Monday, February 2, 2009


I just deleted my late night blog because I made a comment in it about wandering about and reading posts that make me hungry at the sight of all that wonderful food. I also made a promise to stop haunting the frig for goodies during those times when I wasn't even hungry. I ended my post by saying "Yeah, and I'm Elizabeth Taylor!" as in what are the chances of THAT!! I forgot Liz had gained weight or was heavy at all. In my mind Liz is still, and always will be one of the most beautiful women that has ever lived and the chances that I will stop my late snacks are about as likely as me ever looking like Liz.
I lost my comments when I deleted...but that is better than being minunderstood or thought to be making fun of someone. That just never occurred to me.
So..chubby off to make some toast, add some peanut butter AND jam and get on with my day. I did go junking yesterday..and ..I could not believe my luck when I came across another wonderful painting. Yes, I bought it! It was way up high on a wall..and I don't think it was there last week. I mean, how could I have missed such a thing. I am off to water my plants! :) That ALWAYS makes me feel better! :)



  2. I know, I know! Oh well, :) I just keep on messing up. I say stuff and then realize what I have said. Thin skinned? Oh..probaby.
    S'ok. I'm dodging bullets here.
    Have a heart!! :)

  3. Yes she is a beautiful woman. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is still my favorite.

    John is doing wonderful. Much better than me. heehee! You would not know he was in the hospital a few days ago.

    I'm off to bed early. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  4. But she is fat.... lol

    Oops delete delete delete

  5. Di, you and Smart Mouth have gotta remember I am old, and falling on the floor laughing is going to kill me one of these days! You two are hysterical!! I'm a little thin skinned!


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