Monday, February 2, 2009


After breakfast at our usual place Sunday morning we decided to stop by my favorite "Forget Me Not" second hand store..and after two tour around the store I spotted this way up high in a place difficult to see. I called the owner over and he said it was not an oil. He said he was sure it was just a print and that it over priced. I asked to see it anyway..and while he was off to get a ladder, I moved things around and got a closer look. A little piece of paper thumbtacked beneath said it was an "oil painting." NO idea why he said it wasn't but..he got it down for me and I loved I took it home and painted it...yep..RED!


  1. So..Sweetie...tell me...what are YOU going to paint RED??!! :)
    Have I told you that you're are my favorite child? Oh..that's right..I'm not your Mom! Oh well. LOL

  2. I love it....and it looks great in red! What a great find!

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