Friday, September 11, 2015


Tonight I'm busy trying to find my way in the new Windows 10.  Just finding my blog is a trick in itself. I would go into the details..but it's not important.  
Example..if I am on AOL..and go to my blog..I cannot download photo's  on my blog.  I must exit AOL  and find my blog on Google..never's complicated.

Here is the point.

Tonight, while looking for my blog, I typed my blog name into the tool bar on AOL..and my blog came this is the strange part and if you have an answer..please, please put my mind at ease and tell me what you think.

The name of my blog..and the name of  each of my posts shows up and on each of these are the words..
.(.something like this...)
"write to me on "Simply Balisha" and gives the email address of Balisha.  Balisha passed away some months ago..and it was a shock  to all of us who had followed her and cared about her.  
HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??  Did someone do this?  If so, HOW did they do it??  It isn't just on there once...oh's on there over and over.  
I do not even know Balisha's on line address...
I cannot bring myself to even try out that "address"  to try and see what happens.  I'm spooked that someone would do this.

Do any of you know anything about this?

I don't understand and it's upsetting.  

How do I get it off the internet..I don't even know how to fix this.




  1. no help from me, i did not know AOL still existed. i had it in 1997 got rid of it in 98 and i thought it went out of business. this is very strange, i hope someone will know. makes no sense to me at all.. if you are using Edge with windows 10 as your browser, it does strange things. so i don't use it when on my laptop. just use Firefox or Internet explorer... the new 10 does starnge things

  2. wow, thats very weird and a bit creepy isn't it, someone will know the answer,,
    I did notice the other day a blogging friend had had a person comment a very strange comment about women being lazy useless blah blah blah and they not only commented once it was four times, in a row, not sure why she hit publish for that one,, she mustn't have moderation set on comments

  3. Very odd indeed! I don't have a clue, sorry. Hope you get it fixed. Hugs

  4. This is very strange wish I knew the answer but sorry I don't. Hope you get it fixed. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. I really have no answer except if it's in email, call it junk and delete it. Many people use found addresses to pass viruses just for the fun of it. If in doubt on email, delete it. Or that is the way it works with Google and gmail.

    Ten was an improvement over eight that's for sure but if you use the classic shell it makes it easy and much like seven. Ten also does much updating and fixes itself, it seems far easier than seven or eight.

    Maybe open a G mail account and see how much free storage is there, move your pictures to there or simply copy them. That may ease your downloading part.

    Oh, never listen to me! I don't know much about computers. Good luck.

  6. I have no real answer. But!!!! Please see the writing on the wall, as the old saying goes.....

    Your entire Net Life, is a mess. You can not even read/compose e-mail, let alone blog, without jumping through way too many hoops. This. Is. Not. Natural. Or. Right. Or. Logical.

    And something weird, like what you speak of here, is a result. Ordinary Net Life, does not do these things, to us.

    Answer??? Set your beloved long-time Blog, to no more comments. And walk away. My old blogs are still 'there.'

    Walk away. From everything. Stop trying to use your present email, blog, etc., etc., etc.

    You probably need The Geek Squad to extricate you, from whatever weird things, you have downloaded, and tried to use.

    I have been on the Net for years. I have been blogging for years. I have never had such problems.

    Also, I do not, not, not download everything, which comes along. Please. Stop. Doing. This. "New" is not better, on the Net.

    Say The Geed Squad cleans your computer up, and you are free of all those old pot-holes.... Made a new email. Make a new blog. Begin again.

    Tell me, is anything worth, the present horrors you have to go through, to have a Net Life????? With all these hoops to jump through, do you even have a Net Life?

    It's your choice.


  7. Mona, I am the dummy that computers for dummies was written for. But I do agree with Gail...that message, is probably a way for you to click on and someone try to scam you. Mona, if you knew the circles I go thru just to bring up my blog favorites and to make a blog at times. ....your head would spin. I know there are better ways to do everything I do...but I do what I have to do to be able to make a blog. I would have downloaded windows ten...but I just could not bring myself to go thru that craziness again. And you know what will freeze over before I work with that bunch a smart arses at the computer place in this town. I am wishing you all the luck to get what you want form your computer. Wish I could really help. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  8. Gail is right. My husband downloaded Ten; and he was unhappy. He changed to Classic Shell and he is much happier. I wish you luck to get everything right again. So sorry for all your problems.

  9. I have no answers Mona . . .
    I wouldn't open or "click on" any of those "unknown names to you!"
    I think Gail's advice may be the best . . . try the Classic Shell . . .
    Or forget it all and go outdoors and play with your flowers . . .
    I think the AOL has become so obsolete that it may be giving you the "freaks!"
    Oh dear . . .start singing . . . "I will survive!"

  10. Nota Windows person, so sorry... cannot help. Good luck getting things fixed. xox

  11. My husband downloaded windows 10 for me in hopes that it would speed up some of the things that were a bit slow. It helped some processes, but complicated a lot of other things. I am not crazy about it. Thank goodness I have not had the weird happenings that you have had. I hope everything can get straightened out for you. I'm sorry that all of these weird things keep happening to you.

  12. I had this happen Mona ,, yesterday and my whole blog crashed,, be careful,

  13. Dear Mona
    I have been away for a few days, without my computer or internet connection and have just seen your two most recent posts today. I have no answers for you. I cannot even hazard a guess as to why something so peculiar would happen! I can certainly empathise with your concerns, though. I have on occasion received mail purportedly from you, but very definitely not from you. I have never opened the suspect emails, which have always included links. I marked them as junk and deleted them. I do hope you are able to get to the bottom of this current issue :( I can understand how upsetting it would be. xo

  14. Hmm-hi Mona--I do not comment much--but I do love to read your blog. You're such a beautiful, sweet, active person with so many interesting things to blog about, and --at least 10 years older than I, and I'm amazed at all you get done, lady!
    I don't think I am going to download Windows 10. I don't even like Windows 8.1 (I rather liked Windows 7, but the new laptop had this 8.1 on it--so no help there for you! I am a bit afraid to download things unless someone can assure me I need it!
    I hope you're not having all these problems because you downloaded Windows 10, Sweetie. I think I'm going to take this as more of a warning NOT to download it at all. I do not blog anymore, but I do SO love reading blogs. In fact I drop in on many of your commenters' blogs, because you all seem to be such fun, active, friendly, and smart women. I love the way you hold up one another in friendship, (whether you've even met or not!), and give advice when asked, and stay out of things when NOT asked! lol
    I don't do a ot of decorating myself (who am I kidding--I've not "decorated since I was in my 40s!), but I do love to see what other do at their homes, and love to do otherwise.
    I do enjoy cooking when I am up to it. I enjoy my family. I enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks (my sight isn't so good anymore~).
    My husband has been retired about 6 years now--and it really turned things upside down here! ;) It's been hard getting used to--but I do hope I have him around for a long, long time--but honestly--it has really changed the dynamic we had before. Some in good ways, some not. But he worked for 43 years at a paper mill, on swing shift while I stayed home and raised our children and kept things as "up" as I was able to--so I'm certain he deserves this "retirement. And he took that word "retirement" very seriously--because except for playing music with some friends once or twice a month, and us going up to visit our son and his family a few times or year--that's about ll he does. He and his recliner know each other intimately--and I think it has made me get better acquainted with mine for longer periods, too!! I worry we are losing our "spark", worried we're not keeping up with our health by being so sedentary...but, I haven't been able to change him for the past 49 years, so I guess I'm not about to do it now! ;)
    I sure hope your problems with your blog will get over, and that you won't stop blogging. And I remember reading Balisha's blog once some time ago--and I hadn't heard she passed away. What a hard loss!
    Be of good cheer, Mona! And find someone in a Geek Squad maybe, to relieve your blog and Internet woes! When I cannot use my computer, I get very--ummm--upset!;)


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