Tuesday, January 20, 2015


There are none.

And they are gone.  The days flew by and I hated to see them go.  One dear friend wrote and told me that she knew they brought back memories of Patrick..and she was right...at least in part.  However, it is much more then that.  They are two of the most precious people on earth to me.  
Always there when life hurts me.  There is no distance too great for them to travel to be at my side.
No, it's not just the memories...it's love.  A deep abiding love we have for one another.

Have you ever been hugged so tightly that your face got squished?  I have!
I even went so far as to take a picture of them sleeping safely in our guest room.
I would wake up in the morning...and then remember they were in the other room.

I used to run and jump on them..and roust them out of bed!
No more running.no more jumping.  Just quiet sigh of contentment as I tiptoe away and make our morning coffee.  They are here!

It's been more than 60 years now since we met in high school.  We have gone through life together..
Because of them, I will be brave and fly in a plane again.. to see them, I would crawl!

My love to all of you.  Thank you for your words of support.
To clarify, I did not lose my blog.  My name was taken, along with some of my pictures and put out there as someone else's blog?  I'm not sure.  I didn't have to go through steps to regain my blog..it was never gone.  Just my blog name and photo's were taken.  If it happens again..I will have to give up my name I suppose.
Others have done it..and I guess I would survive..I just don't want to.
Again...thank you SO much!


  1. I understand your love for your friend, as I have such a friend. We have known each other since early school days and understand exactly how you each feel. Beautiful photo Mona, beloved friendship. I am glad you haven't tossed blogger out the window. This is what we do. We fight back against the bad guys out there. Never let the bad guys win. If you change your name, you know where to find me and I know where to find you. Love to you n PH. Has he polished up his mirror for the summer yet - get him busy cause its another -29 day here. ha,ha

  2. i googled MadSnapper and there are many people using that for blog names and for email addresses.. lots of MadSnappers out there, but none were like what you found and none had any of my photos.
    i like the sleeping visitor shot.. old friends are wonderful. i have a friend in Savannah since we were 15 and we are now 70...not quite 60 years but close.. another for 45 years.. I like your red canisters.

  3. Oh yes, the love of a precious friend! I know you all have enjoyed your time together and YES... plan the next time to get together! Have a blessed day dear friends, BIG HUGS that squish our faces are the best!

  4. One of my best friends and hubby will be visiting the end of January....can't wait to see her! She is from the Dallas area and finds all my vintage wedding dresses so cheap. She is bringing me 3 new ones!! hugs....

  5. So wonderful to see you smiling! What a blessing it is to have such good, long time friends! Looks like a wonderful time!!!

  6. How so very sweet to have such a long time friendship! And yes, smooshed cheeks are the best hugs!

    Mona, I had someone hijack my blog and pictures once. I just contacted blogspot and they took care of it. Crazy how some people have really nothing better to do. This is partly why I moderate my comments..so that my visitors don't click on a bogus link that would direct them to a site that would not be normally comforting to their eyes - or their computer.

    Enjoy the visit!!


  7. Great big bear hugs are the best. Great picture of you and your friend. Have a wonderful visit and a blessed day. Madeline

  8. i wish i had friends like that! i'm so glad you will see them again!

  9. joyful photos!

    and you are able to post them, again!

    very wonderful...

    -happy sigh-

  10. So happy you are with your friends. That is an immeasurable blessing. I have a friend whom I've been friends with since high school -- about 45 years. It's like we are sisters.

    My old blog name was taken over too. I tried to report it to blogger but couldn't figure out how. I don't understand why people do that. I changed the name and went on. I hope you don't give up blogging. I would miss you so much.

  11. Sorry about your blog troubles - not sure what that means - there is another blog out there with your name?

    And I know you LOVED having your best friend there. You two looked so happy.

  12. Mona, you are blessed to have such treasured friends and they are just as blessed to have you!...:)JP

  13. Hi Mona! Oh, what a treasure to have held on to that friendship for 60 years! How wonderful that they are at your home and I really like the sleeping snap! :) I'm glad your blog is still here and I'm sorry for the 'hack' - I don't know what to call it. Glad to see a post and love the hugging snap!
    Be a sweetie,

  14. Can you see me doing the Happy dance all around my house. I am so, so pleased you have your very special friends staying with you. It warms my heart to see you two together.
    Hugs Kay

  15. Now that is WONDERFUL LOVE . . .
    Start planning for your next visit . . . get your ticket . . . that kind of love doesn't come around every day!
    Go for it . . . (and jump on the bed while they are sleeping. I am smiling at the thought!)

  16. Dearest Mona

    I decided to check on you here this evening, just in case there was a new post, and what a lovely surprise to find you have indeed posted, not one, but two new posts since I checked last. How lovely to see the pictures of you and your precious best friend, hugging each other for all you are worth, and the one of them tucked snugly in their bed, what a delightful "instant moment capture" to treasure for ever afterwards. I am so happy to hear you are considering flying to visit them, next! We're all here, to urge you upward and onward with that decision!
    With love as always, Des xxx

  17. How wonderful to have a long lasting friendship like this! Those are two lovely flowers in your garden of life dear Mona. I'm glad you could have this time with them and I hope you do take a trip to visit them. So sweet.

  18. Oh NO, you can't leave us, just get you another name and beautiful blog site. You are so special my sweet long distant friend.

  19. W;hat a beautiful picture of you and your friend. Have a wonderful visit.

  20. Mona, I am so happy that you got to spend time with your friend. how very special. I know you all had a great time visiting..
    I was wondering where you went to and was going to email you to see what you are up to. Take care dear friend.

  21. What a sweet post. Friends are such a gift. Your photos just made me smile!

  22. I've been away from blogging for awhile and have missed your sweet posts. So sorry to hear you've been having problems. Yes, there are some really evil people out there. I just don't understand how people can be so cruel. Some of those people are closer than we know sometimes. So glad you got things back up and running and so glad you have had special time with special friends. God bless!


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