Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Lots and lots of it!
Well..I have to say he has done a good job so far.  Bless his heart.  I don't know who to feel sorrier for..him or myself.  
You see, Duane, that's his name, is 80 years old.  He is just the nicest man you would ever want to meet.  
 This is Duane.. setting up to wallpaper the little hall.

 This is our dear Duane all set up and working away.  So darned nice!  Good at wallpapering too. 

 This is the before picture of the hallway to be papered.

This is another view, the T of the hallway..
It looks a bright yellow but the hall light was on and ..made it look really, really, REALLY YELLOW!

 To make a long story short..Duane began the job at 8:30..
By 2:00 the man was TIRED and said he had to stop.  I agreed.  He had kicked over a five gallon can of wallpaper glue on our new carpet....I told him not to worry..I would clean it up.  I am after all two years younger than he is!  Nope, not to worry..(worry, worry, worry)
By the time he was all packed up to leave and would  come back in the was already getting stiff.  We had gotten as much out as we could by scooping it up in a dustpan and I used tons of small towels in clear water to scrub it.  I thought he was going to have a heart attack.  I thought I was going to have one too!

Finally he left and I got out the shop vac..some warm water and added a bit of fabric softener..and went to work.  I did the best I could and kept changing the bath towels the rest of the day.  I have a stack of old towels I keep all clean in the garage for emergencies ...however...
I really am kind of worried... :(  You know, as in anxious?)
It never rains but it pours!

P.S. AND did it ever rain in Southern California today!  HAIL!!  It thundered and thundered and then it hit..  Hail in August??  Indeed it did! :)
...but the scheme of things if you watch the news...this is NOTHING!  
  That poor Journalist...and then the terrible problems with the shootings.

The dishes...mercy..that's another story.  That one really has me in a dither. :(
But...IT RAINED!! :):)

* hello?  did you leave??  You're gonna just LOVE the hall! :)


  1. Oh my ... wallpaper glue on carpet sounds like trouble to me. I hope you find a magic potion that works.

    As for wallpapering, I've done my share and I always use the pre-pasted wallpaper, which only requires you to soak it a few minutes in a water bath, then it's ready to hang, all sticky and everything.

  2. I'm really sorry Mona, I could not stop laughing. I know it is no laughing matter, but it did sound funny. Is he really going to come back tomorrow????? May be offer to put the paste on for him, you could say it in a nice kind of way;like you would really like to help him.
    Knowing you, you would say don't worry I will get it all up and it will be OK.Then hold your back and cry into the bucket with exhaustion.
    Love you heaps. I do hope he finishes very soon.
    HUgs Kay
    Abby, your poor Mum is exhausted, ask her if you could roll on the carpet, because your fur would soak up that terrible mess, then you could have a bath and wash it off.
    Hugs Wilbur

  3. You were so nice to him. Poor guy, it wasn't his fault but oh my your new carpet! I hope it isn't ruined.

    Hooray for your rain! I know you could probably use a lot more too.

  4. Oh dear ~ I hope the poor man got a good sleep last night. I hope your carpet will be ok too.

    Glad you got some rain.

    Hope today is a good one for you ~ FlowerLady

  5. oh no...what a mess! i can't wait to see the hall. and you got rain? wow!!!

  6. Mona, Mona, Mona, is your middle name Lisa,. Mona Lisa, oh well so you have a carpet full of glue,oh my. Yep, when it rains it usually pours, not from the sky either. Get it?
    Looking forward to seeing the finished product called THE Yellow HallWay.

  7. Mona, This is in no way to offend the paper hanger...but boy there's a time when people should retire. I bet he was tired. Maybe your home owner's insurance will pay for the carpet...I don't know if all that glue will ever come out. Maybe steam cleaning??? I wish you the are a calm person.:):) xoxo,Susie

  8. AWWW,SWEETPEA! It rains AND pours!

    I wish it could be like the time that Chris dropped and broke a seven-gallon jug of the Christmas champagne he was starting one hot June day. I think there was about twelve pounds of sugar in that jug, along with the grape juice. It totally soaked the entire carpet in the big garden bathroom, as well as splashing great teardrops and flicks all up the wallpaper---those dried into crusty little decoupage, like bad velvet flocking of years past.

    We soaked (towels, ditto, through the washer, through the dryer, more water on the carpet, soak up some more).

    And the next morning, THE ANTS CAME. We just shut the door for several days, and Lo, they had completely cleaned the entire room, top to bottom, leaving the carpet soft with none of the sugar-stiffness.

    All it needed was a good shampoo, and a thorough Fantastic-cleaning of the walls, and like new. And they were gone, as swiftly as they came, with never an ant problem in that house.

    I hope you as good results with your floor!

  9. Glad you got some rain. So sorry your new carpet got the glue on it. I hope you are able to get it out. I feel sorry for the poor man I know he must feel so bad about getting the glue on your new carpet. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Oh Mona, you poor dear . . . You always have such fun stories to tell . . . I shouldn't be laughing. I hope the wallpaper paste comes out of the BRAND NEW CARPETING . . . poor Duane, he must have felt terrible too! I can't wait for the update . . ,

  11. * hello? did you leave?? You're gonna just LOVE the hall! :)

    -giggggles- You are so cute!!!!

    And I am so sorry that getting your dream-come-true wallpaper hung, is being a bit of a nightmare. -sigh-

    On top of the dishes-saga! Eeeek!

    Lots and lots of gentle hugs,

  12. Oh dear! God bless you both. Hope that it cleans up. If not, a carpet person can usually patch it pretty good. One thing always leads to another! Crazy weather for California.

  13. Oh Lordy Mona... What a tale you tell. That poor old man must have been shaken.
    My sister in law's dog spilled a bucket of paint on their new carpet and their homeowner's insurance paid for all new carpeting.
    The dish situation must be so disappointing to you.
    Please let us know how that turned out with EBay.

  14. Hi Mona, I am a new visitor, and I am just loving it here! You have such wonderful stories, and even tho some are awful, you always make the best of it. I hope you don't mind if I am a regular visitor?

  15. i could hardly finish reading the story after i read about the glue on the carpet and NEW carpet. ours is 20 years old and i would FREAK out... nearly freaked just reading this. i hope it comes out, can't wait to see the complete job..

  16. Oh no....and on top of the dishes....what a month! You may have to get a professional to get that glue out of your carpet! Hugs, Penny

  17. Oh no! I hope and pray that glue came out - that is not a good thing at all! lol

    You are putting on wallpaper I just spent a couple thousand to have mine taken down.

    Hope all is going well for you friend.

  18. Oh no! I hope and pray that glue came out - that is not a good thing at all! lol

    You are putting on wallpaper I just spent a couple thousand to have mine taken down.

    Hope all is going well for you friend.

  19. Would your insurance cover the cost of replacement? If I were you, I would find out. We had rain today, too, but no hail 😉
    I do hope the rest of the job gets done without further mishap.
    Big hug, Desiree

  20. Oh my dear friend..what a month you have had..
    You know how everything in life seems to run in 3's..Well my dear I think with the dishes (very pretty by the Johnson rose) the glue and hail beating your flowers to should be done for the month of Aug..
    Did you google on how to get rid of wall paper paste??
    I have been so wanting to talk with you..
    As far as the news, I won't watch Tv right now..I'm so sick of seeing pain and suffering..Len spends his days in front of the Tv..
    Hang in there girl..go outside and spend sometimes with your flowers..I love you Mona..hugs from my mountain top to Riverside..Gloria

  21. Bless your heart! I say quit worrying and call the insurance man. Go pick out that new carpet.Not a good way to start a wallpapering project.I know it is going to look great tho!

  22. Hope you got it all out of the carpet! Bless his heart...I gotta give it to him...I'm not sure I could do what he's doing at 47 years old! :)

  23. Oh dear - that is definitely NOT GOOD. I'm so sorry to read about the glue pot accident. I hope that all your remedies work and that you wake up tomorrow to a restored carpet.
    ....and I look forward to seeing the wallpaper.

  24. Hi Sweetie,
    Oooohhhh noooooo .... you are such a good sport, I would be beside myself, cuz, well ...... that's just how I roll :O I sooo hope you find a remedy to help with the carpet mess .....
    I actually saw this, and, had to hutty to see if I could see the after shot, of the wallpaper HUNG !!! Poor guy, had to quit and get home for rest ..... I sure hope it all worked out today !!!Can't wait to see it finished ... Keep us posted on the carpet !!! You might have a magic potion .... It just seems like it would be sticky FOREVER !!!
    And, can't wait to hear the finish to your dish story !!! The dishes are soo lovely let me tell you ..... just what a story getting them to you !!! YIKES !!
    Well, wishing you lucj my Mona friend, and can't wait to see .... hoping your day was GLORIOUS !!! And darling PH ... what a saint, I think my hubby might of had me packing and going with the paper hanger ..... hahaha .... always something ... huh !? love you dearly
    ~Tanza~ xo

  25. Oh Mona, so sorry to hear about the wallpaper glue. I would get a professional carpet cleaner out quick before it really sets in.
    That poor dear man = wallpaper is very hard to do and I am surprised that he would take on that job. I've put up a lot of wallpaper, but would never try it now.
    We got no rain at all, just humidity
    Hopefully everything will work out okay - hang in there dear friend.

  26. Oh my... that's so sad about the carpet! Hope all is better by now and that things cleaned up well enough that you can put it behind you. The wallpaper looks great and it is so completely YOU. No rain? Will send you some of our soggy August days we have been having.. xox


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