Saturday, October 5, 2013


:) Is this a sign that I should hang up blogging?  NO!  Is someone trying to tell me something??  Probably.
Good morning...
This is not the photo I wanted to show you..but..I have found that I can put photo's from picaso *smile* I mean picasa, here..and quickly.  Problem now is HOW did my pictures get on picasa since I don't recall sending them there.  I take pictures with my camera and download them to my files that say Pictures.  
I am SO confused...
Anyway..these are daughters pumpkin cookies she makes every year..
This is a test run to see ..hmmm..blogger is doing something.  Not sure what.  I am going back to picasa to see if my photo's from my camera are there.  
This is stressful.  Really stressful.
I SHALL return.. NEED coffee!!



  1. Morning Mona, I am having the same problem now. I can't get my pictures to dowbload into the blog site. Grrrrr, so upsetting. We want give up , we will solve this together.

    xox Barbara

  2. Mona it sounds like somebody somewhere has been updating and you are getting all the frustration from it.

  3. :-) When You download a photo to Your blog that photo automatically goes in to a Picasa album. The Picasa album comes with the blog and if You should remove any photo from that album You then also remove it from Your blog.

    It's when You download photos You sooner or later need to get more space or a new blog.

    Blogging can be a mystery sometimes :-)

    Have a great day!

  4. Wish I were there to help you figure this out... :( Sorry for the hassle that you are having to go through on this.

  5. Whatever you do... DON'T stop blogging:) Keep at it dear Mona and I am sure you will get it figured out! HUGS coming across the miles!

  6. Yes, I didn't know that part of blogger was all the photos download to Picasa automatically and periodically they tell me it cost $5 to add any more. Weird, but the cost of blogging I guess. Hugs, Marty

  7. christer seems to understand what is going on. i want a cookie!!!

  8. Darn learning stuff, I am so inept!

    Maybe your photos automatically go into Picasa, see if you can grab them from there to put in your post? Wish I could help!

    I will have a couple cookies though!

  9. Hi Doll,
    Wish I could help you !! My computer is smarter the MEE !!! I just scream and yell, and, one of my kids, usually daughter runs to aid a crazy Momma !!
    The cookies look delish !!! Can I just say ... YUMMY !!! Makes my mouth water .... Hoping all is well sweet one, running up the mountain today to see our youngest while he is on Liberty for a bit ... HOT and Windy here !!! Yucko !!! I guess FALL is truly here !!! Love and hugs to you my friend ~~~~ Tanza~~~~ xo

  10. I wish I could help, but I am not techy at all. I think my pictures are store in Windows Gallery.

    Good luck.


  11. Mona - You know I'm technologically challenged, so it's stressful for me just reading about it! lol I would just eat some of those cookies and drink a cup of coffee and ... call one of my daughters. They usually just do it for me rather than show me how to do anything (they say it's easier). Hope you can figure it out. Hugs - Rhonda

  12. Mona, when you down load your pictures they all go into Picasa. And are stored by date or name.
    The cookies are to die for, I'll be right for some yum yum.
    Have a great windy, ugh weekend. IT's so windy her have everything closed by so all the dirt doesn't come into the house.
    Take care.

  13. Pass me a cookie till you get it figured out, okay.:):) I can barely turn my computer there's nothing I can do to help...well, I could pray for you. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  14. The Cottage by the crane lake is correct. You do not want to remove pics from Picassa. But if you want to go like I do from my files, you need to still buy space. Not fair, but it is what it is.

  15. Oh Mona, I no nothing about computers. I just want mine to do what I want and that sometimes is a challenge. I do know I love the look of those cookies. We don't celebrate fall like you do. I wish we did. Christmas and Easter are about it in Australia. Tell your daughter they look fabulous.

  16. Several people said it correct, Mona, that you do not want to remove photos from Picasa as they will also disappear from any blog posts they were used in...found that out the hard way myself.

  17. I have never really trusted one place to keep my posts/photos safe, so right from the beginning I have kept a copy of everything I posted in my little ole BlogSphere, in a file on the hard drive of my PC - Too much space is just too much space. I really do not mind deleting some of my older posts as I have my backup. I cannot think properly for I am drooling over those cookies - they would taste mighty good with a cuppa tea or cold milk. I am surprised to hear some bloggers are buying extra space to blog. Never heard that before - h-m-m-m Anyway I grab my photos right from my hard drive and since I switched over to Google Chrome, I have no problem. Google Chrome, Mona, Google Chrome - lol n a little howdy to PH :)

  18. Hang in there Mona! Even if you never put a pic in, I's still come and read your blog...although I would miss all your yard sale treasures! Those cookies look great too!

  19. Your daughters cookies are just adorable. Hope you get all the kinks out for posting your pictures. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. I get confused too Mona. I really do.

    Now tell me how you made those cookies look like pumpkins!

  21. Hi Dear Mona. Yes, I think everyone has told you about Picassa. I've had to pay extra a couple of times because I had used up my space. I love to upload lots of snaps. Sorry this has stressed you out but whatever you do - don't stop blogging! We love you! The cookies are darling and I want one! :)
    Thank you, Dear One, for your sweetness to me. I know the Lord is holding me up and He is certainly holding my little mother til He decides to take her home.
    You are the sweetie,Shelia :)

  22. First off, I want a cookie !!
    Next, I pay extra every year for more photo space BUT....Google always sends me an email telling me I have used all my space and need to pay.

    No, our new home doesn't have a large porch...a small one that can be decorated very cute but decorating right now is NOT on my IMPORTANT LIST. That will come later, once I get all boxes unpacked and find places for my stuff. :)
    You can go to
    to see the front and back door.
    Most of my outdoor, summertime decorating will be at my POOL DOORS...a perfect place to do some containers of flowers and etc. The pool already has some awesome landscaping around it....

  23. Ok now, looking for my friend as I haven't seen her around lately. Are you ok?
    Barbara who is wondering in sunny Florida

  24. Hi Mona, The only way I can get my pictures into the blog is through the
    picesa thing I have. Oh Lord, don't mess up our Blog you people. Lol
    They say time heals all but I could never inagine time healing my child being taken so young. Yes, Heaven is said to be a beautiful place, streets of gold but it still doesn't take that hurt away. I am always hear for you so you just chat away and I will listen.


  25. Hope by now you have it all figured out. So frustrating and upsetting. I now back up to a Time Machine, to an external hard drive, and to the Cloud. Hope that is enough. Good luck. Hope you just quit and went and ate yourself some of those cookies. genie

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