Friday, February 20, 2009


I could get in trouble if you said something on here and people could read and take offense to. I just KNEW it! I worry about that. Yes, probably too much but today I saw it happen. My only comfort is that it was a blog that very possibly is a bit too young for me anyway. Still..I had just happened to read a comment by the auther on another blog..and went to see what the fuss was all about. :) FOFL but..sorry..I just thought it was funny. When someone comes on and reads a comment on their blog and gets upset..well..especially if that person is the one that brought up the subject in the first just proved a point to me.
I have to tell you most favorite blogs are the most outspoken ones. Don't think I would "follow" one that was filled with profanity or that sort of thing..but an occassional "discriptive" word, to me, is just real life. People cuss.
People stuff..make mistakes. On blogs people write about themselves, their lives. (If they have a store or are selling things..different story.) People are encouraged to make comments. Things are not ALL goodness and light. I tend to stay to the light side as I love a good laugh and I think most people do. However..we are people and people suffer, want advice, turn to others. This is an outlet..or supposed to be. If you put yourself out there..I guess you can't get all upset when a comment tells you like it is. I don't know....still thinking about this blogging thingy.

Still, the brave ones are my hero's. I just don't want to HAVE to delete my blog or feel uncomfortable writing it.


  1. Yep, blogs are often times very public. And often times people can and do get offended. Oh well, that's life. You can't please everybody one hundred percent of the matter how hard you try. I've even received comments on innocent comments I've left on other blogs. Oh well again... You just gottat laugh some times! LOL
    Patricia :o)

  2. Boy am I very curious :-) about your blog offense.
    I do love your "whatever it is called on the side of the blog":-)
    I was confused when your blog first opened up.
    I have been without a computer and missed so many of your posts so here are my list of comments:
    1. Your family is beautiful. I wish I had more children, but first husband was only and....
    2. Your high school sweetheart, husband of 43 years was so handsome.
    3. I loved the fern did you keep such a healthy looking fern through the winter?
    4. LOL!! posting only one pic per post. I thought I had problems because I cannot figure out how to get the script beside a pic and I cannot post urls. How do people do that?
    5. Was there really tar on the carpet?
    Cheers, Lucy

  3. Vintage Linen Treasures..You are right and I did laugh. worries me. I have a big mouth..and it has gotten me in trouble in the past. :)

  4. Hi Lucy..
    Ok..the offense blog had nothing to do with me. It was a comment made on another blog..I followed the thread..and found the problem. Moments after I read it, it was deleted by the author.
    It rattled me once more as I have been concerned about this sort of thing from day one. All over one word. :)
    Thank you so much for your compliments on my late husband and my children. That was so nice of you.
    That particular fern was the best looking one of the bunch. I tend not to water in the winter..and lose things that way. Makes me mad at myself!
    I have the same problem as you do with the urls. I simply cannot post them..and have no idea how some of my favorite blogs ever got posted on my sidebar. NO idea.
    If you ever find out about how to post urls..please do let me know. :)
    I am stumped. would not have believed the tar on the carpet. It was tracked from the hall, across the living room floor through the kitchen to the garage. Paint remover saved it! He was NOT in a great mood and he is an even tempered person. (to be honest..I was hoping it would NOT come up..sigh..but it did.)
    Cheers to you too, Lucy. I enjoyed your visit.

  5. What in the world could have offended any reading your blog.
    They are nuts.
    Enjoy reading and seeing your pictures.
    Just keep doing what you do if they don't like they don't have to read it.


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