Monday, March 30, 2009


Here we are peeking into the bedroom. Lets go inside and look around.

Looking into the room you can see the little alcove where the desk and chair sit. That window looks out to the right side of the home. There is an embankment with little paths to walk and benches along the way.

View across the bed to the French doors from the bedroom door.

Cute little bench at the end of the bed.

The bedroom is not a really large one but it comfortable. I should have taken a picture of the closets...NOT big. But there are two and seem to be adequate.

These French doors are original I believe.

Looking out into the courtyard from the bedroom. I love this little courtyard. It is completely fenced in.

Another peek through the French doors into the court yard.

You can see into the bathroom which has been shown on Sheila's blog, Note Song in case you would like to go there for a visit. I will add a peek in there tomorrow.

I just wanted to be sure this picture was shown. I don't think it is anything all that unusual..I just like it a lot.

All of the light switches in the house are special in some way. This one is done in a fern.

I wanted to end with this picture. It is of my daughters and I many years ago. Maryalice has her little cheerleader uniform on and I was still in my nurses uniform having just come from work. Sandy is standing to the right of me looking at the picture and Erin Kathleen is next to her. Little Dawn is in front of me.
The picture of the little girl behind is Maryalice's daughter, Ireland, who is attending college in New York. The little boy is Maryalice's oldest son. He is now in his senior year of college at Chapman University in Irvine and has just finished a wonderful documentary about Cambodia which will be seen publicly soon.


  1. I couldn't pick which room I like the most. Each one is wonderful.

    Your daughter sure got her good taste in decorating from her mommy!


  2. Mona,
    Oh my, so much fun to see. I love the master and the courtyard is just perfect. Do you know what kind of flooring they have in their bedroom? It looks so cool, thanks for sharing this fabulous cottage home. Cindy

  3. Mona, I am so enjoying this tour. Who would not love french doors, that open onto a courtyard. Heaven. I love the grouping of photos....they look great together. I worked as a nurse for 35 LPN. Hugs, Kathleen

  4. I would just LOVE to have that cottage! It's the details like the lightswitch covers that make it so very special.

  5. Dearest Mona,
    The fenced yard is so inviting, it's like really nice to have tea and biscuits while reading one of the best book.. You really have a beautiful family. After reading your love story and the story of your life, I begun to really admire how your life ends up. Have a nice day my friend..

  6. I went in search of antiques yesterday and didn't even fine one item as sweet as in your daughter's cottage... It must have taken her years to find all of these gems.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  7. This house is really special...I have enjoyed peeking into each room. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That bedroom is so lovely! I love the courtyard! I almost went to Chapman myself. It is such a beautiful school! My cousin just graduated from there.

    All the best,

  9. Thanks so much for your comments..
    Joanne..My daughter has me beat by a country mile!!

    Cynthia...The floors were put in by my son in law, Mary's husband. They are stone. Then they were all finished off with layers of some sort of finish to make them smooth. Brock has his own masonary business and he does it for a living so that was a definite plus! Most all of my sons and son in laws have some craft they do well, even if they don't earn their living doing it.

    Kathleen..I am so glad you are enjoying. I should have taken more closeups. Darn. I will do better next time. It is a chore just getting them in the correct order.

    Gaston Studio...Ah...thanks. The children bought me a couple of these with ROOSTERS on them.. grinning here!!

    Loida...Thank you so much you sweet lady! Your kindness is appreciated SO much! It has not been easy at times..but I am happy now and at peace.

    The Blue Ridge took her a long time and many shopping trips but...she did have a short cut. Her father in law knew people and I think some of them came through him. I think he dabbles in antiques. It never hurts to know someone..who knows someone... lol

    Balisha..YOU are so welcome. It was a pleasure knowing how much it was enjoyed.

    Allison...WELL...I just KNEW you would love little cottage diva, you! :) One will have your own. Alex loves his college! Going to Ireland may be in his near future..
    He is doing well...(thank you, God!)

  10. That light switch was fantastic! I want!! :-)

  11. Each room just gets better than the last one Mona..I just love the gift your Maryalice has for decorating this home...I feel like I am in a English county side...Thank her again for sharing her special home with us..but don't thank her for the drool on my keyboard ha ha!! may you have a great day dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. I love being on this tour and I look forward to what you show each day!

  13. Mona, I've been gone and I'm trying to catch did your daughter purchase Emilie Barnes' home?

    I have seen and READ that book! I found it once, many moons ago at the public library and loved it! She was the inspriation behind painting my front door a glossy black!!!

    Hope all is going well for you! Thanks for dropping by. I'm not sure if Mary really is a girly-girl or I'm just molding her that way! She does love all things pink and princessey...that must be innate! LOL

    Blessings to you from Kansas,

  14. BTW...your blog is absolutely beautiful! Your blog designer does fabulous work!!!

  15. Okay...I need that whole desk area, view and all! Good-Ness that is lovely :)


  16. This is such a lovely home. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Now I'm just jealous. *sigh*

    I've been a slacker getting around but you've been a busy girl.


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