Thursday, July 2, 2015


I wish I could say that my down time from blogging has helped me come up with something amazing, or at least interesting, but it has not.
I guess the heat and being cooped up inside for days at a time has had something to do with it..but it probably hasn't.  
What have I been doing?  Well, I've been reading, watching a TV show on my Kindle, that I'm ashamed to tell you, has me hooked 

One thing I did think about telling you, is something that began when I was first married.
I used to hide it.  I did!  Back in the 50's and 60's young wives in new neighborhoods used to gather in the morning at someone's home for coffee.  
Looking back it was probably not such a great idea as they often turned into gossip sessions.  I think I was the subject of much of the gossip as soon as I walked out the door..especially later as the babies came.   It was fun for awhile..but I found myself pretending certain things. 
One of the things I pretended, or at least went along with, was that I hated housework. 
 I didn't.  Unlike the other wives, I loved it so I kept it secret.
Even today, a recent comment was made by someone about being glad they didn't have to dust my stuff and called my home cluttered. and they were right on the mark.  To that person it probably is.
It was just like back the the 1950's. All these many years later and there  is the same remark.

So there it is.  I love to clean.

I love the way clean, cool floors felt under my feet, how pretty things looked when I walked from room to room.
I surround myself with people I love.   I also surround myself with  things I love.  I don't consider it clutter.  :) It probably is though. 

We used to wax our floors, sometimes with paste wax but then the liquid waxes came out and commercials sang their praises..and showed neat little housewives in "house dresses" and heels looking neat as a pin, waxing away, all smiles.  Peddle pushers and jeans were my outfits even back in the 50's.

So..I guess I am a "closet cleaner" and I still love cleaning.  The years have taught me all sorts of shortcuts, and now I have things so much easier.  The floors no longer need to gleam and your clothes don't have to be the whitest on the clothesline. 

  No, really, they were, and there was a reason for that.   No automatic washers and dryers back then
and clothes went out on the clothesline for all to see. I have to smile remembering the lines full of baby diapers. 
Here's the reason my clothes were so white.  Certainly nothing I did.
Purely accidental. 
We bought a little white wringer washer..with rollers..and on the side was a "shift" with a little red cherry like knob on top.  I LOVED that little washing machine.  The reason my clothes were so white is that it ran and ran until I went in and stopped it which sometimes ran into a couple of hours. my clothes got a real good scrubbing.  It's no darned wonder they were so white. I'm probably lucky there was anything left of them.  

Nice to be out of the closet.  Now, back to work!


P.S.  I just wanted to add, I'm going to hire a housekeeper soon.  You know, just for the heavy stuff?


  1. Mona, don't ever worry about what people think. You have earned the right to do anything (legal) that you want to do. Your house is beautiful and if you love to clean, so be it. You have many decorative ideas and many beautiful pieces. If it makes you happy, do it!

    I am having a house cleaning attack right now. I have been doing spring cleaning for two weeks. No one here notices or cares but I feel better about it. I am not a slob but I prefer every thing to be in order where I can just run through in a couple of hours and have it all done. Those days may be over.

    Have a wonderfully blessed day.

  2. this post made me smile, I can just see you at that washing machine, lol,

    I love to clean too, I think you know that, I have mentioned it a few times, I love to iron too, and mend, and I love the challenge of a stain,, oh yes I do, if we lived closer we would have lots to talk and laugh about because I felt th same way when my friends came for coffe, they hated house work and I sat quiet because inside my heart I just wish they woud leave so I could clean, I love clean floors and clothes hanging propely on the line, lol, we have lots in common!!!

  3. When I was newly married, I used to get together with some neighborhood girls to play Yatzee...what fun we had! We usually played in the early afternoon,,,,we'd put the kids on quilt in the floor for a nap while we played. Our first purchase as newly weds....washer and dryer...I'm a "closet" cleaner too....hugs...

  4. jeez someone hacked you! delete the messge! i've been wondering what you are up to while i am knee deep into cleaning my garage. i am almost done. i love organizing. i alo love doing the wash, ironing, washing dishes, etc.. i love folding fitted sheets! i guess i like 'keeping house'!!!

  5. Mona, Any time your are ready to visit let me know...cause I do hate housework. LOL. I do it cause I hate a dirty house worse than the work. I love your sweet rose room. It is so pretty and looks cozy. Take care sweet lady, xoxo,Susie

  6. I love this. Have you heard that saying, "I know my house is a mess, but my kids are making memories"? I've always hated that saying. It only works if your kids are CURRENTLY making memories. If they made that dough ornament two weeks ago and the crap is still on the table, that memory just became a health hazard. Mercy. ;) I can't say I love to clean, but I love a clean house and that's what it takes.

  7. I love your home and don't find it cluttered at all. It is very tastefully decorated. And it would bring me only happiness to look upon it daily. I think wanting to have a clean home is wonderful. I too love a clean home and it makes me happy to be able to care for the things I have.

  8. Your home is lovely, Mona. And I love your stuff. Be happy and don't worry about what others think. Happy 4th!.....Christine

  9. Mona, to heck with those people. Your house is very nice and I loved everything that you had in there. I like to clean also, but as I get older it gets harder and I am finding ways to get it done. So my dear don't listen to those people, they are just jealous.
    Have a great 4th.

  10. Such gorgeous, healthy hibiscus in your header! See, everything you touch, thrives :)
    A wonderful post, as always, and so sweet to learn how you felt it necessary to be a closet cleaner. There is nothing more comforting than a beautifully clean, well-organised and well-managed home.
    I would have thought one would have needed to be a closet sloth ;)

  11. First, I thought it very unkind for that person to talk about clutter - Everybody is different when it comes to homes and cleanliness. I love all your cute n cuddly bits n pieces that make up YOUR home. I hope someday to be able to see it all in person. I know I would fall in love with the stories of each and every purchase and feel very at home. Its is sad that you were quiet about cleaning, for our neighbours used to brag about how my Mum's house was so clean, one could eat off the floors. I also remember the line of baby diapers, not like the pampered people of today who probably would vomit at the thought of cleaning diapers......lot less bum rash back then because they were so clean. I couldn't imagine putting these NEW diapers on a new born and letting them slosh in it for a while because they only got a package of ?? 24 or 48 and it has to last?? I love you, I love your Maine Man, I love your house and garden - "nough said" lol

  12. Hope that the weather moderates enough for you to get out and about soon. It's not always fun to be cooped up. I love to clean, too, if the bod is cooperating. There's soemthing fun about restoring order or keeping order. Loved the secret behind the whitest wash upon the line! I need that kind of time extension...I'd need to run up and down cellar stairs to accomplish it, though. Happy Independence Day!

  13. oh my gosh. I just love you! please come clean my house! LOL! I like to putter.. not really clean.. spruce up.. straighten up, run the vacuum for a minute.. but the real cleaning.. cobwebs, dust bunnies, dark corners.. cabinets.. windows.. .. no. I dont like any of that! The one nice thing about dusting though, is it keeps us in touch with all our little cutsie things we keep around us! I hope you have a wonderful 4th of july weekend! and feel free to come visit. Im sure I could keep you busy!

  14. Back in the 60's when my kids were small, and until 10 years ago when i retired, i kept my house spotless, but i hated doing it. i just could not stand to look at a dirty not neat home. now that i have time i just let it slide. you sound like Linda, she loves to clean also and her house is very similar to yours. the grandmother of the quads... i just wish i love to clean like the two of you. my thing is everything in its place and everything has a place... but now if it is covered in dust it doesn't bother me.. good idea to hire someone to do the heavy stuff. i feel the same way as Gail... do your thing and do it well, and forget what others think. it is your home, and my home not others.
    if your happy and you know it say amen. and I am saying it for you and for me. amen

  15. Mona, it's your house and your right to dress it as you see fit. I like a little clutter. These homes I see on Pinterest that are colorless, empty caverns, I don't get the appeal. My love for color and whimsy is what motivates my decorating style. You have created a haven for yourself. It's very cozy and warm and I'd ignore the comment that made it seem wrong. Wrong for them, maybe, but let them keep quiet and allow you to be what you want to be. I'm sure they wouldn't like their place critiqued by others.

    And I love to clean, too. Or at least I did until we got our Basset Hounds and cat and a LOT of hair. Still, when I clean it feels sooooo good! I'm glad you came out of the cleaning closet! lol

    1. Btw, Happy 4th! May it be a peaceful, fun and safe weekend for you, dear lady!

  16. Mona I too like to clean. I think it is a trait for people our age. I love your new header. Have a blessed day and a happy 4th of July. Madeline

  17. You are so lucky, to love to clean!!! Shout it from the rooftops!!!

    I don't. But I love everything neat and in its place. And of course I love a clean house. But it's stuff-all-over, when it should be in a certain place, which drives me up a wall.

    We are each different. And isn't that wonderful!!! Yes it is!

    So glad you came out of the closet!!!!!! -giggggggles-

    Oh and we have a lady who comes every other week, to clean. Yes, we _could_ clean ourselves. If we did a different task, every day. But also yes, we are now 'olden' and so, it's lovely to not have to clean. :-)

    Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July,

  18. I love a clean house, so I clean. But have to say don't really like to. I LOVE to organize, though! There is a real satisfaction in having our homes under control, esp when it seems like the outside world is going crazy! Have a happy fourth.

  19. So, dear Mona, you have come out of the closet, but we now know you also cleaned it first, and there is nothing wrong with that. You do know that, I'm sure. Cleaning is not my favorite chore, but I donit weekly and it dust returns, then there's always next week to do it again. Living in a smaller space on a single level has made it easier. Good idea to get some help with the heavier chores, cause you have other things to do: read, relax, watch yiur now favorite show, and post blogs for all of us to enjoy! Hope you and Howard had a nice holiday.

  20. Grandma, my love, I sure did inherit a lot of your traits, both in looks and personality! I DID NOT inherit this cleaning gene of yours. I hate cleaning. Hate is such and strong word and is just perfect for me, in this. I don't like dusting, or vacuuming, dishes and laundry, EW. I had two children for the sole purpose of one day being able to clean for me! :) You know I am kidding but, it is nice to delegate the kitchen away. They don't do a great job, yet, but they are learning. Sadly, I think they inherited my cleaning gene and not yours. So, please, fly your tooshie out here and clean my house. It really needs it. <3 (Aaron and Dad love that Jaden is old enough to mow the lawn, they both delegate away.)

  21. Oh how I would LOVE to have a housekeeper come in twice a month to just do my floors and bathrooms. I can dust and pick up clutter, but the floors seem to need attention constantly and it is becoming too much for me. I say GO FOR IT and get a housekeeper. xox


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