for ever if they put it in my will that my Hall's was not to be sold in yard sale. Some people just don't know or care about value.
    PS my boys were just joking. Baby Boy has already promised to keep all my Hall's, if none of the grands want it. But of course my 2 little grands are already fighting over they are only 8 & 9.
    What a great find you made. I'd still be pinching myself.

  5. Mona,

    I love this. Since you paid $10 for it I will give you $20 and pay the shipping. This is a nice profit for you.

    Please consider this. I'm serious!


    Rebecca PS: I'm not kidding!

  6. Mona.....Great story! When I first started reading that you went to a garage sale, I was thinking to must live somewhere warm! We still have too much snow on the ground and our garage sale season doesn't start till at least the end of April. I am so envious of what you must have been meant to be or you would not have become the new owner. Good for you! Enjoy!~Hugs,Patti

  7. Oh My Goodness!

    Will you be keeping it? I'm thinking that if it were not my own family heirloom, and of no sentimental value... that I would sell it.

    I may just start making the garage sale rounds this season!

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  8. What a steal!! Yes, you could buy a really nice camera for that price.... actually, a couple of really nice cameras. Or a new computer, or a number of other nice items come to mind too. I say sell it.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

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  10. You better insure this! What a GREAT deal/find. I now need to go check the set my MIL gave me years ago. Maybe it's worth alot too! Lucky you!

  11. First rule of yardsaling Mona - NEVER feel guilty. The people selling things at yardsales just want to get rid of it. I've often told people that their things may be worth something and they should try to sell it on Ebay. The response is always the same - they don't want to be bothered. So I never feel guilty. The way I see it, we are doing them a favor by helping them clear out their stuff. You found a diamond in the ruff Mona - congratulations!!!!!!!

  12. WOW!!! What an amazing find!!! I can't use enough exclamation marks!!!!!! Hey, if you want to find out more about the silver check out Replacements Ltd. That is where I get most of my sterling "fillers" as my pattern has been long since discontinued. They have a plethora of knowledge in the silver/china/crystal department. Good luck to you and once again a huge Congrats on the fab find!

  13. O WOW...this is a stunning set. It just blows my mind what people sell and the price they sell it for.
    Don't feel guilty..the man was glad to sell them and you will enjoy them so much.
    hugs, bj

  14. I know nothing about it except I have a set of sixteen exactly like it of MoM's. She has all the ladles, salad servers, cake server, big honkin' serving knife, silver platters, butter dish, relish dish...etc. that goes with it and it is sterling silver. Oh, baby what kind of goldmine am I sittin' on?

    I'm with Cindy. If I were you I'd contact the Antique Road show and tell of your garage sale find. Let us all know what time it will be airing! Heeeheehe!

    God bless and enjoy your good fortune!!!

  15. Good Morning Mona Sweetie...
    Good comes to those who wait. I am so tickled for you. Oh my gosh. How beautiful and what a treasure. If you dig in that chest long enough, sometimes you come out with the treasure of a lifetime.

    It couldn't have happened to a nicer lady. Love ya sweetie. Country hugs...Sherry

  16. What an incredibly lucky gal you are!! I don't think people really know the value of what they are selling half the time. They just want to be done with it. I bought a set for $40.00 at an antique warehouse this weekend. I need to look it up, but it isn't half as pretty and doesn't look like sterling.

    And to think you weren't going to go!! ;-)


  17. Such a DEAL!! You really got a BARGAIN there!!

    I'm sending you some info on your BEAUTIES!!


  18. Oh you lucky lady! I can just see you doing the happy dance at the computer when you looked it up. They are really beautiful. I'm guessing you wouldn't sell them for anything, right? They're your treasure now, your medal of honor for all those times spent picking through other people's cast offs! I'm so excited for you! Definately the yard sale find of a lifetime!!!!

  19. What an lovely find! Surprised the antique dealers (who always seem to show up at garage sales before the doors open) did not find that box earlier in the day. You are indeed a lucky girl!! And you deserve to do as many happy dances as you want.

  20. Wow, I think you got the biggest bargain in all of blogdom!!!!!! It's beautiful!!

  21. I have heard stories of people finding great things at yard sales, but I have never actually known someone who has....

    YIPPEEEEEE!! What a wonderful purchase! The set is just beautiful!

  22. Don't dare try to go back! This is one of those, you win he looses for not paying attention to what he was selling....I love finds like this!

  23. wow now that is an amazing find!!!

  24. Sounds like you got an amazing deal - way to go!

  25. Hello sweet lady...

    Ohhh my goodness gracious, Girl!!! I absolutely agree...I think your fabulous sterling silver maybe the sweetest treasure find and bargain of the century!!! The pattern is gorgeous!!! Wow...I'm sooo happy for you, my friend! I can just see you doin' that happy dance! hehe! Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous find with us...what a blessing!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...can't wait to see these beauties used in a beautiful tablescape!

  26. OMG, Mona! What a sweet deal! I know how you feel, at a yard sale, I got a piece of Van Briggle pottery for almost nothing. I can't wait for the weather to turn warm so there will be yard sales to go to, but don't expect to ever find a set of sterling with serving pieces for $10. I am happy that the silver is in very good hands. Have a great week...

  27. WOW What a fantastic deal!!!!! And the set is gorgeous. I love the design. That has to be the best deal I have heard of in a long time:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  28. Mona, all I can say is I hope he doesn't read your blog cause he'll be sick! :)

    What a find! How wonderful for you. Now, I can't wait to see a tablescape with these jewels!

  29. That is a find like you see on the Antique Road Show! You need to run out and get a lottery ticket as luck is with you! Wow! That is a beautiful set! I'm so happy for you!


  30. I have a baby fork and spoon in the same pattern. They are sterling as well. The Prelude pattern is so pretty and timeless. I would not feel guilty about the price you paid. I am amazed at just how many folks do not appreciate silver, be it plated or sterling. Many think that polishing is not worth the effort. What a shame for them, but how fortunate for those of us who value it's beauty. You found quite a treasure!

    Susan and Bentley

  31. What a good eye you have! You are enjoying it and will enjoy it so much more than the chap who sold it to you. He wanted to get rid of and now you can cherish it. I've never been one for garage sales; I thought it was just someones else's junk; but you have me re thinking. Thanks for sharing.

  32. HOLY SMOKES! What a find!! Don't feel quilty. I'm sure he was thrilled that you paid him to get it out of his house. It was meant to be yours. What a gorgeous set!!!
    Patricia :o)

  33. How amazing! I always marvel when something like this happens but it is a blessing and I'm sure you have blessed many others in your lifetime. So use it with His blessing and ENJOY! I'm so happy for you! I wish I could give you a happy hug! ♥ I'm thrilled for you! ♥

  34. OMG Mona! How can you be so lucky? That guy did not know what he had. You can't even get stainless for that price. You really got the best bargain of a lifetime! I am so happy for you...Christine

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  36. Wow! You snagged a treasure by anyone's standards! Not only is this memorable for you, I am going to remember this post and stop at more garage sales.

  37. I am in love with your find! They are so beautiful and dainty!! What a find! I am a tad envious, I won't lie. LOL.

    I read your Valentine's post and wanted to say that I truly enjoy your daughters home. She has such a talent at making a beautiful comfortable home.


  38. Oh my goodness! That is amazing! See you were rewarded for giving your silver to your dau!
    Enjoy it, and yes, that is a great buy!
    USE IT!!
    Oh and thank you for becoming a follower, I read what you said on Laurie's..I hope I wasn't remiss!
    I have added you to my sidebar so I can find you and your bargains easily! :)

  39. Hi Mona,

    Oh my goodness, this is a stunning set. Just such a pretty delicate pattern. What a find!
    Don't feel guilty, just enjoy it.


  40. Such a beautiful find! No, don't feel guilty, it's yours to enjoy! Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a sweet comment. I love your blog!

  41. Oh Mona,
    They are beautiful ! I know you really missed
    your silver that you gave keep this
    and enjoy it ! It is so lovely ! It went to someone who would cherish it !

  42. Wow, Mona! I crown you queen of the thrifters! Amazing find! The man selling it obviously had no interest in it and you will love it! Enjoy! Happy week...I know you must still be jumping for joy...hugs...Debbie

  43. Now this was just meant to go to you because you would appreciate it so much! It's beautiful! I'm so glad you made it to that sale.


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