Wednesday, July 15, 2015


...and give it the old college try.

 I know it's been awhile and a dear friend suggested I "say something" so my blogger friends will know I'm alive. :)
The thing is that sometimes in life, the well runs dry and I suppose that's what happened to me.
I have so much catching up to do that it's overwhelming! 

I've loved blogging, I really have, but somehow I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for it.
And...I can't find it.
Believe me, I've looked!

I still enjoy reading .and visiting..but I think my everyday life has come into focus and I am realizing how quickly the time is racing by.  I have friends, family and slowing down has had an effect on doing the things I once did.  
Blogging is just one of them.

With my family
it's .."Can Mom walk that far?"  or "Won't she get tired of standing in line?"  that sort of thing...and they are totally right.  It's hard on me anymore.
It saddens me that I can do so little in the yard before I give in and head for the lawn swing and collapse into a little pool of worn out human.  Relief sweeps over me.  Before long I'm dozing while my clippers and gloves lay there on the table, one glove on the stone floor signaling how fast I yanked them off!

I keep thinking it will pass, and the days go by.  I used to shop the mall and it was so exciting, drifting in and out of the stores, seeing all the pretties I would love to buy.
I don't care.  
My soft old sweat pants and cozy T's and comfortable old slippers are just fine.
Hair gets wadded up and clipped to the back of my head.
Sometimes I MAKE myself put on a bit of blush and then walk away in disgust.

No, it's not self pity.  It's just plain acceptance.  It would not matter if I lost a bunch of weight, dyed my hair and fiddled around trying to make this aging face look...a little better.  It's what it is.
I've arrived in the elderly department...and it's really not so bad.  Not at all.
I just told the BIGGEST LIE!  Some day's it really DOES matter.

I still like to decorate.
Go to garage sales..sometimes.
Have company over...sometimes.
It's just that sitting in my comfy desk chair and suddenly realizing that a couple of hours have zoomed by while I visit, comment and get lost in what I really enjoy doing.  Blogging.  It's been so much fun.  I've really  enjoyed every minute. 
Until now.

I'm trying to get my motor started again..but it keeps stalling.
This is a stuttering try..

I know I'm not the only one that goes through being relieved to walk away from the computer.

Like right now..
I think sometimes we just plain get tired.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Thank you for gently encouraging me...and for your understanding
You know who you are.  :)


  1. Hi Mona, I enjoyed my visit here tonight. I have been blogging for years. Most of my blogging friends have gone to blogger or left all together. There use to be a large community of us. Facebook is where most are now. Just not the same. I hope you don't give up blogging, Maybe a once a week post? Hope you feel better soon.

  2. You just wrote what I've been feeling a bit of lately. Time slips by so quickly and there are days when a long day of chores, gardening, cleaning the house take everything I have. When I spend time with my grandkids and their parents , the time is a treasure. I want to soak it all up and sit in my porch swing and remember.

    ( I'm with you on dressing comfortably )

    Glad you posted. Just post when the mood strikes , even if it is once in a blue moon.

  3. I am on both FB and Blogger. My family and friends find me conveniently on both. I never worry about what to write or post. I do it when I have something to show you or comment on. Some times weeks will go by before I post - don't matta to me - I am not on a deadline, just a really great retirement line. I would love to see posts from you my dear friend, however, your "Motor" takes you elsewhere. Doesn't matter to me, although I do miss you giving me some great laughter and touchings in my heart. I find this 100's heat of summer sucks and wears out most anybody. My happy day is an email from you and a word or two on FB. You are still in touch dear friend, just a bit differently. Take time and enjoy your flowers , garden and patio - summer is way to short.....I can say that quite honestly, for in a few months I might very well be up to me knees in snow. ha,ha Have a great day and yes, I got your note. Hello to your Maine Man as well. lol

  4. I think that happens to all of us at times. Right now I am at the same place; just not feeling the joy from blogging right now. Sometimes it seems more like work. And I always feel like I could have gotten something done while I was just sitting at my computer. But, I haven't given up completely just yet. Whatever you decide...I wish you well and much happiness.

  5. We certain ally are on the same page aren't we Mona
    You wrote this beautifully and I identify . . . completely.
    I loved the dining with the clippers in hand, gloves falling to the floor . . .
    My picture is JUST THAT of me . . .
    Let's not lose touch of one another though . . .
    Love you girl!

  6. DOZING not dining . . . Oh my goodness . . . It drives me crazy when this iPad goofs and self corrects me! UGH!

  7. hi mona! it could just be the time of year. maybe you need some cool weather to kick start you again! this is my slowest time of year. it seems to drag. today we are having a cooler day with no humidity and i feel like i could fly. sadly i am locked in the basement with teddy all day while the workers are here.

  8. It takes a lot of time or it can take just a little time to blog:) I try to JUST blog in the mornings and close the laptop after I finish my coffee! That works for me! I hope you get more energy when it cools off a little, heat slows me down! Enjoy your day and pop in occasionally to just say HI:) HUGS!

  9. oh Mona, day by day, thats all you can do, I think we go through spells where our body tells us slow down, you are a beautiful creative loving woman, live your life as you choose, don't worry about what you can't control, we love to hear from you but don't feel pressure, that would take the fun away!

  10. in the words of my most repeated cliche.. this to shall pass... i am exactly where you are in life... everything you described is ME.. except i am still blogging, but the past 5 days i have thought why am i still doing this. i am running out of things to say/do/show. we will all age together and blog when you want and don't when you don't want.... we will be here when you pop in and out. the only thing you said about you that is not me, is i don't like to decorate, but then i never did, so that is not a change. hope you never lose your decoration desires. add one thing to going some where. Is there a bathroom close by? that is my number one question

  11. Oh cutie pie, I sooooooooo know what you're saying and feeling. This past week or so has been one of those of not really caring about a darn thing. Not sure if you read the post about my pony tail. It hasn't improved much way, I wear the pony tail daily not really caring if it looks good or stylish, clothes aren't fitting too good, don't care. I do keep the yard mowed have tons of weed killer down so I don't have to weed eat. The days past oh so slowly the nights drag. Feelings are close to the surface and the tears flow. I know you know of what I speak. There's no company that comes and go, the phone doesn't ring, no laughter in the house unless my little Miss Scooter gives me a look with those big brown eyes. Storms come and go, trees go down I clean them up alone, not a phone call to see if things are ok. It's a lonely world around here. Am I depressed, who knows who cares. Your post put a huge smile on my face, you have such a way with words. Your mo-jo is there darling you're just taking a summer break. I care for you so much and the gift of laughter you give me. fondly ~Lynne~ (sorry didn't mean to write a book. )

  12. First, look at that cool Banner photo, you put up! Now, that shows a tiny spark of blogging interest.<---I am incorrigible, I know. -grin-

    Excellent that you told us, of the reason you have not been blogging. Thank you. Friends worry... But some don't feel like asking, why aren't you blogging? They feel it is intrusive.

    Then, there are people like me!!!!! Jump right in there, and ask; "What's going on, Dear?" Or something like that. But not all are pushy like me. So wonderful, that you posted!

    Haven't read the other comments yet, I never do, before saying my own words. But betcha' other people know of what you speak. The spark going out of blogging for them, sometimes.

    Hugs for whatever you do!!!!!!!!

  13. Life slows us all down. Just pop in with a few tidbits now and then. That's enough.

  14. I understand what you are saying my friend! We all go thru "seasons" in our life......right now I enjoy taking pictures for my post, but the writing part of my post....not so ! Read some of my recent posts and you will see what I am talking about.....just go with the flow is my motto....hugs..

  15. Virtual visits to your lovely home and garden will be missed by many and of course, the essence of it all is you, a most wonderful soul, whom we have been exceedingly privileged to get to know. But, there are seasons for everything and if your season of blogging has come to an end, then so be it. You need to follow your heart and be guided by your inner voice. Thank you for having welcomed us into your life so graciously and for having shared so much of what you feel. You are someone we will never forget!

  16. It's always a treat to see you have posted. Your stories and comments bring a smile to all who come here and your many friends and fans will miss you a lot, but I'm sure everyone can understand your feelings. If we need a Mona fix all we have to do is look back on older posts and you're with us again.
    Stay happy sweet Mona and enjoy your days no matter how you spend them.

  17. Oh my! I could have written this a few months back. I took it easy on myself and backed off on all those things that were stressing me out, including blogging, visiting other blogs, and commenting. I hope that you will find a way forward without pressuring yourself. I do enjoy visiting with you. We are kindred spirits in many of the things we enjoy. All good things to you!

  18. I understand.

    I am an email away.


  19. I am one of your faithful followers and always miss you when you are's so the life you enjoy most! Big, big hugs to Miss Mona!

  20. Mona I hope you get your enthusiasm back for blogging because I will miss you if you quit. I love your new header. People are age need to have; or at least I do; friends from around the world to keep in touch with. Take care and please post when you feel like it. Have a blessed and peaceful day. Madeline

  21. Dear Mona, your post was beautifully written and touched my heart. Perhaps you are just worn out and need time to rest. Didn;t you just do some amazing redecorating in your so cozy home? And it IS summertime and it IS hot!
    Still and all, I understand. Louis Dean has been sick for a long time now and I have found myself wondering - is this our new 'normal?'
    While we all love you and will miss you - you know best how to take care of yourself. Do what brings YOU joy!

  22. Mona, The heat zaps my energy. I truly sympathize with you though...I hate that I lose stamina, can't walk as far, can't lift as much , or just flat do what the heck I want to. Hugs to you dear friend. Lets' just keep trying. We can't quit now girl. Oh by the way...I love the lamp on your sink...that is so cozy looking. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  23. I just left a message.. and i think it disappeared!

  24. It did! so I shall start over darn it! ANyways... what I said was that you are loved here! and that sometimes we need a little break from blogging and our dry wells need some time to refill. I know that my blogging has slowed down some this past year. I used to post a couple or more times a week .. now Im lucky if I get here once a week. but I do so love blogging and reading other blogs. sometimes its ok to post short and sweet.. I was thinking last weekend to post.. "living on popcorn, choc chip cookies, diet pepsi and the beach.. but still alive!" lol! Please dont be gone too awful long.. you will be missed! I love to stop by your blog and see what youre up too. now rest up and let that well refill and come back soon!

  25. Oh Mona, w all feel that way too. Some days I am reading the posts and then other days - no interest. I think it comes with age. I was working out in the garden today pulling up my tomato plants as the drought has taken is tole on them and clipping my roses. I got so damned hot that I had to come in and sit down. I was exhausted. I left everything in piles as the gardener come today. I ran across the street as my neighbor need something and darn if they didn't come and go - mow, blow and go, is what I call them. The gate was locked so no service in the back yard with all the cuttings to throw away. Now I will drag myself out there and hopefully get them picked up before I faint or fall over as the trash man comes tomorrow.
    So my dear friend we all slow down and feel the same way you do, you not alone.
    One of these days when it's cooler I will drive out to see you and we'll go to lunch. Hang in there sweet friend.

  26. I just mentioned to Jack that I'm getting a bit tired of all the work that goes into our 6 acres of land and the house plus working full-time. I think when I had 3 months off this past Winter I realized how much I liked not going into work! But, as you say, it is what it is and for a few more years I'll be a worker bee. Blogging has been a struggle too. I feel like I post the same old, same old news each week and I'm getting bored with it all. I love my faithful followers and I enjoy reading posts but keeping a blog up can be hard. I do enjoy reading what you're up too and also seeing what you're up too when you post photos. I get it though and I you have to do what you need to...I just know I'll miss you if you quit! So for now, I'll be happy to catch a post when you feel like throwing one out here! Take care Mona!

  27. Mona,
    Your header picture is so pretty. It looks cool and refreshing.

    I always look forward to your posts and I hope that you will continue to post as often as you feel inspired to do so. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Maybe you just need a little time to recharge your "blogging batteries". I am not too good with posting regularly. I seem to get in blogging moods where I find things to write about and take pictures of, and then suddenly that mood goes away and I find it difficult to get much enthusiasm about writing my blog. I always love reading other people's blogs, though.

    My next project is going to be learning how to put a header picture on my blog. Ever since I saw how nice your header pictures look, I have wanted to finally get header pictures on mine. I haven't done it yet because I get a little nervous that I might create some disaster that will cause all of my blog to disappear.

    I will continue to check in here at your site in hopes of seeing your newest happenings.

    Take care and give that sweet little Mele an extra pat.

    Susie Donahue

  28. Mona you have asked me why I don't have a blog. This is kinda why. Blogs take up a lot of time and effort and I suppose I am not willing to give all that. Maybe at one time I would have but working and keeping a house and yard is enough to do for me at this time. I always enjoy your blog...and you. You are such a dear heart. Write when you feel like it...don't when you don't! Always like keeping up with your latest and greatest decorating successes.

  29. Blogging is still fun for me since has been a keeps my mind hands busy...besides just loving taking photos and then play in editing. I just blog about the egg I had for breakfast..or the cake that FINALLY turned out pretty...or the cute thrifts I've found other words, my blog is so shallow...nothing to bring worries...(don't we have enuf of them in the outside world) Yes, I blog about silly things...but I love it. so, I'll keep doing it.
    Take care and get a good rest...(I hope the fires out there aren't near you)

  30. Oh Mona, you are the reason I have decided to try to reignite my passion for blogging. Your comment from back in June, which I just found yesterday, made me realize that there are several people I know through blogging that are people I don't want to lose touch with! And now it appears that you are in the same place I was, where writing the blog has become difficult, if not impossible. But I also know that the support and caring we get from our blogging friends, can help us through hard times. It may be that you just need a break and time to regroup so to speak. I truly hope that you too find your way back to keeping in touch with all of us who care about you. I hope we can keep in touch my friend! Hugs, Mel

  31. I see you have sneakily been changing your banner picture 😉 which is rather a fun approach and keeps us she back? No, still the same post...but a lovely new picture for our pleasure 😘

  32. I may be a wee bit younger than you, but many days I feel the same. Mostly right now it's just the summer months have gotten me down. Heat and humidity heat and humidity... it just doesn't give us any relief lately. We all miss you when you are not here in blogland, but we ALL understand completely. xox

  33. Oh, Dear Mona! I read your words and say a prayer for you. I'm so glad you've come to blogland and all through these years I've so enjoyed reading your posts and learning about your life, your children, your daughter's gorgeously painted bathroom! ;) Just rest and don't worry. Just pop in when you feel like it and tell us how you are. I've been so busy since we've moved up here that I am getting a bit tired at times with blogging too. But I'm sure I'll continue as I do love it. My blog ain't too deep, honey! ;) Just fun. Love you and you'll be in my prayers,
    You're always a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  34. Dear Mona, you have expeessed in your own way what many of us feel at times regarding blogging. Inhave cur down posts to severalmtimes a week vs. daily blogging. Still, even that becomes time consuming. Bottom line is that each of us has to decide at some point whatnwill make us happier and more content.

  35. I totally understand what you are talking about. I am back to blogging after taking almost 2 years off to concentrate on family. Time goes by so fast that sometimes you have to take a step back and be in the moment. But thats the good thing about blogging it will always be there. I'd love for you to come for a visit Enjoy your week xoxo Mickey

  36. While visiting Tessa I became sidetracked by reading one of your comments and came to visit. I am so touched by the honesty of your post, sharing the reality of your life with your blogging friends. At 72, I already share and face some of the things you've written about. Today was the first day I've posted in 10 days. Although I'd like to post much more frequently, I try not to worry about it and just do it when I can.

    Keeping in touch with blog friends is what keeps me coming back. I even met a new blog friend yesterday for lunch and we talked each other to pieces because we already felt as if we knew each other, simply from reading each other's blogs.

    I hope you do post again but most of all I wish you joy in your daily life. That's the most important thing.

    Best to you,

  37. Just stopped in to say howdy! And see how your week went

  38. Oh, dear Mona, how well I know of what you speak! Sometimes I just want to get away and rest from it all. Turning off the computer feels like a vacation. It has so many pulls that distract. So take your breaks as you need them, and once you've rested you'll feel the urge come back. I find that taking pictures of things that interest me in my life make for good blogging opportunities. And don't think that your life is too boring to blog about. It isn't!! I always enjoy visiting with you no matter what you post.

    And about that face you think is so unfixable. Let me tell you that you are one beautiful woman! I hope I look that good when I get to be your age!

    Forgive my prying, but have you ever thought of limiting grains? Grains make me ache and hurt like nothing else. And sugar, too. And maybe a bit more protein for energy and stamina? Okay, suggestions over.

    Take care, dear, sweet Mona! We'll be here when you do get the notion to post. Just show us your lovely home and yard. You have such a lovely place. And hire people when you need to. Then you can enjoy things all nice and tidy, guilt-free.


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