Monday, June 9, 2014


A long, long drive for two old folks to my great nephew's wedding to his beautiful bride.  
It was lovely.  

...and long..

 A very happy occasion ...then a long drive home the following morning.   
 The happy couple honeymooned in France.  
 Sunday...a reunion with some of my daughter Sandy's family.  Her brother Mike and his wife were missing due to sudden illness, after traveling clear from Colorado.   Six of my seven children came.  The fellow in the blue print shirt is my daughter's friend.

It was difficult..but we all smiled for her.
I hope she could see us.  
Sandy's husband Jeff, is on the far left in the sun glasses and baseball cap.
Me?  I looked like a large white marshmellow!  Ah well. :)
Son Patrick was helping grandson click all the camera's that were thrown to them.
Four of the seven are in the picture.  One was ill and the other is in heaven tending God's flower garden.
She visited me and told me so.

Daughter in law and granddaughter ..(the family tattoo artist!:) You can get the full scale of her tattoo's above.
lol :)  
Well...I have a large family and they are all free spirits!  
It's beautiful to me.
Bless your hearts...if you are strongly apposed, please don't say so.
I understand. :)
It's been a happy but difficult week for me

Daughter Dawn with her tiny sleeping doggie, "Love" snoozing on her back.
And yes...Dawn was getting a tattoo from her niece! NOT say a word!! :)

 Everyone is gone.  Yesterday was the last of the visits for awhile.
Cool shade for Mele...

...and not so cool place for me but a nice place to reflect.. at least it looks cool and with the fans running it's not bad...
Close to 100 degrees!  It's been worse!
I'm still tired and so is PH!
My love to you all.


  1. Hi Mona. Lovely family. No, you don't look like a marshmallow!I am sure Sandy is always watching over you all.As for "tats". The kids are more into that now days.A form of expression I guess kinda like piercing. Each to his own.Your porch just always looks so inviting and with 100F you need that! Glad you got to go to the beautiful wedding.

  2. what a wonderful family! i just can't imagine having so many relatives! your porch is just gorgeous!

  3. Hey There Mona - How you all doing - back home and rested up. I love the family photo and am intrigued with the tattoo's. That's a lotta work and perhaps some? pain to have all that done. All tattoo's tell a story don't they. I have stopped people I've run into and asked when I saw lots of em. Not for me on my olde wrinkled skin, but they do look kinda neat.
    The Bride n Groom are a beautiful couple and I love her smile. Very lovely indeed. I am surprised PH isn't holding his mirror to reflect all this to the North, so we could have seen it firsthand. ha,ha Have a wonderful day and take care. Love you guys :)

  4. Beautiful wedding! Sweet and oh so precious! Oh don't you just love those times with your family! My heart hurts for your Son-in-law, I know he and the family loved being there! Lots of smiles with you this morning! Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  5. Love seeing the family, love that you had them near! What fun . . . I like your greens on the patio, 100 degrees, YIKES!

  6. Mona, Traveling seems tiring to me too. But it was very nice that all of you could be together. xoxo,Susie

  7. Oh I so love your adventures. I am still waiting on my computer to get fixed, then how to do the lovely pictures like you do. Hasve a Bless day my friend,
    Sunny Florida

  8. Hi Mona,
    What a bitter sweet time you all had. It's just about the worse thing...losing a child, isn't it? Every special day without our Tim... brings back memories...just like your family.
    You have a beautiful family...looks like you all had a lot of fun. So glad you shared the wedding pictures with us.

  9. what a darling and happy bride!!! i love it!!!! and what a handsome groom. what beautiful children they will have. :-)))

    and what a wonderful gathering of family photo. that is a super photo, for remembering the occasion. even if some had to be absent.

    rest, you two! none of us, are as chipper as we used to be! we *poop-out* more quickly. and that's ok! the super thing is that we are still able to go along, even at our own pace.

    "olden" wisdom 101...!!! :-)


  10. You have a great looking family of "free spirits"....looks a lot like my! Wouldn't want them any other way!! Hugs, Penny

  11. The bride and groom look so very happy! And your family is beautiful, Mona. Get rested up and enjoy your memories of the great time together!

  12. So glad you could attend the wedding. Your family get together was nice. You do have a large and wonderful family. Have a blessed day and try to stay cool. Madeline

  13. O, Mona...if I was 20 years younger (and wasn't on so many blood thinners that I'd probably bleed to death) I would get a pretty tattoo sooo fast. My adorable son has a few, my daughter in law has a BEAUTIFUL one....some grands have them...and I really want one, too.:)

  14. I love your family, Mona, and the fact they are free spirits and perhaps don't always follow the rules of Society. Rules are soooooo boring.

    Oh, and I also LOVE that the bride did not wear an ugly strapless dress like most of the girls are doing these days. Her dress is one that she will look back on her wedding photos are forever be in love with. xox Glad you had fun!!

  15. What a wonderful gathering!! And you, like us, have a wonderful variety of flowers in our family garden---free spirits and scholars and medical folks and musicians and teachers and varying backgrounds and heritages.

    What lovely BOUQUETS we've acquired, and what wonderful memories and feelings.

    love and hugs,


  16. Stopping in a bit late, dear friend, but what a lovely wedding couple and they did look somhappy too! And your family shots were great to see and especially,liked the phoyo of you with daughet and granddaughter. Too bad about the heat wave, again, but the porch area looks restful and inviting.

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